Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well it might still be two more sleeps before Santa Paws comes but Binky and I got to open some presents early. Yes that's right! Our Secret Santa presents from Bunspace!

I got lots of really cool stuff in my present - a jingle straw ball, a stocking with my name on it, a nice christmas ornament, a chewy baseball and tons of treats! Thanks go to my Secret Santas Sunki-Tiponi and Velvet! Binky's Secret Santa was Molly from Niagara Falls. Binks got a carrot-shaped mineral stone, bunny rattle and Veggie Puffs! I hope she shares those with me....

It's been snowing a lot lately making everything nice and white just in time for Christmas! Mom says she will take us out one day but it has also been dreadfully cold so she wants to wait until it's a little less arctic out there. We put peanuts out for Nutters and Butters and they have a jolly good time pouncing around in the snow, digging holes and burying their stash. Sometimes they get excited and scuffle a bit with each other, especially when they both want inside the squirrel feeder. That's when I holler through the patio door glass, "Nutters and Butters! Behave yourselves! Don't you know Santa Paws is watching you?!" That usually gets their attention and then they behave themselves. I wonder what Santa Paws brings for squirrels?

Mom and Dad are all ready for Christmas. There are all kinds of presents under the tree and I KNOW there is a huge one for Binks and I! I can't wait to see what is inside! And I was sniffing my stocking today and it smelled SO GOOD! Mom said, "Fluffy McFluffersons! Get your nose out of your stocking! It's not Christmas yet!"

So in two days Christmas will be here. In all honesty, there isn't much I really want. I have a wonderful home with humans who love me, all the food I could ever want and the companionship of my sweet, darling Miss Binks. So as she and I cuddle by the fireplace exchanging ear licks and snorgles, I contemplate Santa Paws coming down the chimney...."Hello Fluffy McFluffersons! And what would you like this year for Christmas? " he asks in his jolly voice. "A few presents, I suppose?"

"Actually Santa Paws, I'm good, thanks. I've got everthing I could ever want right here..."

Merry Christmas Everyone.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please Help Katanga

This is a picture of Thistle (on the left) and Katanga (on the right). They are bonded and very much in love, kinda like Miss Binks and I. Unfortunately, Katanga is sick and needs some very expensive medical treatment to help him.

Katanga's mommy is named Haviva and she just happens to be the Founder and Executive Director for Rabbit Rescue. Haviva is very sad right now because Katanga has issues with his spine from a long time ago when he was dumped on the street and hit by a car. He has lost the ability to walk and needs urgent back surgery before his spine deteriorates beyond repair. And his poor mommy is very worried about him, and about how she will pay over $5000 for his treatment.

Haviva is such a wonderful person. She created Rabbit Rescue Inc. ( http://www.rabbitrescue.ca/ ) many years ago,worked day and night and gave everything she had to keep it afloat. She has personally saved hundreds of rabbits from being euthanized, spayed and neutered them, and found each and every one a new forever home. She has devoted her life to helping bunnies just like Binks and I, by creating a wonderful and safe haven for those who are abused, abandoned and neglected. She is always there to offer support to anybun who needs it. You may remember her from my post about my bunny misadventure in the paint tray - it was Haviva who shaved my toes with those clippers when Mom and Dad didn't know what else to do. And when I had head tilt, Haviva was the one Mom and Dad called at all hours of the night when things got really hard - she is always there to help us and make us feel better.

Haviva is special because she has opened her home to many unadoptable "special needs" bunns and has never asked for any sort of financial help for them. She refuses to take Rabbit Rescue funds to help her pay Katanga's bills, opting instead to sell her own belongings to raise money. That is why all of her Rabbit Rescue Friends decided to make a website for her and Katanga to help raise funds and support. Haviva has always been there for us in our time of need and we want to be there for her too.

I think about what would happen if I ever loss Miss Binks. It makes me so sad that I can't think about it for long before my floppy ears puddle to the ground. Katanga and Thistle are like me and Binks and I sure hope they remain together and happy for a long time to come.

So if you have some time, please visit the website. Read Katanga's story, look at the pictures, check out what she has for sale and if you can, donate some money. Katanga, Haviva and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Secret Santa

I have a Secret Santa! I don't know who it is - that's why it's called a "Secret" Santa. Mommy signed all of us bunns up for a Secret Santa gift exchange on Bunspace. Each of us bunns has a bunny pal that we are buying gifts for and somewhere out there is a secret bunny who has bought stuff for ME! It's SO exciting!

Mom mailed out our Secret Santa gifts today so some special bunnies will be getting their gifts really soon. My head is about to explode just thinking of what might be in my package! Maybe some treats? Or something to chew on? Or a fun toy to toss around? The possibilities are endless! I can't wait for it to arrive!

As you can see from our picture, Miss Binks and I are ready for Christmas! Mom put the tree up about three weeks ago - she loves Christmas so she got it done early this year. Our stockings are sitting under the tree upstairs just waiting for Santa Paws to come and fill them with all kinds of goodies! Our stockings used to hang by the fireplace in our room but then Mom noticed that somebunny chewed the glitter-glued names off the front - I have no idea who that could have been *ahem*, probably the Stupid Blankets, up to no good for sure!

Sometimes at night I dream that the mailman knocks on my door to deliver a huge box with "Fluffy" written on it! It's my package! And I get all excited and I run around and I binky all over the room! Then I attack it and chew it and try to get it open and then just as I am about to open it - I wake up. BAH!

So here I wait - waiting for my Secret Santa to deliver my package. I hope it arrives soon! I will keep you all posted!


Monday, November 17, 2008

My New Little Sister!

"Fluffy! Come meet your new little sister!"

Huh? When did I get a new little sister? Pretty recently, I suppose. And very much like my little brother Boo, she is a hamster as well. "Isn't she darling? Come give her a sniff!" Yeah, she smells like a hamster all right. Her name is Lucky. "Mom, why did you name her Lucky?" I asked. And here is the story mom told me...

3 weeks ago, two cages of hamsters were abandoned at a flea market. Luckily, a nice lady who is a friend of mom's found them and Rabbit Rescue decided to take them in and find them all new homes. Mom and Dad are still pretty sad about Boo leaving us, but they had both decided that when the call came in that a hamster needed a home, they would take one in - this way they left it to fate to decide.

Well, that call came in - 9 hamsters all needing homes. Mom and Dad knew they had the space, in their home and their hearts, so they decided to take one. Mom went to her friend's house to pick a hamster to take home and when she got there, she was told a tale of how, as the hamsters were being transported, one of them managed to escape it's cage and get lost inside the van they were travelling in! The search went on for over half an hour until the little rascal was found wedged in a corner of a drawer and a straw was used to spook it out so they could catch it. Mom said "Wow! Which hamster was that?" and her friend said "This one..." and Mom said, "Well, that is the one I will take!"

"...and that is why we named her Lucky. She is lucky to have been saved by Rabbit Rescue and lucky to have survived her escape in the van. She is so sweet, isn't she Fluffy?"

And she actually is. She still has some growing to do and doesn't quite have the hang of the exercise ball yet, but hopefully she will get better at it. And when she does, I will make sure I teach her how to park the ball against my forehead and groom me through the air vents, just like Boo used to do.

I miss Boo. He was my special friend. But I know Boo would have liked Lucky. She is pretty and soft and cute. And she is a rescue just like Boo was. We all know that Lucky can never replace Boo, but slowly she is worming her way into all of our hearts and making her own space in this crazy place we all call home.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Halloween!

