Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome 2012!

"Dr. Deb, that tickles!"
 It's a new year and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that in January, us bunnies go for our yearly check up with Dr. Deb.

Here is a picture of Dr. Deb listening to my lungs.  I've still got some healthy organs despite my age and that's good!  Mom and Dad did express a little concern they have about me - I've been "slowing down" lately, whatever THAT means, and they wanted to make sure I was okay.  I'm going to be 8 years old next month - so what if I need longer naps?!  I'm still a Big Tough Lop!  Just ask those Stupid Blankets.....

Scoping my ears....
 Dr. Deb thinks I may have a little arthritis so I am getting metacam twice a day now.  I also lost some weight.  I used to weigh 3.4 pounds and now I am down to 2.8 - not a lot, but for a bunny my size, it's considerable.  We did some blood tests and everything came back completely normal - liver and kidneys are in great shape, YAY!  Mom and Dad are always worried about that because I am EC positive.  I think the metacam is making me feel better because last night I went out into the hall for a bunny misadventure and came ripping back into the room in full binky mode!  See?  I still got it....

Dad holds Binky's paw to keep her calm.
Miss Binks got her check up too and she is a healthy girl.  Actually, she gained a little weight so now our carrot ration has been cut in half and Mom and Dad are cutting down on the treats too!  What a bunch of nonsense!  *sigh* Well I guess they are only trying to do the right thing.

Checkin' out the chompers.
It was nice seeing Dr. Deb.  She is always so kind and gentle with us.  We wiggle a lot but she knows how to sweet talk us to get us to settle down, especially when she is sticking that scope in our ears and mouth.  And I'd like to think we are her favourite bunnies too.  We love Dr. Deb <3!

In case you're wondering, Christmas was pretty quiet.  There was a somber mood with the recent passing of sweet little Brie.  We got her ashes back just before Christmas and it was nice to have her home for the holidays.  Mom and Dad miss her a lot but they know she had a really great life and it was just her time to go.  It was a sad way to end the year...

And, well, I didn't exactly get all that stuff I posted about wanting a few blogs back.  But we did get some great treats from the Bunspace and Rabbit Rescue stores.  We got new Stupid Blankets I can't wait to sink my chompers into and we even got some Angry Bird rattle balls, and edible Christmas ornaments - YUM!

So all in all, the new year is off to a quiet start, but that's okay.  Us senior rabbits like things quiet and mellow.  There's been a bit of a cold snap lately but Miss Binks and I hunker down together and keep each other toasty warm.  I would like to wish a very Hoppy New Year to all of my peeps.  I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and I hope that 2012 brings you all many treats, snugly snorgles and lots of love and hoppiness!