Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Halloween!

THUMP! Take this redonculous outfit off me right now! "But Fluffy, you look soooooooooo cute!" I don't care! Off it comes! "Fluffy, haven't you always wanted to be a Super Bunny? It has a snazzy red cape and everything!" No, I don't recall ever wanting to be a Super Bunny! "But Fluffy, when you run and jump, the cape billows behind you and looks so precious!" I don't want to look precious! Don't give my Stupid Blankets anything else to taunt me about! "Okay, but you know, you sure do look like one Big Tough Lop in that costume...." Hmmmm......really? "Oh, yes! I certainly would NOT want to mess with you, no sir!" So I look tough in this get-up? "Oh, very much so, like a Super Hero Bunny who comes to save the day!" Well, I guess that's pretty cool. I don't mind being a Super Hero Bunny. "And you will look WAY more bad-ass than Scooter will look in his hot dog costume..." (Scooter is one of the bunnies that lives upstairs...) Scooter is going to be dressed up as a hot dog? "Yes, of course, unless YOU want to be the hot dog..." Uh, NO! I'll stick with Super Bunny, thank you very much!

Hey, did she talk me into that?

Anyway, tomorrow is Halloween and somehow Mom has managed to convince me and Scooter to wear costumes for when the kiddies come trick or treating. Okay, I think I can do that, especially if Mom promises me those extra raisins she said are in it for me if I do. I can look all cute and cuddly, and super-tough too! So my plan is, when I hear the door bell and Mom opens it, I am going to run really fast to show off my snazzy red cape! I must admit, it does look pretty cool.

And hey, it's better than being a hot dog. Especially one with ketchup. Mustard is WAY better!

Fluffy the Super Bunny

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hoppy Thanksgiving!

Let's all pause for a moment to admire my extreme cuteness..........

Okay, onto my post. Hoppy Thanksgiving! With today being Thanksgiving Day, I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect upon those things for which I am extremely thankful. Yes, I will start with the obvious ones. Miss Binks. I *heart* her and am so grateful to have her as my best bunny friend. Her ear licks are the best and she is so pretty with her one pink eye! And of course, Mom and Dad! I am very thankful I have such bunny-obsessed parents who spoil us rotten and love us so deeply! But surely there must be more to be thankful for, right? Well of course there is! And here are a few that deserve special mention.

The food dehydrator. The food dehydrator is where all of our yummy treats come from! Mom slices up apples, bananas and pears and puts them inside. She also does blueberries and grapes and if we are extra good, which of course is all the time, she even puts in applesauce! Then a few hours or days later, our treats are ready! The fruit dries up into yummy bite-sized treats and the applesauce shrinks up into fruit roll-ups! SO GOOD!

Our friends at BinkyBunny who created the Maze Haven! Still our most favourite house to hang out in, we love jumping around inside and Miss Binks likes to hide in there when Mom does the vacuuming. With two floors and a rooftop patio, it's a great place to relax and snuggle!

The person who invented the banana. What a truly magnificent creation. Sweet and yummy, this fruit is beyond perfection! If anyone knows who invented the banana, please give them my number and tell them to call me - I really must thank them personally. Nothing makes my bum twitch quite like banana!

Dehydrated corn husks. Mom brought these back for us from BunFest and they are super delicious! Nice and crunchy with a sweet taste, Binks and I love to nibble them until they are gone!

My stupid blankets. Even though they taunt me by calling me names and such, the enjoyment I get from digging and chewing them cannot be truly expressed. Whenever I need to feel like a Big Tough Lop, up on that couch I go to teach those blankets a thing or two. And you better believe they learn a lot!

The new coffee table. It's very yummy. Miss Binks and I have been working quite hard on redesigning the legs and I must say, we are doing a fabulous job! We are very consistent, making sure each leg is equally nibbled and gnawed to perfection. And it's a great place for Binky and I to hide and snuggle, too! Thanks IKEA!

And I must give a shout out to Mother Nature for blessing us with unbelievable weather this weekend! Mom opened the patio door and set up the pen outside so I could hop in and out as I pleased. Miss Binks lounged under the coffee table, contemplating her next coffee-table-leg-chew - she's not really one to hop in and out of the patio doors. It was so nice to hop out there and say hello to Nutters and Butters who stopped by for peanuts, to lift my head up into the warm autumn air and sniff till my heart was content. Certainly not the kind of weather you'd expect for October! And with all the pretty leaves changing to yellows, reds and oranges, floating ever so gracefully to the ground, I really had to stand back and admire Her work.

Good job Mother Nature, good job. Another reason to be truly thankful.