THUMP! Take this redonculous outfit off me right now! "But Fluffy, you look soooooooooo cute!" I don't care! Off it comes! "Fluffy, haven't you always wanted to be a Super Bunny? It has a snazzy red cape and everything!" No, I don't recall ever wanting to be a Super Bunny! "But Fluffy, when you run and jump, the cape billows behind you and looks so precious!" I don't want to look precious! Don't give my Stupid Blankets anything else to taunt me about! "Okay, but you know, you sure do look like one Big Tough Lop in that costume...." Hmmmm......really? "Oh, yes! I certainly would NOT want to mess with you, no sir!" So I look tough in this get-up? "Oh, very much so, like a Super Hero Bunny who comes to save the day!" Well, I guess that's pretty cool. I don't mind being a Super Hero Bunny. "And you will look WAY more bad-ass than Scooter will look in his hot dog costume..." (Scooter is one of the bunnies that lives upstairs...) Scooter is going to be dressed up as a hot dog? "Yes, of course, unless YOU want to be the hot dog..." Uh, NO! I'll stick with Super Bunny, thank you very much!

Hey, wait...how did she talk me into that?

Anyway, tomorrow is Halloween and somehow Mom has managed to convince me and Scooter to wear costumes for when the kiddies come trick or treating. Okay, I think I can do that, especially if Mom promises me those extra raisins she said are in it for me if I do. I can look all cute and cuddly, and super-tough too! So my plan is, when I hear the door bell and Mom opens it, I am going to run really fast to show off my snazzy red cape! I must admit, it does look pretty cool.

And hey, it's better than being a hot dog. Especially one with ketchup. Mustard is WAY better!

Fluffy the Super Bunny

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hoppy Thanksgiving!

Let's all pause for a moment to admire my extreme cuteness..........

Okay, onto my post. Hoppy Thanksgiving! With today being Thanksgiving Day, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect upon those things for which I am extremely thankful. Yes, I will start with the obvious ones. Miss Binks. I *heart* her and am so grateful to have her as my best bunny friend. Her ear licks are the best and she is so pretty with her one pink eye! And of course, Mom and Dad! I am very thankful I have such bunny-obsessed parents who spoil us rotten and love us so deeply! But surely there must be more to be thankful for, right? Well of course there is! And here are a few that deserve special mention.

The food dehydrator. The food dehydrator is where all of our yummy treats come from! Mom slices up apples, bananas and pears and puts them inside. She also does blueberries and grapes and if we are extra good, which of course is all the time, she even puts in applesauce! Then a few hours or days later, our treats are ready! The fruit dries up into yummy bite-sized treats and the applesauce shrinks up into fruit roll-ups! SO GOOD!

Our friends at BinkyBunny who created the Maze Haven! Still our most favourite house to hang out in, we love jumping around inside and Miss Binks likes to hide in there when Mom does the vacuuming. With two floors and a rooftop patio, it's a great place to relax and snuggle!

The person who invented the banana. What a truly magnificent creation. Sweet and yummy, this fruit is beyond perfection! If anyone knows who invented the banana, please give them my number and tell them to call me - I really must thank them personally. Nothing makes my bum twitch quite like banana!

Dehydrated corn husks. Mom brought these back for us from BunFest and they are super delicious! Nice and crunchy with a sweet taste, Binks and I love to nibble them until they are gone!

My stupid blankets. Even though they taunt me by calling me names and such, the enjoyment I get from digging and chewing them cannot be truly expressed. Whenever I need to feel like a Big Tough Lop, up on that couch I go to teach those blankets a thing or two. And you better believe they learn a lot!

The new coffee table. It's very yummy. Miss Binks and I have been working quite hard on redesigning the legs and I must say, we are doing a fabulous job! We are very consistent, making sure each leg is equally nibbled and gnawed to perfection. And it's a great place for Binky and I to hide and snuggle, too! Thanks IKEA!

And I must give a shout out to Mother Nature for blessing us with unbelievable weather this weekend! Mom opened the patio door and set up the pen outside so I could hop in and out as I pleased. Miss Binks lounged under the coffee table, contemplating her next coffee-table-leg-chew - she's not really one to hop in and out of the patio doors. It was so nice to hop out there and say hello to Nutters and Butters who stopped by for peanuts, to lift my head up into the warm autumn air and sniff till my heart was content. Certainly not the kind of weather you'd expect for October! And with all the pretty leaves changing to yellows, reds and oranges, floating ever so gracefully to the ground, I really had to stand back and admire Her work.

Good job Mother Nature, good job. Another reason to be truly thankful.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

BunFest Success!

"Sit still, Fluffy! They're trying to take our picture!" That's what Miss Binks kept saying to me as Mom and Dad plopped us down on the "Hare E Potter" set of the Glamour Shots area of Bunfest. I was supposed to be wearing a little jacket but I was having NONE of that! As you can see from the picture, I was too excited to sit still, so Binks sat still and looked pretty instead.

BunFest 2008 was a huge success! SO MANY people showed up and many of them brought their bunnies! Mom and Dad said it was so nice to see so many other people who adore bunnies like they do. Well, why wouldn't they? We're adorable!

Many of the visitors were so happy to have a place to come to and bring their bunnies as well! They were able to buy toys and treats just for rabbits which can be really hard to find. A lot of people brought their bunns to the BunSpa for a nail trim and groom. Dr. Deb from the Acton Veterinary Clinic was also there and she was able to answer a lot of questions that people had. One couple even found out that their boy bunny was really a girl! OOPS!

Mom was SO busy but everything went very smoothly. We even had a line up at 11 am when we officially cut the ribbon and opened the doors! Dad helped out Mom all day and then took time to go back home, get the two of us and bring us to BunFest in our pink stroller. Don't worry, my blue blanket was inside. My blue blanket reminds everyone that I am a boy bunny, and a macho one at that! Mom and Dad took us right to the Glamour Shots so we could get cute pictures taken of us both. As you can see, Miss Binks is much more photogenic than me and she likes being a diva. Dad set her up with the "Best Bunny" award and she sat very prettily while the photos were taken. Then Dad spent a fortune getting all kinds of copies printed up - one for his car, one for is desk at work, one for his bedside table and on and on. He and Binky have a very special relationship. She is definitely "Daddy's Little Girl".

Mom bought us all kinds of treats, too! Pumpkin cookies, Blueberry Cobbler cookies, organic corn husks, hay cubes - YUM! I LOVE BunFest!

But most importantly, BunFest helped to educate all kinds of pet rabbit owners about how to properly care for their bunnies. And it raised a lot of money for Rabbit Rescue which, in turn, will go to help many, many more bunnies in need. And that is what makes my heart so happy. That and Binky's ear licks of course.

I can't wait for BunFest 2009!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bye Bye Boo

Mom came downstairs yesterday and picked me up. She gave me a tight hug and held me close to her chest and buried her face in my fur. She was crying. "Mom, what's wrong?"

"Oh Fluffy, your little brother Boo crossed the Rainbow Bridge today."

Mom held me in that special way, that way that tells me that she really needs me, so I didn't squirm in her arms like I sometimes do. I tried to comfort her. "What happened to him, Mom?"

"Oh, he was just an old little man. I guess his time had come. Even though he was just a little hamster, your Dad and I loved him dearly and it's left quite a big and empty hole in our hearts."

"Awww, Mom, it's going to be okay. Boo knew how much everyone loved him. He was a great little guy who was very lucky to have you and Dad to take care of him. I can't think of a hamster in the world luckier that he was."

"That's nice of you to say Fluffy. Dad and I sure do feel lucky for being able to know him. We're going to miss him an awful lot." I could feel Mom's tears through my fur and her sadness pierce my heart. "I love you Fluffy. You know how much Dad and I love you all, right?"

"Of course we do, Mom. You say it to us everyday. We love you too." I reassured her as she cried a river.

