Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung!  Here is a nice picture of me sniffing some flowers in our garden.  Okay, not really.  This is a weak photoshop attempt by my mom - this is the garden she wishes she had but with not having a green thumb and not liking getting dirty, pictures of flowers are all she has....

But spring is definitely here.  On the nicer days Mom opens the patio doors to let the sweet, fresh air waift in.  The birds are chirping their sweet little songs and Nutters and Butters are bouncier than ever!  "Hey, Fluffy!  Tell your mom we're starving!"  Yes, Mom has been slacking of on refilling the squirrel feeder but she promises to fill it soon.  Even the Big Fat Cat has resumed his neighbourhood rounds....

So in honour of a fresh new season, Mom has a fresh, new look for my blog.  Don't worry my peeps!  It is still me, Fluffy McFluffersons!  And I will still be filling it with my usual bunny nonsense and misadventures.  Mom felt the need to make everything clean and white but she's not sure if she will keep it this way or not.  But for now, it's here to stay.

Binks and I want to share a really important event coming up - it's a webinar hosted by two very rabbit-savvy vets from the Ontario Veterinary College here in Canada.  They are donating their time to discuss important issues like rabbit care, health, emergencies and lots of other topics.  The cost is $10 US and the best part is that all funds will be donated to a very special bunny friend of ours named Rocky.

Rocky is a Bunspacer who has a tumor next to his heart.  Specialists at the Ontario Veterinary College have seen his records and case file and are sure they can help him - the only issue is, Rocky lives in Athens, Greece.  Bunnies In Need - a wonderful charitable group of Bunspacers - is trying to raise money to fly Rocky out here to Canada so he can get the medical help he needs.  All of the money from this upcoming Webinar will go to Rocky's plight.

The Webinar is Thursday, Aprill 22nd, 2010, from 7 pm to 9 pm eastern standard time.  For more information on Rocky and the webinar, click here.  If you would like to attend the webinar, click here to go directly to paypal and login information will be sent to you once it's available.

Rocky is a really special friend and Binks and I would appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers for him and his family.  I will keep you posted on his situation - thanks peeps!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Hate Cotton

Holy Cow!  Can my mom slack off any more?  It's been like forever since my last blog - all because mom is *busy* - what-EVER!

Well, actually she has been busy - busy at work and busy with Rabbit Rescue (that's where mom and dad volunteer).  And with Easter on the doorstep, there are all kinds of Easter-ish things to do as well.  Rabbit Rescue has a booth at the All About Pets Show which is happening all this weekend in Mississauga (near Toronto) so they have been working there.  They have also been doing some bunny runs too, picking up bunnies from shelters and taking them to their foster homes.  Being "bunny people" keeps them hopping, that's for sure.  But I told mom, "Mom!  I got my peeps out there who want to know what I am up to, so sit down on that computer and type this up for me......!"

So the video I am sharing with you this week features me, of course.  It is a good demonstration of my hatred for cotton.  Most of you are aware that I have a Stupid Blanket.  It's "stupid" because all it does is make smarty-pants comments to me all day so I need to jump up onto the couch where it is and dig and chew it and tell it who's boss (ahem, that would be me BTW).  Well, that blanket is made of cotton and I chew it to bits!  I pretty much chew anything that is cotton.  Including daddy's t-shirts. 

Daddy has special "Fluffy shirts" that he wears when he comes downstairs to watch t.v. with me and Binks.  I like to hop up onto the couch, jump on his chest and teach those shirts a thing or two.  I like to dig at them, chew big holes in them and rip them!  Sometimes I accidentally bite right through to daddy's chest, making him screech in pain, but he never chases me away.  He has quite a collection of little bunny-bite bruises under those t-shirts.

So enjoy the show!  And, on behalf of Miss Binks and myself, I'd like to wish everyone a Hoppy Easter!  Enjoy your chocolate Easter eggs, but remember - the ones in the litterbin are not chocolate!  Hee hee...