Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love Is Blind

Us bunnies live a pretty carefree life. We have little to worry about, we live in the moment and are generally a happy bunch. But every once in a while we learn of something that can really affect us, make us worry and even make us sad.

Last week Mom and Dad took Miss Binks for a check up. Generally she is a very healthy girl but they did learn something about her. She is blind.

Mom and Dad had suspected it. Binky has been a little more grouchy lately and startles more easily - both things that indicate eye issues. Binks had her left eye removed 5 years ago because it never developed properly and was getting problematic and her right eye has been cloudy since birth. Chances are she never saw that well to begin with, but she was able to see. Up until recently. Dr. Deb did a few tests with her and she concluded that my Binky Girl is now officially blind.

Mom is pretty upset about it and Dad is just a mess. Miss Binks is a Daddy's Girl and he has a very special bond with her. Even though they both know that her loss of eyesight has probably been very gradual, and that many bunnies do perfectly well without sight, having this confirmed has been quite the blow to us all.

"Binks, I'm so sad! My pretty girl can't see anymore...(sniff)"

"Oh Fluffy, don't worry! You know us bunnies have other senses that we use to make up for not seeing, right? My hearing is sharp and so is my sense of smell! I can feel vibrations in the floor and movement around me and my little whiskers always tell me when something is close by."

"I know, but I'm still sad. You can't see Nutters and Butters play in the leaves. You'll never see pretty sunsets, beautiful fall foliage, the cardinals and blue jays and freshly-fallen snow...."

"This may be true Fluffy, but please don't fret. I can still see things in many special ways. Just like my friend Trinket once told me, bunnies don't just see with their eyes, they see with their whole entire beings. I can feel things around me, I know they are there. I was never able to see very well anyway and it's not like this happened overnight. It was very slow, very gradual, and I have had plenty of time to adjust and accept my new way of life."

"But.....you can't see me......"

"Oh Fluffy, my Big Tough Lop!" she snuggled close to me and gave me licks. "I might not be able to look at you and see you, but I can hear you, smell you and feel you wherever I go."


"Yes. And if I concentrate hard enough, I can indeed see you in my memory - your brown and white patched fur, your big brown eyes, your funny, floppy helicopter ears...."

"Yes, that's me!"

"...see? I will always have you in my memory, clear as a bell! Plus, I will always have you right beside me waiting for ear licks, right?" lick lick

*sigh* "Yeah, you got that right. I love you Binks. You're my Special Girl and I will never leave your side."

"Thanks Fluffy, I love you, too. You and me, forever."

We snuggled and kissed for a long time, her soft white fur pressed up against mine, our foreheads touching, random licks exchanged between the two of us. If I could wish for only one thing in the world, it would be for Santa Paws to bring her a brand new pair of eyes, so that she could not only see me, but everything this beautiful world has to offer, like she has never been able to see it ever in her bunny life.

Then Mom came to the gate and shook the box of raisins. "Who wants a raisin?! Are there any bunnies here who like raisins?!" Miss Binks shot up on her feet, ran clear across the room, avoiding the water bowl, hopping over some toys, threading through some table legs, stopped an inch infront of the gate and periscoped on her little hind legs. "Me, please!!!!!"

That's my girl.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Too Sexy For This Blog

It's true. When it comes to rabbits, I'm pretty sexy. Just ask Miss Binks. She can attest to my animal magnetism. In fact, I don't think there is a female of any species that doesn't just find me completely adorable.

You could say, I have a "thing" with the ladies. Perhaps it is my friendly personality. Or my devastating good looks. Or my quirky sense of humour. You pick. I really am the total package.

I know, I know, the good ones are always taken and such is the case with me I am afraid. It's true ladies, there is only one girl in my life and that is my beautiful Miss Binks. It's also a proven fact that any guy who is totally devoted to "his girl", ironically, makes him all the more attractive. *sigh* I guess this is also the case for me - everybunny wants me but there is only one special girl who gets to hump my head.....

So for all of you girl bunnies who send me emails, text messages, love letters and marriage proposals, thank you very much. I am so flattered, really, I am! There was a day I was sitting in a tiny cage in a shelter and I couldn't get anyone to look at me twice, so I really do appreciate the love. But my heart belongs to one bunny and one bunny only....Binky.

"Fluffy, my ears are waxy - will you come lick them for me?"

"Sure Binks! Be there in a second!"

"...and on your way over, can you bring me a carrot from the dinner plate? Please? A nice little fat one..."

"You got it my Darling! On my way!"

Gotta go - I have been summoned. And I wouldn't want it any other way.....

P.S. What do you get a Diva Bunny for Christmas? Come on peeps! Help me out!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Blues

Oh, I am not - let me repeat - NOT impressed with Halloween.

Can I please know who's brilliant idea it was to make a holiday where you dress up in costumes? And better yet, who's brilliant idea it was to make these costumes in such small sizes that it would make humans buy them for their pet rabbits and make them wear one? Please, a show of paws, who is in favour of this NONSENSE?????

*sigh* So this year I was a dragon. Yup. Mom came home with a bag full of stuff - apparently Halloween costumes were 75% off at Petsmart and she bought us a wardrobe of stuff to wear. In addition to the stupid dragon get up, there was also a fire chief (poor Scooter upstairs got to wear THAT one), a pirate's hat, a witch and some stupid glow in the dark t-shirts. Even Binky had a "Creature of the Night" t-shirt on. Strangely enough, she didn't mind it. "Doesn't it look fab against my pretty white fur, Fluffy?"

Why isn't there a bunny distress line we can call? Something like 1-800-GET-THIS-STUPID-OUTFIT-OFF-OF-ME? I sure could have used them last night. "But Fluffy, you were SO ADORABLE dressed up as Mommy's Little Dragon! Who was Mommy's Little Dragon? That's right, YOU were!"

Dear Petsmart. Please don't sell anymore Halloween costumes in a size small. I beg of you. I just can't take the humiliation....