I'll miss my little brother Boo, even if he was a hamster and not a rabbit. He loved to roll up to me whenever he was in his exercise ball. If I put my head down just right, he would park his ball right up beside me and groom my fur through the air vents. He was an awesome little fellow. The world is a better place for having known him and the Rainbow Bridge shines all the more brighter with him there.

Sweet Dreams Little Boo. We will meet again someday...


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BunFest Time!

This is something Mom has been working really hard on for the last few months - a "bunny convention of epic proportions" she calls it. It's called BunFest and it's happening this Sunday!

Mom says it's really important that people with pet rabbits know how to properly take care of them. "Fluffy, did you know that some rabbits live in a small cage and never get out for exercise time? Did you know that some rabbits have never had hay? And did you know that some rabbits will live their entire lives without ever seeing a vet?" she asked me. "No Mom, I didn't know that. But why? Don't their people care about them? What can we do to help them?" She smiled, "Well, for starters, we are going to have a bunny event where people can bring their bunnies and learn all they can about how to properly take care of them. It's going to be called BunFest!"

And so BunFest was born. There's going to be all kinds of wonderful things for bunnies and their people to see and do! Bunny Glamour Shots, a BunSpa, a craft area, a Bunny Lounge & Cafe and of course, bunnies! People will be able to get information on all kinds of topics, ask rabbit-savvy vets any questions they want, buy toys and treats for their bunnies and bid on great stuff at the Silent Auction! There is even going to be a carrot eating contest! "Mom! I want to enter!" I told her. "Sorry Fluffy, it's for the people, not the bunnies." THUMP!

Mom is going to be working hard that day so Dad is going to bring Binks and I in our stroller to check out the fun! And the best part is, all the money they raise will go to help bunnies in need. You see, Mom and Dad both volunteer for Rabbit Rescue Inc. and helping bunnies is what they like to do best.

So while Mom attempts to tie up all the loose ends and get things ready for Sunday, she wanted me to get the word out and tell everyone I know about BunFest. If you live in the southern Ontario area and would like to come, please hop on by! It's for a great cause!


Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Share Or Not To Share

So here is a picture of Miss Binks and I sharing a carrot - okay, well not exactly. At some point in our relationship, I became the "food tester" and it seems, when it comes to the greens on the dinner plate, whatever I pick to eat, Miss Binks has to eat, too.

But it's not like she sees me eating some kale and decides to eat kale too. She has to have my piece of kale, the one that is already in my mouth. She will come hopping over and say, "Fluffy, what do you have? Can I have it?" and then snatch! It's gone. That's okay, I'll just hop over to the plate and get something else. Mmmmmmm, dill! I pick up a sprig and I can see her eyeing me. Over she hops. "What's that Fluffy? Can I have it?" Snatch! Hmmmmm, there seems to be a pattern forming here. Okay, how about some red leaf lettuce? Yum! "Fluffy, is that good? Can I have it?" Usually at this point, I just drop it for her.

So this picture is of her stealing my carrot. At least carrots amuse her long enough for me to fill my belly with other things. And she is a dainty little eater so she fills up fast. Me, being the hungry boy I always seem to be, I can graze on my greens for an entire evening! So I guess it all works out in the end.

Sometimes Binks and I are like Lady and the Tramp. Remember that scene where they are eating the same spaghetti noodle and they end up touching noses? We did that with parsley once - (swoon).

But of course, it's never as bad as it seems. I'm thankful I have my special lady to share my dinner with; it's kinda romantic how she only wants what I want. And there are always the things I love to share with her like ear licks, sleepy head grazes and full-on cuddles. She is nice and warm and I like how her whiskers tickle me. Sometimes that makes my bum twitch. And that's never a bad thing.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've Won A Major Award!

"And the Brilliante Weblog Award goes to.....Fluffy!" (insert orchestra fanfare and cheers here)

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it - I won a major award! I am speechless! I don't know what to say!

Well, I have to start off by thanking my buddy Fez who nominated me. He's a great little bunny - thanks Fez! I'd also like to thank Mom who works so hard typing everything out for me as my paws can't quite type just yet, but I am working on it. Thanks also go out to Dad who likes to snorgle me and sniff my bum to see if it needs any maintenance. Boo, my little brother, who is really a hamster, thank you Boo for grooming me through the vents of your exercise ball. Scooter and Ella, the bunnies upstairs who always manage to keep things "interesting". The birds who come to the feeder to visit me everyday, and to Nutters and Butters who stop and say hello when they come for their peanuts.

And of course, my dear Miss Binks, my bunny soul mate and love of my life, what would I do without your love and ear licks? I adore you more than words can say my sweet bunny girl. My biggest thanks go to you!

And in the spirit of the award, I nominate the following blogs as the next recipients...

1. The Hopperhome Bunny Blog - a blog about house rabbit pets and more!
2. MyHouseRabbit.com - cool bunny news, resources and stuff!
3. Pet Rabbit Tales - just what the title says, lots of pet rabbit tales!
4.Rabbitmatch.org - house rabbit photos, stories and experiences.
5. DailyBunny.com - Lots of fun bunn stuff!
6. Hamleto the Hamster - cute hamster comic adventures!

And of course...

7. The Adventures of Freckles and Deb - my very first fan and good bunny friend!

So all you nominees, head over to pick up your award here.
Please take this as the honor that it is and pass it on to some of the sites you enjoy. The rules of accepting are as follows:

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Thanks so much everybun! I feel very humbled to know a little bunny like me is so appreciated! In celebration, bring out some banana! YAY!!!!!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maze Haven Heaven!

Here is a picture of Miss Binks and I in our wonderful new house! It's called a Maze Haven and Mommy bought it for us from BinkyBunny.com - how awesome does it look?!

We have had a few different cardboard houses in our time, but never one like this. It's really neat inside because it has all kinds of cool little rooms and tunnels connected by holes in the wall. Then there are holes in the ceiling that lead up to the next level and a whole other floor of rooms and passageways. And THEN there are even more holes that go up to the roof! I can survey the entire room from up there!

Miss Binks prefers the main level but I like to hop up to the second level and snooze. And if I play my cards right and stay hidden from any windows and keep completely still, it's perfect for when Mom comes looking for me and can't figure out where I am! But then she shakes the raisin box and I can't help myself - I come leaping out of the second-story window and run over to get my share before Binks eats them all.

After a long day of munching on hay and digging in my Stupid Blankets (see previous post), I like to hunker down with my precious Miss Binks in one of the "back rooms". Here it's nice and quiet and I can cuddle with her and listen to her snore. Sometimes it even really feels like we have a big house to live in, just like Mom and Dad. I love "coming home" to Binks where we can unwind and discuss our day. "What did you do today, Fluffy?" she will ask. "Well, I ate some pellets and scarfed down some hay. Then I binkied around the room for a bit, jumped up on the couch and taught those Stupid Blankets a thing or two. How about you?"

"Oh, I ate some hay, too. Then I napped in the beams of sunshine coming in through the patio doors and watched Nutters and Butters come and get some peanuts. The birds at the bird feeder were having quite the feast today."

"Awwwww, that's nice...." I say as she places her head under mine for licks, which I oblige to give her. And there we sit, comforted by each other's warmth and love, like an old married couple enjoying the simple things in life, cuddling in our new Maze Haven, our sweet new bunny abode.....


Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Holiday!

It's summertime and during the summer, people usually go on holiday - well, bunnies go on holiday, too!

Mom and Dad decided to spend four days in Windsor and they took all four of us bunnies with them! All four of us includes Miss Binks and I and the other two rabbits that live upstairs, Ella and Scooter MaGoo. Boo stayed at Grandpa's house. Grandpa loves Boo. He thinks he is a "neat lil' fella!"

