Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes It's Not All About Me

Sure, this blog may be about me, Fluffy McFluffersons, Big Tough Lop Extraordinaire and all of my bunny misadventures.  But sometimes someone else steals the show and I feel compelled to step back and let them get all the attention.  And this is one of those times.

There is no doubt I am a very lucky bunny to have the family that I do.  And this week I am very proud of someone very special to me.  My Dad.  Not only does my Dad let me chew all his cotton shirts beyond recognition, but he also loves bunnies to an amazing degree.  Two weeks ago, a friend of his at work brought in three baby cottontails that he found huddled under his truck in a parking lot.  Knowing my dad loves bunnies, he figured he'd know what to do.  Dad brought them home and after one night with us, took them to a wildlife rehabber.  She took them in, fed them well and kept them safe until they were old enough and strong enough to be on their own.  Then Dad (with Mom in tow) picked them up and released them back into the wild.

Although Mom and Dad would LOVE to have a cottontail as a pet, they know the best thing for them is to live their life as the wild animal they are.  So they felt very lucky to have been able to help these bunnies and set them free, back to Mother Nature and a happy cottontail life!  We introduce to you Winken, Blinken and Nod....

My Dad is the best.  He has the biggest heart, and the best cotton shirts to chew.  I love you Dad!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Two Foot Rule

Okay, every bunny owner knows there is a rule.  It's called the Two Foot Rule.  It's a simple way of maintaining order and preventing the world as you know it from being completely destroyed.  The Two Foot Rule is quite simple.  If you don't want it chewed, keep it at least two feet off the ground. 

Us bunnies can tell a quality item from an inferior item.  For example, I never chew on Mom's Payless Shoes, but I love a good chow down on her Birkenstocks!  Another example is Mom's Coach purse.  Mom loves Coach.  And so do I!  The leather is so soft and supple and a dream to snack on.  It's not very often I get the opportunity to sink my teeth into something so premium, but recently, the opportunity presented itself.

All I had to do was hop over to it sitting on the floor and Mom was on me like stink.  "McFlufferson!  Get away from Mommy's Coach purse right now!"  She got up and ran over to it, only to discover that she was too late - I had already indulged!  Check out the close-up of my handy work - matching notches on the trim and the strap, along with a scratch for good measure.  "BAH!!!!!!"  she raged as she shook her fist at me.  "FLUFFY!  How could you?!  Mommy's best purse!" she whined.  "Come on Mom.  The Two Foot Rule.  You know it and I know it.  The second you put that thing on the floor and walked away, it was fair game!"  She sighed and conceded defeat.  "Yes Fluffs, you're right.  Mom should have known better...."

Check out some more examples of my handy work.  These are the baseboards in our room.  Pretty impressive, huh?  And just so you know, this work of art extends around the entire perimeter of the room, exactly even too!  Of course, some areas, like behind the TV cabinet and behind the couch are not quite complete, but work has begun.  In fact, when we got the new carpet, Mom and Dad had to move the couch, and couldn't figure out how Binky and I got to the back of it to start some chewing.  Clearly we are proving ourselves to be quite the unpredictable pair.

And here is a shot of Miss Binks taking credit for the coffee table legs - notice how she has delicately chewed around ever corner.  Every leg looks like this.  You can even see work has begun on the part above the shelf as well.  This is a work in progress - we are aiming for a completion date of early 2012.

So there you have it folks.  If you've never heard of the Two Foot Rule, consider yourselves warned.  If you want it kept in pristine condition, keep it two feet off the ground.  Otherwise - CHOMP!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahhh, The Glamorous Life.....

Aren't we cute?  Seriously...isn't Miss Binks just the prettiest little thing you've ever seen?  It's no wonder I am so in love with her....

Mom and Dad went on vacation last week and all of us got to visit our Auntie Jessica.  She is a great photographer - bunnies are her muses and she takes great pictures of them.  She made us look like movie bunns!  To see more of her work, click here.  Jessica has five bunnies of her own as well as a foster hamster named Mocha.  She recently bought Mocha a brand new Habitrail set up so we pretty much consider that an adoption.  She is still in denial, but Mom and Dad know from experience that it's just a matter of time.....:)

Here's a shot of Brie. Jessica had to give her craisins to snack on to get her to stay still. She is a wily little hamster who is always on the move.  She loves rolling in her exercise ball but she has a habit of nibbling the little notches off while she is inside, thus escaping from her ball and scaring the bejesus out of Mom and Dad as they search high and low for her.  Does anyone know if they make screw-top hamster balls?  Brie is only 8 months old and she is currently on her ninth ball.  Please let Mom know if you do.

And her is a shot of Scooter (right) and Jessica's bunny Hot Dog (left).  Hot Dog is a rex bunny - you can almost see how super soft he is!  Don't they look handsome together?  Their fur is the exact same colour!  Scooter is very photogenic - he has this whole Derek Zoolander thing going on that makes Mom giggle and give him extra smooches.

So, now that we are home, Binks and I are also back in the family room downstairs.  And yes, the brand new carpet is down as well.  Binks wasn't too impressed.  "All that hard work I did shredding up the edges behind the TV, gone to waste!  It took me YEARS to do that!"  I tried to reassure her.  "Don't worry Binks, we can shred the new carpet just as nice, maybe even nicer!  Look over there - the corner is sticking up!  Let's go to town!"  and with that we headed off to the corner of the room to begin work on our latest bunstruction project.....