Monday, June 9, 2008

The Ant Bullies!

Well, we're movin' on up (insert "The Jefferson's" theme here), up to the living room, that is. And it's all thanks to a bunch of Ant Bullies. See, we've had ants in the basement for a few months. Mom, who likes all creatures great and small, didn't want to kill them so she tried reasoning with them, but unfortunately they don't understand English. So they kept coming and Mom got serious and bought some "powder" for them. This kept them at bay - up until recently. The other night when she went downstairs to check on us, the door to the garage was covered in flying ants! Mom freaked, they were everywhere! She said they gave her something called the "heebie-jeebies" - I'm not sure what that is but judging by the weird dance Mom does every time she says "heebie-jeebies", it's not good!

So the next day a man came and left some "bait" for them. And in the meantime, Binks and I are upstairs calling the living room home.

That's a picture of us hiding under the end table. We always snuggled under it at our old place so it's quite nice to be able to do it again. And we play behind the couch as well - we were never allowed to at the old place - Mom always kept it blocked off so we would stay out of trouble, but not usually having us in the living room, she never put the barriers back up so Binks and I are back to doing no good behind it!

It's all hardwood and ceramic tile which is kinda slippery, but Binks and I are getting used to it. Mom even brought my Stupid Blanket up for me to chew on the couch when I so feel the need. It's fun having new places to run around and explore and Mom and Dad say it's nice having us up there.

But I must admit, I do miss the family room downstairs. It has carpet which makes for some fine binkies and Bunny 500's. Better traction for when I need to run away from Mom when she wants to brush me. And I miss having the patio doors to look out of and seeing all the birds and squirrels that visit us. Nutters and Butters must be wondering where we are...

But soon enough, the ants will have "moved out" - at least Mom hopes - and we can return to our favourite room again. Until then, I am quite content to snuggle with my beautiful Miss Binks and enjoy her lovely ear licks while my little bunny heart goes pitter-patter, pitter-patter...


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FrecklesandDeb said...

Those Heebie Jeebies don't sound so good! Glad you got away from those ants so your mom doesn't have to do that weird dance anymore! Have fun in the living room ... you never know when the joy will end!