It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive and we stopped half way to stretch our legs and have a snack in our xpens. When we got to the hotel, the staff were ooo-ing and ahhh-ing all over us - aparently they had never had rabbits as guests before. Mom and Dad set up two xpens for us to live in while on vacation - Binks and I in one and Ella and Scooter in the other. Miss Binks ended up spending most of her time giving Scooter the Evil Eye - I don't think she has seen him since she beat him up that first night in our new place.....(see the "Not All Bunnies Get Along" post from December).

We had a lot of fun! Mom let us out in the hall so we could run up and down and every time someone would get out of the elevator or leave their room, they were always surprised to see rabbits in the hallway. Mom even took me down to the lobby where I happily hopped about, attracting a lot of attention. What can I say? I'm a handsome boy.

Mom put a barrier up in the room and we got to run around as well. My favourite spot was under the desk. See the picture? That's Binks and I having a snuggle. Binks kept trying to highjack Ella and Scooter's xpen. She left a line of poops all along the sides of it to let them know she was there. One time, when Scooter and Ella were having some out time, she even hopped right inside, jumped in their litterbin and left a surprise! Silly Binks. Then Mom caught her so she high-tailed it out of there real fast!

I tried ordering carrots from Room Service but my paws couldn't operate the buttons on the phone very well. But that's okay, we had a mini-fridge stuffed full of greens, kale, parsley, carrots and something called beer. I don't know what that last item is but Mom and Dad said not to worry because it was for them anyway.

Going on vacation was nice. Mom and Dad hugged and played with us a lot and it was fun to explore new places. But it sure was nice to come back home. I missed my big litterbin and my toys, and my cardboard house and I think I even missed my stupid blankets, too. And being able to sit infront of the patio doors and heckel Nutters and Butters as they come searching for their peanuts is always fun. So after four long days and two car rides, Miss Binks and I settled down for a nice, relaxing nap, her head pressed up against mine, her nose a-twitch and the soft sound of her snores filling my ears. Now THAT'S a holiday....


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Mad Dash

I tasted something really wonderful the other day - the taste of freedom! It came upon me quite suddenly - the urge to be a wild bunny and stretch my legs like my undomesticated ancestors hundreds of years ago. And Mom certainly wasn't expecting it.

Mom and Dad were in the back yard bar-b-cuing and Mom brought me out for some fresh air. "Come on Fluffy, it's so nice out!" she said as she carried me out to the grass. The sun was warm and the breeze nice and sweet, filling my twitchy nose with all sorts of wonderful smells - grass, trees, flowers, soil - snnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffff - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I saw the grass come closer to my big floppy feet as Mom lowered me to the ground. My toes found the grass cool and soft and I dug my nails in as I prepared for my launch. Then BOOM! I was gone like a shot!

"Fluffy! Get back here!" Mom yelled as I took off through the yard. Our townhouse has a long patch of "community lawn" that runs along the back of everyone's yards. It was like a bunny race track and I decided I was going to take full advantage of it! I bounded up and down through the grass like any free bunny would, sprinting straight past a few neighbours yards. "FLUFFY! Stop Fluffy! Come back!"

I stopped ever so briefly to smell tree trunks and flower beds and to turn to see Mom in hot pursuit, but just as she would get close, I'd propel myself full throttle once again. I bounded like a jack rabbit, exercising my legs like I had never done before. I tried to see how fast I could go and much to my amazement, I ran pretty darn fast! Too fast for Mom, that's for sure! "Fluffy!!!!" Her voice was urgent, but I was free! Free to run like a bunny! "Fluffy! Get out of people's yards! You don't live there!"

I reached a point and decided it was time to turn back and there was Mom huffing and puffing her way towards me. She stopped to catch her breath. "Fluffy.....gasp....stop......the running...." I braced myself, my front legs splayed in front of me, my hind legs ready to launch. Mom stood wide-legged, crouching to the ground, trying to figure out which direction I would go. Would I go left? Or right? Who knew? But she stared me down, her hands ready to grab me.

I ran forward and darted to the right, but only for a split second before I dug deep and changed course. Mom lunged at me and I felt her hands brush right by my head as I ran right between her legs! I galloped as fast as my little legs could carry me, the wind blowing my floppy ears up and down, the dapples of sunlight guiding my way over the grassy lay of the land. I ran circles around trees, weaved in and out of patio chair legs, hurdled a sprinkler and danced around flower pots. I was so intoxicated by my freedom, the feel of the turf whizzing by underneath my lightweight frame, the sweet smell of the roses - ahhhhhh roses! Look at these roses! They are beautiful! And they smell so pretty! What is that saying? Take time to stop and smell the....


Like the blink of an eye, it was over. She caught me. Stupid roses.

"Fluffy McFluffersons! You bad bunny! Running away from Mom like that! Well, Mom sure has learned a lesson!" she scolded me as she carrier me back home. "Awwwww! But Mom, it was so much fun! Please put me back down so I can run!" I pleaded with my big, sad brown eyes. "Fluffy, I've learned that it is too dangerous to let you run around out here. I didn't think you would dash away like that. Mom was worried you would run under the fence and onto the road. And what if someone had a big dog outside that wanted to eat you? What if I couldn't get there in time?" I had never thought of all these things. I was having too much fun. "Mommy would never forgive herself if something like that happened to you. I know you love to run Fluffy, but if you aren't going to stop when I call you, you will never be safe. From this day on, if you are to be outside, you will have to be in an xpen."

I knew my taste of freedom was going to be short-lived. But after I thought about it, I realized Mom was right. I was having too much fun to look out for my own safety and if anything ever happened to me, what would Miss Binks do? Oh, I can't risk that, no sir. Well, I guess it was fun while it lasted. To tell you the truth, my legs were getting a bit sore anyway. So back inside I went to regale my exciting tale of freedom to my darling Binky. As she listened to my story, she licked my ears and I realized something - being free is fun, but being in love is the most wondrous feeling of all!


Monday, June 9, 2008

The Ant Bullies!

Well, we're movin' on up (insert "The Jefferson's" theme here), up to the living room, that is. And it's all thanks to a bunch of Ant Bullies. See, we've had ants in the basement for a few months. Mom, who likes all creatures great and small, didn't want to kill them so she tried reasoning with them, but unfortunately they don't understand English. So they kept coming and Mom got serious and bought some "powder" for them. This kept them at bay - up until recently. The other night when she went downstairs to check on us, the door to the garage was covered in flying ants! Mom freaked, they were everywhere! She said they gave her something called the "heebie-jeebies" - I'm not sure what that is but judging by the weird dance Mom does every time she says "heebie-jeebies", it's not good!

So the next day a man came and left some "bait" for them. And in the meantime, Binks and I are upstairs calling the living room home.

That's a picture of us hiding under the end table. We always snuggled under it at our old place so it's quite nice to be able to do it again. And we play behind the couch as well - we were never allowed to at the old place - Mom always kept it blocked off so we would stay out of trouble, but not usually having us in the living room, she never put the barriers back up so Binks and I are back to doing no good behind it!

It's all hardwood and ceramic tile which is kinda slippery, but Binks and I are getting used to it. Mom even brought my Stupid Blanket up for me to chew on the couch when I so feel the need. It's fun having new places to run around and explore and Mom and Dad say it's nice having us up there.

But I must admit, I do miss the family room downstairs. It has carpet which makes for some fine binkies and Bunny 500's. Better traction for when I need to run away from Mom when she wants to brush me. And I miss having the patio doors to look out of and seeing all the birds and squirrels that visit us. Nutters and Butters must be wondering where we are...

But soon enough, the ants will have "moved out" - at least Mom hopes - and we can return to our favourite room again. Until then, I am quite content to snuggle with my beautiful Miss Binks and enjoy her lovely ear licks while my little bunny heart goes pitter-patter, pitter-patter...


