Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Hammy In The House

This is Brie and she is our new hammy sister.  She is named after Mom's favourite cheese.

Her mommy and siblings were dumped at a shelter when they were just born.  Rabbit Rescue took them in.  After we lost Timmy just before Christmas, Mom and Dad kinda knew they would want another hamster, but they weren't ready just yet.  A few months later Mom found she was really missing the sound of the wheel spinning at night so her and Dad when to their friend Lisa's house.  Lisa was fostering mommy hamster and a few of the babies - Mom and Dad picked a wee girl named Clove to come home with them, and they renamed her Brie.

Brie has already doubled in size from this picture.  She is almost 4 months old.  She is super fluffy and looks like she has this big poofy skirt that she drags along with her everywhere she goes.  She even has two little long tufts of fur that stick out from behind her ears.  She is super-sweet and doesn't mind all of the smooches that mom gives or the raspberries that Dad insists on blowing in her belly!  She loves to climb the cage walls, dig in her hammy hammock and spin her wheel like a rubber-burning tire!  And of course, she loves her ball!

She got the hang of that ball pretty darned fast and by the time her first session in it was over, she was rolling at top speed across the floor.  Not even banging into walls could slow her down - she would just shift her bodyweight and head off in a new direction.  She can fly right through our dinner plate too.  "She's annoying!  Evertime I try to settle down to eat, there she is, running right into me!"  says Binks.  "Awwww, she's still getting the hang of things...she loves running in that ball!" Mom says.  Then Brie will come bowling-ball-ing from across the room and bop Binks in the bum.  "Stop it you crazy hamster!" and that's when Mom picks up Brie, ball and all, and places her in the hallway so as not to upset Her Royal Highness any further.

I've had a few head meetings with Brie in that ball - parked my head right up to the vents for her to sniff.  "Groom me, Brie, groom me!" but she doesn't seem to get it.  SHEESH!  Boo and Lucky knew what to do.  Timmy never did learn but I am determined to teach Brie that grooming my fur through the air vents is fun.  *sigh*  She's just too busy flying around the room....

It's nice having a hammy in the house again.  Mom and Dad always have a smile on their face and they love cuddling her and letting her crawl around on the couch.  Mom and Dad say it's unfortunate that hammies don't live for very long - it always breaks their hearts when they lose one.  But Brie is still a baby who has a lot of growing to do and hopefully she will be with us for a very long time....


P.S. I just want to thank all of my peeps for checking out Pancakes' story and offering their support to his family.  Little Pancakey crossed the Rainbow Bridge a week ago today, but he leaves behind a legacy of love and hope that his parents are determined to transform into something very special to help many more bunnies who need it.  He was loved by many and has left a mark on all of our lives - but he also took a wee bit of our hearts with him when he left.  Binky free Pancakey....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Okay, I'm not sticking my tongue out because I don't like what I am eating - on the contrary - I  LOVE babyfood, especially when it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Mom prefers to call this an "action shot".

Yes, last weekend was the big bunny birthday weekend.  Binky turned 7 on February 26th and I turned 6 on February 28th.  We always have a party on the day in between. 

Mom bought 5 different flavours of babyfood to see if she can find one that Binky likes.  Binky is always nervous she is going to get it all over her white Dolce & Gabunny track suit so she never partakes.  Mom served up carrot, banana, applesauce, pear/raspberries and apple/blueberries.  Miss Binks refused all 5.  I approved four - I passed on the carrots.  Mom and Dad played with us lots and we got extra snuggles because we are such good bunnies.  She says not all bunnies are as lucky as we are.

Binks and I were also on a new website called Buntocks!  Well, actually all four of us bunns were.  It's this awesome new blog that posts nothing but bunny bums!  Click on the link and look for the four of us on March 3rd - that's Binky, Ella, Scooter and me from left to right.  You can send in your bunny bum shots too!  Mommy loves bunny bums and says she fancies to snack on any 'tocks she can get her hands on.  She's given mine a good nom from time to time.  *sigh*  SO unnecessary.....

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new friend of ours.  His name is Pancakes and he is a little dwarf bunny who lives in London, ON, Canada.  We met him on Bunspace and read his story about how sick he is and how his new parents are doing everything they can to help him.  He has been through so much in the last month and everything has been very expensive and overwhelming for his Mom and Dad who love him to bits.  His Dad has set up a great website to get the word out about Pancakes and it would really mean a lot to me and Binks if everyone could please go and check out his story.  You can learn more about him and how to help by clicking here, and then clicking on "Saving Pancakes" (warning, graphic pictures) or you can read his Bunspace profile here.  I know times are tough and not everyone is in a position to help financially but even sending some words of support would be a great help.  And please pass the link on to anyone else who you think would be interested.  Pancakes deserves a fighting chance and together we can give him one!