Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Bites

Well, for the first time ever, I'm not the bunny in trouble around here - it's Miss Binks!  Yup.  Check out this picture of Daddy.  He was snorgling with Binky last night when things got a little out of hand.

"OOOOOOOOOOOooooooowwwwwwwwww!" was the blood-curdling scream Mommy heard from three floors up.  "HUN!!!!  Come downstairs!  And bring some Kleenex!"  When Mom got down there she found Daddy with a bloody mouth, Miss Binks still sitting on his chest. 

"What happened?!"  she asked.  "I was snorgling with Miss Binks and she bit me......."  Mom gave Dad the Kleenex and then took Miss Binks in her arms to make sure she was okay.  "Awww, Miss Binks, your eye is bulging.  Did Dada scare you with his yell?"  I'm pretty sure he did because Binky had quite the perturbed look on her face.  "It's okay my girl......"  She got smooches and a treat and Mommy put her on the floor.  Then she went to tend to Daddy.

Binky came running over to me.  "Binky, what happened?" I asked.

"Well, I was snorgling with Dada and I wanted to go back on the floor so I went to give him a little nip like I always do, but he turned his head really fast and it spooked me and the next thing I knew, he was screeching like a mad squirrel!  Oh my goodness!  It scared me!"

"Holy cow Binks!  You sure must've gotten him good!"

"I didn't mean to!  It was an accident!"

Mom and Dad went upstairs after that.  It took a good hour for his lip to stop bleeding and he put lots of ice on it to keep the swelling down.  He moaned for a good part of the evening but justifiably so.  It was quite the gash...

Later in the night, after the lights were out and everyone was settled in for the night, Daddy sneaked downstairs to see Binky.  He picked her up and they cuddled once more.  "Dada, I am so sorry I bit your lip.  I didn't mean to..." she said.  "That's okay Miss Binks.  I know, you are blind and sometimes fast and sudden movements catch you off guard.  Dada will be sure to be more careful from now on."  He held her on his chest, snorgling the side of her face.  "You are my very special girl - you know that, right?" he whispered.  "Yes Dada, and you are very special to me too." Miss Binks gave him some licks on the side of his nose.  "I love you, Dada..."

"I love you too, my Binky Girl..."


Saturday, January 16, 2010

There's A New Couch In Town....

There's a new couch in town - and I LOVE it!  It's a sectional and it's big and red and soft and roomy!  "Fluffy, it's not red, it's burgundy..."  Whatever Mom.

Our last couch was a thorn in Dad's side.  It was a small, skinny leather couch that he bought because the larger, more sophisticated-looking leather couch he bought wouldn't fit down the stairs so back to the store it went.  Mom warned him about buying a leather couch for the basement and after two years of cold naps, pillows that slip and slide and less-than-adequate accomodations for both Mom and Dad to snorgle, Dad raised his hands in defeat.  "I hate this couch!  You were right!  We're getting a new one!"

Well, it took a little longer than expected as a few couches were purchased before Mom and Dad found one that would fit down the stairs and into the family room.  This sectional came in three separate pieces which was it's saving grace.  Now Mom and Dad are always down here watching tv and movies with us.  There is enough room for ALL of us on this big couch!

It's a little higher than the last one so I've had to adjust my Launch Plan, but it's so big and deep and soft, it's the perfect place for me to boss around those Stupid Blankets I got for Christmas!  And Binky has her own little house up there to snuggle in too.  Sometimes she even comes out to help me keep those Blankets in line - "What did you say to my Fluffy?!  Oh he is NOT dumb, no sir!  You get a bite for that!"  That's my girl.  She's hot when she's tough.

So Binks and I aren't the only ones snorgling in the family room anymore.  At first I was kind of annoyed to have Mom and Dad around EVERY evening, cuddling us bunnies on the new big red couch, being all goofy towards each other.  "Geez you two!  I don't know how much more of this lovin' I can take!"

"Oh Fluffy!" Mom says, "What can we say?  You and Binky inspire Mommy and Daddy to snorgle each other!"

I guess that's not such a bad thing.  But just to reiterate, I might be all snuggly with my Binks, but I really am one Big Tough Lop when it comes to those Stupid Blankets....

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, Clean Bill Of Health!

Hoppy New Year everybunny!  I hope we all had a safe and happy holiday and are starting the new year off right.  We always start off our new year with a trip to the vet for our annual check ups.

Here I am with Dr. Deb - she is our fabulous vet and she takes very good care of us.  I like her because she is gentle and she also has bunnies of her own so she knows how to handle us really well.  In this picture she is checking my tummy.  She says I am a real light-weight - HUMPH!  She should ask my Stupid Blankets about that!  Mom told her I have the type of metabolism she wishes she had - I eat everything in sight, have way too much energy and never gain an ounce.

Here I am on the scale. Mom had to give me a raisin to get me to sit still long enough for Dr. Deb to get my weight. 3.1 pounds - exactly the same as last year! I guess this means I can still eat all I want, right? YAY!  Ears, check!  Teeth, check!  Nail clipping, check!  All is good - and that's exactly what Mom and Dad wanted to hear.

Binky was up next - here she is getting her ears checked.  She was a bit fussy but that's because she is a Diva and doesn't like it when Dr. Deb sticks that scope in her mouth to see her teeth.  Her one pink eye was buldging out of her head like it always does when she gets stressed, but Dada was there to snorgle her and tell her all was going to be okay.  She is in good health as well, good teeth, clean ears and also the same weight as last year.  Binky won't let me tell you her weight - she says it's none of anybun's business and ladies never share that sort of information.  What-ever.

Scooter and Ella also got a check up and all is good with them as well.  Mom got some more saline for Ella's goopy eye, picked up a new package of Critical Care (just in case of an emergency) and we were good to go!  None of us really like going to the vet but Dr. Deb is sweet and gentle to us and we always get raisins for being good bunnies!

So we have started off the year in top form!  When we got home, Miss Binks and I got right down to snuggling right after she had a few slurps of water.  "Fluffy, I'm glad we're home.  I don't like going to the vet.  It smells funny there...." she said.  "I know!  What IS that smell?  I guess we will just have to cuddle real close and rub our own scents all over each other to get rid of it, won't we?"  She squished her head under my chin.  "Start right here, Fluffy...."  So I did as I was told and groomed the top of her sweet little head as her one eye closed and a light snore filled the air.....