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Evil Cat!

Finally - sunshine! The weather this weekend was absolutely stupendous and all of us bunnies, and Boo, too, got to go outside and play in the grass - supervised of course. It was just like I had dreamed in winter - nice soft grass, leafy branches swaying in the breeze and me and my Binks cuddling in the shade under the flickering rays of the sun. It was dreamy!

Mom had us out in our pen so we don't get lost. Binky likes to hop around, nibble in the grass and dig to China - I wonder if she knows how long that is going to take her? I prefer to sniff the air and follow Binks around. Mom sat nearby with a book and chatted with us in between paragraphs. "Bunnies! Are you having fun? Isn't it nice out here? This is much better than our one-bedroom apartment six floors up, isn't it?"

Mom knows those robins make me nervous, so after about an hour, she brought me inside. Then Dad came out and they spent some time with Binks. Binky was still in the yard and Mom removed the pen so that Binks could hop around and explore more. Binky can be a Nervous Nelly - she takes very tentative steps so Mom had no reason to worry about her running off, unlike me who would bolt across the grass if given the chance! Miss Binks hopped around and had quite the grand time running back and forth the patch of grass she felt safe in. "Look at Miss Binks! Dada, isn't she sweet?"

Just then, Dad leaped from his chair, ran straight towards Binky and swooped her up into his arms. "What's the matter?!" Mom asked with fear in her voice. "Get away, CAT!" Dad yelled, and only then did Mom turn around and see a big fluffy cat stalking Binks from around the fence, crouched and ready to pounce! "I said GIT!!!!" Dad yelled and Mom yelled, too, stomping her feet as she ran towards the cat. Well, Mr. Cat didn't seem too worried because all he did was stand up and rub himself all over Mom's legs, meowing all innocent-like. She tried to chase it away, but it wasn't afraid and just looked at her with a funny face as it continued on it's merry way through the yard. Mom and Dad kept an eye on it until it was gone.

Dad hugged Binks very tightly. Other than me, Binks loves Dad best, they have a very special bond. I sure am glad he was there to see the cat because with Mom facing the other way, and the cat sneaking up on Binks' blind side, I shudder to think about what might have happened.

I don't even like telling the story - just the thought of having something bad happen to my Binky makes me all sad and hurt inside. Binky didn't even know what had happened until Dad brought her back inside and I told her about what I saw through the patio window. I gave her plenty of ear licks and snuggles.

Binky is my girl. She makes my heart feel all nice and happy. She is the reason I bunny flop, the reason I binky and the reason I am the happy bunny I am. I love Binky, and if that cat comes around again, it will be time for him to meet a Big Tough Lop, that's for sure!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The New Pink Stroller

This is SO humiliating!

We used to have a red stroller, but it got busted. Remember my game of hide and seek when Mom and Dad didn't know where I was and they frantically searched the storage area for me? They tossed everything out to find me and that is how the stroller got broken. I wasn't even in there. I was trapped in a cupboard.

So I guess this is my punishment. Mom bought a new stroller. It's PINK.

"Fluffy, that was the only colour they had. Don't worry....it's really nice! It matches Binky's pink eye." Okay, it does. And I must say, Miss Binks in her pure white fur (she prefers to call it her Dolce & Gabunny tracksuit) looks absolutely adorable in it but I am not sure Mom read my last blog entry - I am a big tough lop and big tough lops don't get pushed around in a pink stroller!

"Fluffy, don't be silly! It's just a colour! Besides, remember how much fun you had last summer going for rides in the stroller? You got a lot of attention and I know you like that." Yeah, I guess that's true. Nothing makes people stop and stare like a stroller with bunnies in it. Sometimes Mom gets funny looks but she doesn't care. She knows how much Binks and I love getting some fresh air and sunshine. Dad even takes us out and I'll tell you, no one messes with a Dad pushing a stroller full of bunnies. He's a very proud bunny Dad and we love him especially because of it.

Binks and I like to cuddle in the stroller as it makes it's way down the sidewalk. The rhythm and movement makes us squish up to each other for extra stability and comfort. Okay, who am I kidding? Sometimes I'm a scaredy-pants - the birds overhead make me nervous and I cuddle with Binks because I know she will protect me. And Mom will protect me, too. Plus Mom says not to worry, they are only robins and they can't hurt me. Now, trust me, I am still a big tough lop, but I think a bird must have done me wrong in a previous bunny life or something because I sure don't like them!

Stroller rides really are fun. I like the fresh air and the warm sun poking through our protective screen. Sometimes Mom will open it up so we can poke our little heads out and say hi to people as we pass by them - they love that! And I always get people telling me how cute I am as I chin their petting hand. What can I say? I'm a pretty adorable little guy!

"But Mom, big tough lops just don't look all that big and tough in a pink stroller!" I plead with whiny eyes. "Okay, Fluffy. I get it. How about this? How about I throw a nice big blue blanket inside for you to be all tough with? That way, when people look inside and see you with a big blue blanket riddled with holes, they will know not to mess with you! They will know you are one big tough lop!" Hey, I like that! "Yeah, Mom! A nice big blue blanket! Thanks Mom, you really do understand! Now, can we get this show on the road and go through the park again? There's a robin out there I need to show off to......"


Monday, April 28, 2008

My Stupid Blanket

I have a stupid blanket. Actually, I have two of them. Both of them are burgundy in colour and made of velour and fleece. They both reside on the leather couch in our room. They're stupid. Both of them.
What is a stupid blanket? you might ask. Well, a stupid blanket is a blanket that just lies there and taunts you with stupid remarks. Things like "Fluffy, you smell!" and "Fluffy, we don't like you!" Well, I don't put up with that so I hop up on the couch and teach those stupid blankets a thing or two.
"You stupid blankets!" I yell, "All you do is lay on this couch and taunt me, now I will show you who's boss!" That's when I start to dig. I dig and I dig and I dig! Then I chew! Nibblenibblenibble - I get my teeth right in there! No blanket will ever get a way with calling ME stupid!
Then I will bunch it up into a ball and then I will straighten it all out. Then I will bunch it up into another ball and then I will straighten that one out, too. Then it's back to digging. And chewing. Then I repeat the process over and over again.
Those blankets have seen better days. Both are completely riddled with holes, badges of my hard work and accomplishments. You'd think by now those blankets would have learned their lessons, but they're, well, stupid.
There is no way to measure the amount of enjoyment I get from keeping those blankets in line. The chewing, the digging, the tugging, tearing and ripping - it makes my little bum twitch, kinda like banana does. When I put those blankets in their place, I sure as heck am one tough lop. There's no messin' with me. Even mom will try to steal kisses while I am on my blanket rampage and I have to push her hand away, "Mom, quit bein' cuddly! Can't you see I'm being a big tough lop right now?"
"Yes, my little man, you certainly are one big tough lop! You get that blanket! That's right! Get it! Dig it! You tell it who's boss!"
"I'M boss! That's right! It's ME!"
Mommy says one of these days she will have to throw out my stupid blankets, when the holes get too big and I might get my head caught. But she promises that she will buy me a new one. And when she does, I will tell THAT blanket who's boss, too! Oh you just wait. This is one big tough lop who's not going to let ANY blanket get the better of him!
Fluffy - The Big Tough Lop

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bunspace Fun!

Bunspace. A place where bunnies unite and share their stories and connect with other bunnies from all over the world. And I am a member!

Thanks to Mom's hard work I now have my own profile on Bunspace.com. I have 33 carrots and 18 bunny buddies. Mom also made profiles for Binky and the other two bunnies who live upstairs, Ella and Scooter MaGoo. Boo doesn't have a profile because he is a hamster and only bunnies are allowed.

