Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Temporary Digs

There's water in the basement.  Well, the was water in the basement.

The furnace started leaking water every time the air conditioner went on, and with the crazy hot summer we've been having, it was on a lot.  The water trickled over to the wall where it seeped under the floor and on over to the next room, which is our room.  Then it came up through the laminate floors, the underpadding and the carpet.  Mom realized the problem when she walked into our room and her feet left wet footprints - yuck! 

She called a plumber, who cleaned out a hose and said that the problem was solved.  One week later, more water.  She called him back and he then insisted the water was coming in from outside when it rained.  Mommy looked at him funny and insisted that wasn't the issue.  He insisted it was.  Mommy hates it when service people come over and think that just because she is a lady that she doesn't know anything.  But she knows more than a thing or two.

She tried calling other plumbers but all were very busy and the wait would be very long.  Then one plumber, upon listening to the problem, said he knew exactly what it was and told her how to fix it herself.  So she did, with the help of a co-worker who can fix anything with a pipe wrench and a can of WD40.  Turns out that plumber guy cleaned out the wrong hose.  The basement has been dry ever since.  Where was Dad in all this?  Well, let's just say it's better if Daddy stays away from the tools, for everyone's sake. 

Needless to say, with all of this going on, Binks and I were moved upstairs to the main floor.  We like it up there - all new places to explore!  Here is a picture of me guarding the DVDs. 

Binky likes hiding under the couch.  She has to flatten herself out like a pancake to slide under there but she can do it.  Despite having no carpet, we both do pretty well and Binks is able to get up to a good trott when that box of raisins is given a good shake.  She also likes ripping up the flyers in the magazine rack.  Here is a shot of her proudly running around with a piece of paper in her mouth...silly girl.

So Mom and Dad ripped up the carpet and underpadding and the garbage men took it away yesterday. A brand new carpet has been ordered and should arrive any day. Then we will get all set up back in our brand new room!  Personally I can't wait to get started nibbling on the new carpet edges - hee hee!

Before I sign off, I would like to acknowledge the fact that my little bunny blog has reached over 10,000 hits!  Mommy is really proud of me and I am feeling pretty proud myself!  Who knew three years ago when I first started posting, that this fun little world that I share with you would gain so much interest?  Thanks goes out to all my peeps for reading the redonculousness that I write - and of course, thanks to Mom who takes my dictation and types it all out.  It's hard to type when you don't have opposing thumbs to hit that spacebar......


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Away From It All And Trying To Heal

Every summer Mom and Dad take us all up to the cottage for a weekend of relaxation.  We really like it up there because the air smells clean and fresh and different.  We live in our expens and it's like camping for us, but indoors.

Here is a goofy shot of Mom snorgling Binks and I on the deck and trying to take a picture at the same time.  We got to see all kinds of animals too.  There were two families of ducks - mommies with babies - that were swimming around our beach (you can see them in the background of the above pic of me lounging on the deck).  And one day, a whole army of Canada Geese, adults and babies, hung out nearby.  Chippy and Redmond (the chipmunk and squirrel) were nowhere to be found - probably because there has been some construction lately and the blasting of rocks.  And of course, lots of seagulls just waiting for bread.

During his out-of-cage time, Scooter came over to sniff us.  He really wanted to hang out and he danced around our expen and did head shakes and binkies!  This made Mom and Dad laugh - they were happy to see him so happy, but also still sad that he is obviously lonely and missing Ella.  Miss Binks was not impressed though.  She and Scooter have a shady past and she did NOT appreciate him hanging around our pen.  In fact, at one point she had him pinned between the pen and the couch and gave him a good box until Mommy came to break it up.  Then she sniffed the chunk of Scooter fur that landed in the pen and did a victory flop, obviously very pleased with herself.

So Scooter learned to stay away from her and only came up to where he could see me at the pen.  "Hi Fluffy."

"Hi Scooter.  How are you?"

"I'm doing okay.  I'm pretty lonely though.  It's nice to see other bunnies, even if Binky hates me."

"Awww, don't worry about her.  She's just a tough gal.  I am sorry you are lonely."

"I miss Ella so much.  She was my sweet little girl.  Everything I do just isn't as fun as it was when she was by my side.  You are lucky to have Binky."  Scooter smooshed his nose through the bars of the expen.  "Yes, I am."  I said.  "I'll bet you miss Ella lots - she was a special little bunny.  But she wouldn't want you to be sad.  You will see her again one day, but until then, you gotta keep your chin up..."

"I try.  I just miss having her cuddle up next to me.  I miss her smell, her soft fur, her tiny little face....and her licks.  I miss her licks most of all.  I would give anything to have her give me just one more lick..."  Scooter's big, brown eyes blinked slowly with the memory.  I hopped up to his face and said "Well, I can give you a few licks.  They might not be as good as Ella's, but they are licks just the same."  And I proceeded to lick his nose through the bars.  Scooter closed his eyes and rested his head to the floor.  "That's nice.  That's very nice indeed.  Thank you Fluffy, I do feel better.  You are a nice friend to comfort me like that."

"No problem buddy.  But you'd better get out of here before Binky catches a whiff of you and returns with a vengence!"

And with that, he hopped away to his expen and flopped out in the cool breeze of the open window, eyes softly shut, with memories of his sweet little Ella dancing in his head....