Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Halloween!

THUMP! Take this redonculous outfit off me right now! "But Fluffy, you look soooooooooo cute!" I don't care! Off it comes! "Fluffy, haven't you always wanted to be a Super Bunny? It has a snazzy red cape and everything!" No, I don't recall ever wanting to be a Super Bunny! "But Fluffy, when you run and jump, the cape billows behind you and looks so precious!" I don't want to look precious! Don't give my Stupid Blankets anything else to taunt me about! "Okay, but you know, you sure do look like one Big Tough Lop in that costume...." Hmmmm......really? "Oh, yes! I certainly would NOT want to mess with you, no sir!" So I look tough in this get-up? "Oh, very much so, like a Super Hero Bunny who comes to save the day!" Well, I guess that's pretty cool. I don't mind being a Super Hero Bunny. "And you will look WAY more bad-ass than Scooter will look in his hot dog costume..." (Scooter is one of the bunnies that lives upstairs...) Scooter is going to be dressed up as a hot dog? "Yes, of course, unless YOU want to be the hot dog..." Uh, NO! I'll stick with Super Bunny, thank you very much!

Hey, did she talk me into that?

Anyway, tomorrow is Halloween and somehow Mom has managed to convince me and Scooter to wear costumes for when the kiddies come trick or treating. Okay, I think I can do that, especially if Mom promises me those extra raisins she said are in it for me if I do. I can look all cute and cuddly, and super-tough too! So my plan is, when I hear the door bell and Mom opens it, I am going to run really fast to show off my snazzy red cape! I must admit, it does look pretty cool.

And hey, it's better than being a hot dog. Especially one with ketchup. Mustard is WAY better!

Fluffy the Super Bunny


The Bunns said...

Super seems pretty good for you, Fluffers!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Super Bunnies rule! Very cute too