Mom likes the forums - she can meet all kinds of other people who adore rabbits just like her and Dad and it's a great place for bunny information. But best of all, it's jam packed full of pictures of bunnies, and that's what Mom says she likes best!

Mom says it has been crazy since she posted all of our profiles on Bunspace. All of these rabbits want to be our Bunny Buddies and we want to be Bunny Buddies right back. We are getting a lot of Buddy requests, comments and emails which is keeping her very busy. We LOVE it! Mom says it's official - her bunnies have more friends that she does!

I would like to send a special shout out to all of my Bunny Peeps out there in Bunspace who are reading my blog, especially my friend Freckles who is a frequent commentator - Hi Freckles! Word to Maddox, Pekoe, Wilbur, Huey, Basil, Pinky, Yogi, Adora, Loki, Faisal, Ella, Sam, Fez, Coco, Jumpin Jack Flash, Sox and Dakota Love and all my other readers! I feel very special to have made so many amazing friends from all over!

If anyone would like to visit me on Bunspace, just click my Bunspace Badge along the left side of my blog - you can see us all there, and leave us all carrots, too!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bunny Storage

This is me - waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy in the back of the storage area. How did I get there? Well, let me tell you...

Our house is still relatively new to me and I am always finding neat new places to get into some trouble. Recently, I discovered the "storage area"! It's like a closet because it has a bar to put hangars on and hang things up, but if you part the clothes, the closet goes way back about 10 feet, then it turns 180 degrees and tucks under the stairs. And it's an awesome place to hide!

Mom and Dad have all kinds of tubs and boxes and bags in there. All kinds of fun levels to jump up and down, cubby holes here, tunnels there and lots of dust to clog up my whiskers! Usually the door to the storage area is closed - but not tonight!

It didn't take long for Mom to stop watching her real estate show and realize I was gone. "Fluffy?" She got up and when she saw that the closet door was open, she knew right where to find me - deep inside the secret cave of fun!
Out came the flashlight and I heard her shuffle her way inside. For a bunny there is a lot of room, but for Mommy, not so much. After about 2 feet of closet, the top slopes down to about 4 feet, so she had to crouch down and walk all funny to get to where I was.
I saw the light swoop around and spot me in the dark. "Fluffy! You get out here right this instant!" Yeah, like I'm going to come out when I know I am already in trouble. "Fluffy! It's dangerous in here. Something could fall on you. Out!" Nope. I think I'll go hide behind these Rubbermaid thingies...

"Arg! Fluffy! Get out from behind there....OUCH!" Hee hee, she just hit her head. "Come on Fluff..."

I'm going to hop out further under the stairs. Lots of open space and......(Mom reaches to grab me but she can't quite reach me)...perfect! Just far enough that Mom can't get me! "Fluffy! Come here, Fluffy......Sweetie......" Oh, now she's sweet talking me. Won't work. "Ugh! Fluffy, it's cramped and dusty down here. Get yer butt out! Please?!"

Then there was a rattling. Two iron poles on the ground started shifting - Mom was behind it. I started dancing on the spot to avoid them and sure enough, when I was distracted, WHOMP! Mom's hand came down on my back. I was caught.

There is always that moment of wonder - I wonder how much trouble I'm in? I wonder what she will do? Will she give me a good finger wagging? And you just can't tell what will happen next, but judging from the grip she had on me, she was serious. Sometimes I wish I was a 12 pound Flemish Giant. She could never pick me up singlehandedly if I was.....

She picked me up and held me to her chest. She gave me kisses. "Fluffy! You silly, silly boy! Why do you always get yourself into trouble?" Because you left the door open, that's why. She rubbed me all over to get the cobwebs off, snorgled me in the beam of the flashlight, turned around and placed me on the floor facing the open door. "Now GIT!" and with that, I was off like a flash back to the comfort of Binks and her reassuring ear licks.
But I did find a treasure. A green yarmulke. That's right. And on the inside it says "Sarah Weaver's Bat Mitzvah, May 9, 1998". I wonder what I'll find...next time!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rabbits on the Radio

No, this is not a picture of us and Mom and Dad. This is us with Mad Dog and Billie. Mad Dog and Billie host a morning radio show and Binky and I were invited to come down. And Mom, too.
Mom and Dad are volunteers for Rabbit Rescue. It's been a very busy week for everyone and not just because it's Easter. A week ago today, the SPCA called Rabbit Rescue because they needed help with over 300 bunnies taken from a cruelty investigation. 300 bunnies.
So, all the volunteers have been working around the clock to help. Many came to Rabbit Rescue and many went to other shelters and rescues who could take them. But there are still many more waiting for help. Rabbit Rescue was invited on the radio show to talk about the story, Rabbit Rescue and rabbits in general.
Mad Dog and Billie (Mad Dog doesn't look like a dog......and Billie is a girl...I'm confused) decided to have an Easter Bunny Race so it was me against Binks. "Ready, set GO!" and we were off! I don't really know what they wanted us to do so I just ran under a desk and decided it was time to wash my face. Binky hopped around and was helped across the finish line by one of the cheerleaders - yes, they had real cheerleaders! Everyone cheered for Binks and I had to cheer too! She seemed really impressed with herself and it was nice because usually she is very shy. But this morning, she was basking in the attention! Truth be told, I might have let her win *wink wink* - she deserves to be the centre of attention sometimes, too!
All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I know Mom helped a lot of bunnies by talking about it on the radio.
This weekend is Easter, everyone's favourite holiday, at least in this house! Binks and I have been working really hard wrapping tiny chocolate Easter eggs in pretty coloured foil for the Easter Bunny to hide. He appreciates our help - he calls us his "little elves". And with Easter comes spring and yes indeed, all that snow outside is definitely melting. When Mom opens the patio door to toss out peanuts for Nutters and Butters, our neighbourhood squirrels, I swear I can actually smell spring in the air!
So tonight I will cuddle with Binks and tell her again how proud I am of her winning the race today. I will imagine the melting snow revealing green grass and leafy trees. And I will think of all the bunnies we are trying to help. It makes me sad to think that people can be mean to bunnies, or any animals for that matter. I don't understand how humans think sometimes, but I guess that's because I'm a rabbit. I hope all of the rescued bunnies get a chance to be happy bunnies like me and Binks. It's a tall order for 300 rabbits, but we will do everything we can to get the job done, "one baby bunny hop at a time" like Mom always says.
Happy Easter.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Treats Please!

Here is a picture of me and Binks begging for treats. This is the pose we do when Mom tucks us in for the night, and she gets all mushy, starts talking to us in her goo-goo gaa-gaa voice and gives us our bedtime snack. Then, if we are lucky, Dad will come down later to check up on us and we will strike this pose again and convince him that Mom forgot to give us our snack so we each get another one. Hee hee!
I am going to do my first Fluffy blog interview with, of course, my girlfriend Binky. And we are going to talk about treats, because that is our favourite subject.
Me: Hello Miss Binks, you look mightly pretty today....
Binks: Tee hee hee, Fluffy.....!
Me: Anyway, let's talk about treats. Miss Binks, what is your favourite treat?
Binks: Well, Fluffy, other than you....it would have to be raisins. I really like raisins, especially when Mom lets us stick our heads right in the container and pick the ones we want.
Me: Oh, I LOVE that! It smells so nice in there. I would have to agree - raisins are good!
Binks: What is your favourite treat Fluffy?
Me: Well, Miss Binks, other than you of course (wink wink) I has to be banana! I know I have previously posted about the sweet goodness of banana and how, when I eat it, it makes my bum twitch. I don't know what it is, but it's just so YUMMY! What else do you like, Binks?
Binks: Mommy makes good treats, like the fruit roll ups. Those are yummy. And the apple chips....
Me: Yeah, and sometimes she makes pear chips, too! Remember the cookies Auntie Luisa sent us? The Nana Men?
Binks: I love the Nana Men! I hope Mom sees Auntie Luisa again soon and gets some...
Me: Me, too!
Binks: ...But nothing is as sweet as you, Fluffy. My favourite snack is nibbling on your ear (starts nibbling on Fluffy's ear...)
Me: .....Mmmmmmmm, that's nice.....yes, right there, yup, you got it! I love it when you nibble on my ear Binky. You can nibble on me anytime!
Binks: Tee hee hee, thanks Fluffy!
So that was my first interview! Summary - we love treats and each other! Too bad Mom and Dad only give us one or two a day, but any more, Mom says, and we might get sick. I don't like being sick. It makes my tummy hurt. But sometimes the best treats aren't the ones you eat. Like when Mom gives me ear tugs, or Dad plays with me on the couch, or Miss Binks gives me an eyeball wash. Having love is a real treat, too, although sometimes we might take it for granted. In fact, it might be the best treat of all, because you can have as much of it as you want and your tummy never hurts. But your heart gets nice and happy.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's my birthday!

That's right, Hoppy birthday to me! Kindly leave all of your presents by my bowl of pellets, thank you very much.

I am four years old today, or at least, that's what Mom and Dad tell me. The story goes something like this. Three years ago today, Mom and Dad went to animal services looking for a boy bunny for Binky and they immediately fell in love with me. I was adopted that very day and brought home to live happily ever after. They were told I was one year old so Mom and Dad decided that, since they didn't know exactly when I was born, that my adoption day would also be my birthday.

Two day before that day, they officially adopted Binky. Mom and Dad had been fostering her for a month and were due to return her but decided they couldn't live without her (I know that feeling *sigh*). They were told that Binky was two years old. So the day Binky was adopted became her birthday, too. That's right, Binky turned 5 years old two days ago. I love that we get to spend our birthdays so close together!

And just to make things a little more crazy, Mom and Dad decided that the day in the middle would be Boo's birthday. Boo is my little brother. He's a hamster. So yes, you guessed it. Boo turned two yesterday.

So needless to say it's been a busy three days! For the past three nights we have all been cuddled and kissed way beyond what I consider to be acceptable levels, but hey, it's really not all that bad :) Can we help it that we are so cute that Mom and Dad can't help but love us to death? And we had treats, too! Yummy baby food! Oh, the blueberry/banana one was my favourite! That's a picture of me eating it! And one of Boo, too.

I don't remember living at the shelter, or what my life was like before that. But that's okay, because the only thing that matters is my life now, with Binky and Mom and Dad. I'm so glad I was adopted that day. I do remember being very sad, and then Mom walked in and opened my cage and took me out. She held me in her arms and gave me a kiss on the top of my head. It sure did feel good to feel love. I licked her arm. She liked that. I think that sealed the deal.

Sometimes I think of all the other bunnies and animals in shelters who are not lucky like me. Who never get to have birthday parties or baby food or hugs and kisses and love. That makes me sad. I wish there was a wonderful and loving home for each and every one of them. If I could have one wish, that's what it would be.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hoppy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and I love my girlfriend Binky. This is my favourite picture of us - it's one of the first ones ever taken of us after we bonded. It was just after Binky had her eye removed and half her face was shaved. She was just as pretty then as she is now with all her fur grown back.

Binky and I have been together for 3 years. I still remember our first date - it was in the bathroom. It was the very first day that Mom and Dad brought me home from the shelter. I was all happy to finally be out of that tiny cage and run around in a brand new home with real parents who loved me. And then when I caught a whiff of Miss Binks, I was in love!

Mom and Dad didn't know much about bonding bunnies back then, so we had our first date that very night. We were both kind of nervous because the bathroom tiles were very slippery and we were still strangers. I hopped up to her and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Binks didn't seem to mind. "Yes sir, and who might you be?" she asked all matter-of-factly. "Hi! I'm Fluffy and I'm new here. You sure are pretty!" If bunnies could blush, she would have. She batted her eyelashes at me, "Why thank you.....".

She presented herself for grooming and well, I was just so excited, I obliged. And then I did what every unneutered bunny does when he is in love - I mounted her. And she didn't seem to mind. We've been together ever since....by the way, I'm neutered now.

Binky and I have been through a lot together. Like a year ago when I had head tilt. That was a very scary time for me, and Binky gave me so much extra love and support, I really don't know what I would have done without her. She has the prettiest pink eye and beautiful, soft white fur. And she gives the best ear licks in the world. One of my favourite things is when I hear her snore. It's this soft little wheeze that progressively gets louder until she snores herself awake. It's the most sweetest sound in the world. I love her so much it sometimes makes my little heart ache.

I can't think of a better thing to talk about on Valentine's day than my love for Binks. I love Mommy and Daddy, too, but my love for her is super-special. Binks is my bunny soulmate. I will love her forever.

To everyone who reads my silly blog - I hope you had a wonderful day full of love, whether it be with a significant other, your kids, your friends or your pets. Or even just yourself. Love is the most precious gift anyone can give or receive, and I send much of it out to you!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No One Told Me Snow Was Cold

Okay, so ever since Mom promised me a romp in the snow on just the perfect day, that perfect day came! "Do you want to go out in the snow Fluffy?" Mom asked as she opened the patio doors and cold air breezed in the room. I though why the heck not?

She picked me up and took me outside. It was pretty cold, the air was nice and fresh and the pretty white snow looked like marshmallows on the branches of the trees. Everything was so peaceful and quiet. Then, down I went, toes first, into the white mass that seemed to cover everything.

Yowza!!!! That's cold! I mean, that's COLD! I jumped around a bit but it didn't seem to get any warmer. It's a good thing my fur has grown back on my feet (after that unfortunate bunny misadventure in the paint tray...) because I needed all the insulation I could get! Hey! No one said ANYTHING about this stuff being COLD!

But before long, I almost didn't seem to mind it because there were just so many new smells and noises and things to explore. I took off running - well, leaping anyway - over the mounds of snow. Mom was in hot pursuit.

"Fluffy! Come back!" What's she so worried about? I mean there is a big fence around all of these yards. I hopped gleefully from here to there and everywhere, darting from Mom's grasp at every turn. "Fluffy!"

I bolted behind the air conditioner and squeezed behind the little fence that separates our yard from the neighbours. Mom ran around the fence to head me off so I spun around and ran back. Hey this is fun! "Fluffy!" I think I may have even heard the squirrels up in the trees cheering me on.

I ran past the sliding doors and turned the corner but it was a dead end and that is where Mom managed to corral me. I gave her a few good starts though - I would crouch down with my floppy ears perked up as high as they would go, making her think I was going to bolt, but I never did. I calmly hopped back to the sliding doors and slipped back into the house. Then I gave Mom a good ol' thump because my feet were soaking wet. I HATE being wet! Mom huffed and puffed and chuckled at my discontent while I snuggled with Binks and attempted to console myself by licking my feet. She tried to wrap me up in a towel and rub my feet dry but I wasn't having any of that, no sir! I bucked my way out of that towel, got back on the floor, rustled up another thump in annoyance and hid in my house to sulk.

It was actually kind of fun. I might go play in the snow again before winter is over, but secretly, I can't wait until the grass is green and the trees are all leafy and full of shade. At least then my feet won't be wet. And then Binks and I can snuggle amongst the shady trees and flickering rays of sunshine. And she can give me those ear licks I like so much.....*sigh*


Friday, January 25, 2008

Hide & Seek

Mom and Dad suck at Hide & Seek. Okay, we weren't really playing Hide & Seek, but it ended up kinda like that, and Mom and Dad weren't too impressed.

It all started off with me noticing that Mom had left the barrier open to the room where we live, so I took it upon my self to do a little exploring. Just outside of our room is the laundry room, the furnace room, the storage room, a door to the garage and stairs that go up. We haven't been living here that long so I had a lot of exploring to do....

I found a neat space between the dryer and the cabinet - just big enough for me to sqirm down. I ended up behind the dryer. It was very dusty back there but there were lots of interesting tubes and whatnot to wiggle in and around. I followed a tube to a hole in the cabinet and, being the curious bunny I am, thought I had better check out where it goes to. Luckily for me there was just enough space for me to squeeze through.

Not sure where I ended up but it sure was dark. I couldn't see very well. There wasn't much there, just some black space, and I got a little worried because I realized I couldn't figure out how to get out. But I didn't worry. Someone would find me. Eventually.

I can't say how long I was there. Seemed like quite some time. I didn't know when Mom or Dad might be coming downstairs so I hunkered down for the wait. I waited and waited.....and waited.....

Finally! I heard Dad coming down the stairs and prepared for him to set me free. I heard him talking all goo-goo gaa-gaa to Binky, and then I heard him call my name. Then he called it again. And again and again and again.....

I heard him moving things. He kept calling. Then he was gone. Hello? I'm in here! Let me out!

Then I heard Dad and Mom. Their voices were muffled but I heard bits and pieces of "...can't find him....gotta be somewhere.....FLUFFY!.....let's not panic...." Hello! Over here! Come on, it's dark in here! But they never came.

More rustling, things moving, my name being called. "FLUFFY!!!!!!" I began to sense a twinge of panic in their voices.

OVER HERE! Sheesh!

More muffled voices... "...flashlight.....storage area.....couldn't be outside......move these boxes...." I heard the entire contents of the storage area being moved, I heard distant, pannicked calls of "Fluffy! Where are you?", I heard Mom getting upset and trying to stay calm. Then I heard the treat bag. "Treat time, Fluffy! Come get some treats!" Oh, treats! Am I missing treats?! Over here! Let me out! I'm over here!!!!!

I heard a loud scraping noise and some banging nearby - they were getting close! Their voices got louder and I could see the flickering of the flashlight in the darkness of my predicament. "Behind the dryer, what's that hole? Where does it go? THE CABINET!!!!"

And WHOOSH! A door swung open and light flooded in all around me. "FLUFFY!!!!" Dad picked me up and gave me hugs. Then Mom swiped me from him and squeezed me so tight I thought my head was going to pop off. She burried her face in my fur. And then I could feel her tears. She was crying.

I felt bad. I didn't mean to go and get lost. And if I could talk, I would have called out. I was worried they were going to be angry with me, but instead they just mauled me and kissed me all over. I didn't mean to make Mom cry. I guess it just means she loves me - which is always nice to know, 'cause I love her, too. And I love Binky. She's my girlfriend.

When the maul-fest was over I ran to Binky's side. "Where have you been Fluffy? Mom and Dad were going crazy trying to find you."

"Oh, just out having a bunny misadventure I guess. I got lost someplace dark. I didn't think they'd ever find me."

"Well you just stay close to me from now on." Binks said as she started giving me ear licks. And I mean who would want to stray far from a bunny giving you ear licks? Not me, that's for sure.

A few days later I tried to re-trace my steps but for some reason, everything is blocked off now. Oh well. I guess my days of exploring are over....for now.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our New Neighbour

Okay, in actuality he's probably not new - I'm sure he was here before we were but he's new to us. Mom has always told us of these things called "wild" rabbits but until we moved here, I had never seen one. Now I have.

He visits us in the evening and sticks around if Mom leaves food out for him. He seems to really like the squirrel feed and carrots best. It's weird because even though he does look like a rabbit, there is just something strange about him. Mom says it's the "wild" in him that I don't recognize. "Mom, what exactly is 'wild'?"

"Well, Fluffy, you are a domestic rabbit. That means you were raised to be around humans. A wild rabbit lives out in the wild and prefers to stay away from people." I was puzzled. "But who feeds him?" I asked. "He finds his own food." I stared at her in amazement. "Where does he live?"

"For the most part, he lives in a burrow underground that he digs himself. When he's not there resting he is hopping around looking for his dinner."

"That sounds like a lot of work. Wouldn't he be happier inside with people, with someone to feed him?"

"Not wild rabbits, Fluffy. They have instincts that tell them to stay away from people. They are much happier outside and on their own. Their instincts also tell them how to find food, what is good to eat and what is not and how to avoid getting eaten by predators."

"Eaten?! Oh my goodness! How scary!" I declared. "It's okay, Fluffy. Their instincts are very sharp and they run very fast. Their instincts are what keep them alive out there."

"But what if I went outside, Mom? What would happen to me?"

"Well, you wouldn't fare very well. You see, you don't have the instincts. It would be very confusing for you. You wouldn't know where to find food, you'd have no place to live, you wouldn't be aware of all of the dangers around you. That is why domestic bunnies like you and Binky need to stay inside and wild bunnies can stay outside." she explained. "Well, I am NEVER going outside!"

"Silly Fluffy, Mommy takes you outside from time to time, but I always keep you safe and secure. You are always in a pen so you don't get lost and there is always someone around to watch you and make sure you are never in danger. You have nothing to worry about. Besides, we have a backyard now and your very own patch of grass to run and binky around in. And when it gets warmer, you will all get to play out there - supervised of course."

"Yay! Can I go outside to play tomorrow?" I asked excitedly. "Well, maybe not tomorrow - it's still winter! Perhaps when we have a bit of snow back on the ground, you can go have fun in that. But we will have to wait for spring for the grass to grow."

"Sounds good Mom. In the meantime, can I share my romaine with the wild bunny? He looks hungry."

"Sure, Fluffy, that's very nice of you. I will put some out there. I'm sure he will appreciate it."

So that's what I learned about our new neighbour. He's nice and all, but I sure am glad I am not "wild" like him. I much prefer my life inside with my girlfriend Binky. And Mom and Dad, too. I hope Mr. Wild Bunny has a friend he can snuggle up to. It gets pretty cold out there....


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hoppy New Year!

Hoppy New Year! Here is a picture of me in my brand new bunny house! Of course, I share it with Binky, too. Santa Paws brought it for us as well as tons of other good stuff. Our stockings were packed with goodies, all the yummy stuff that Mom likes to make for us like dehydrated banana, apple, pear and apple sauce roll-ups! We got some cookie treats, too, and a new blanket, a new stuffed bunny and a new crinkle tunnel! Wow, I must have been REALLY good this year!

Our new house is really cool. There is a room for me and a room for Binky with a tunnel to attach the two. Sometimes we stay in our own rooms, like when we eat treats. Binky likes to take food from my mouth so it's better she's in her own room to eat her treat and me in mine. But when we are not hiding our treats from each other, we snuggle up in one room or the other and give each other licks. Binky is really good at giving me ear washes and I like giving her eyeball washes. Sometimes we fall asleep next to each other, with our heads touching, and Binky will snore. I've heard humans complain that snoring keeps them awake, but I love when Binky snores. To me, it's the sweetest sound in the world.

Well, the holidays are over and a new year has begun. What's my resolution? Don't be silly, bunnies don't make resolutions! We are who we are and we don't have the same silly needs that humans do. We don't need to pressure ourselves to be something we aren't, to deprive ourselves, improve ourselves, change ourselves or be anything other than, well...ourselves! I have Mom and Dad and my beautiful Binky........and that is all I need.

Hoppy New Year everyone!