Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bring On The Man In The Red Suit!

I *heart* opening presents!  And it's only just begun!  Only three more sleeps until Santa Paws comes!

We were part of the Secret Santa Gift Exchange on Bunspace again this year.  We got a box filled with really great stuff from our friends Kibbles and Zenith in Tennessee!  It had a blanket, some delicious papaya treats, American Pet Diner Apple Pie Cookies, a hay treat bag, a willow basket filled with treats and toys and seeds to grow our very own wheat grass!  Mom says she doesn't have much of a green thumb but she is going to give it a try.

It's been a very busy Christmas this year with lots of gift bags under the tree for me to chin and nibble on.  And Miss Binks has been very busy peeling the gold glitter lettering off of Scooter's stocking - funny enough, his is the only one she goes after.  I don't think she has yet forgotten the big fight they had a long time ago - and his stocking is paying the price.  Mom keeps snatching it from her.  "Miss Binks!  That's not nice!  You leave Scooter's stocking alone!"  Then she picks it up and repairs it with more gold glitter glue.  It dries by morning - good as new!

Here's me checking out my Christmas Booty - look at all the stuff!  Wow, I was actually kinda worried if I'd get anything.  I mean, I do try to be a good little bunny but sometimes I am overcome with Bunny Misadventure Urges.  Like when I jumped into the bin of vinegar.  Or when I took off on Mommy and ran all through the neigbourhood.  I thought for sure that one would put me on the Naughty List.  I guess I was good enough the rest of the year to make up for it.  Or charming enough.  Or a little bit of both.

I know there is a big bag of something for Binks and I under the tree.  And I can smell stuff in my stocking too!  Something yummy!  So for now I am going to focus on being a very good bunny for at least the next three days.  And while I await Santa Paws' arrival, I shall hunker down with my sweet girl Binky, cozily tucked away in our willow tent and send a very special Merry Christmas and Hoppy Holidays to all of my peeps out there.  And in case I don't see you until then, Hoppy New Year, too!  From our house to yours...

Love (from left to right), Miss Binks, Ella, Timmy Angel, Scooter and that very handsome dude at the end, me.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Until We Meet Again, Timmy....

It's 10 days before Christmas and it's very sad at our house.  My little hamster brother Timmy crossed the Rainbow Bridge Monday morning.  Mom thinks he had a stroke.  It all happened very fast, which is a blessing in many ways, but it's left a big hole in our hearts.

Timmy's mom was rescued after being dumped at a flea market with a bunch of other hamsters.  Three days later, she gave birth to Timmy and a litter of his brothers and sisters.  Not long after she weaned her babies, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge herself.

Timmy started his life in a loving foster home and came to live with us not long after Lucky passed away.  He was such a funny little boy!  He loved to dig in his litterbin and was fastitious about using it.  Mom made him a great hamster playground filled with all the toys she couldn't fit into his cage.  This is a picture of him in his Circus Tent - it was his favourite.  He would circle inside of it and rub his scent all over the inside, and it would slide across the floor as he did so - silly hamster!

Sometimes he would come visit us downstairs and roll around in his ball.  He never really got the hang of grooming my fur through the air vents like Boo and Lucky did, but he sure did like to park next to me and give me a good long sniff.  Sometimes we played together in the Stupid Blankets.

This was Timmy on his first birthday about 6 weeks ago.  Mom made him a little banana cake with raisins which he loved.  He got some nut sticks for a present and loved to nibble on them.  Mom says the saddest thing is the fact that he won't be here at Christmas to open his presents - Mom bought some great stuff for his playground and she cries at the thought of him never being able to use them.  His stocking full of nuts sits under the tree, his name in gold glitter on the front - he'll never get to empty it and stuff his cheeks with walnuts, pecans or hazelnuts.  He never even had a Christmas with us....

Mom and Dad say having hamsters is getting harder and harder - they don't live very long.  We have said goodbye to three hamsters in just under 15 months and it really breaks Mom's heart to lose them.  Mom called Timmy her little bear and it's during the evenings like now that she misses him most - his digging in the litterbin, his ball rolling along the floor and into the walls and furniture and the sound of the bells ringing when he knocks them around his cage late at night.  Mom and Dad would be able to hear it all the way from upstairs and it would make them giggle in the dark.  But not anymore....

So little Timmy, please remember how much we love you.  Your sweet little spirit will live forever in our hearts and you will never be forgotten.  Say hi to Lucky and Boo up there at the Bridge - they will take care of you and you will have lots of fun with them.  Mom sends a truck-load of smooches and a heart full of love.

Until we meet again....


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bells and Stockings and Shnookums

It's that time of year again.  That time of year when the big green tree goes up and Mom hangs all of those little sparkly things off of it.  It's called a Christmas Tree.  Christmas is Mom's favourite holiday.  In fact, the tree has been up for a month already.  Yup - a month.

"Fluffy, Mommy loooooooooves Christmas!  And it takes a long time to decorate the house, so I might as well get it done earlier and then I can enjoy it for longer!"

"But Mom, next door still had their pumpkins out and you already hung up the Christmas lights!"

"Well I can't help it if they are 'late' taking down their Halloween decorations..."

Mom and Dad brought us up to play in the living room - unfortunately that also included Mom putting the dreaded "Bell Collar" on me.  See in the picture?  That's me sulking with Binks under the end table.  You can just make out the red and white collar with the gold bells as I had my head shrunken into my body in a serious pose of disapproval.  Every time I moved, those stinking bells would ring!  Even Binks did her best trying to pull them off of me - finally Mom got her stupid picture and I got to take them off.  THUMP.

Here's me under the tree.  All of our stockings are under there - they no longer hang by the fireplace in our room because a few Christmases ago Mom hung them there and I managed to chew off all of the glittery letters that spell our names.  So now they're upstairs under the tree where she can watch to make sure I don't eat them again.  Shnookums got mad at me for peeking.  Shnookums is the Christmas Stocking Guard Puppy.  He is sitting in a little pink cup over on the left of the picture.  It's his job to bark at anyone who tries to peek.  He lives for his job.  He might be a little stuffed dog, but he has one heck of a bark.  He growls too.

I got to work chinning everything under the tree.  Then I was busy chinning all of the branches I could reach - sheesh, what a job!  But it's done, so I declare everything under the tree to be MINE.  I even chinned Shnookums.  He wasn't too pleased, but then again, I'd rather have him on my side than not on my side.  Perhaps I need to distract him with a treat and then check out my stocking!  It's worth a try!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love Is Blind

Us bunnies live a pretty carefree life. We have little to worry about, we live in the moment and are generally a happy bunch. But every once in a while we learn of something that can really affect us, make us worry and even make us sad.

Last week Mom and Dad took Miss Binks for a check up. Generally she is a very healthy girl but they did learn something about her. She is blind.

Mom and Dad had suspected it. Binky has been a little more grouchy lately and startles more easily - both things that indicate eye issues. Binks had her left eye removed 5 years ago because it never developed properly and was getting problematic and her right eye has been cloudy since birth. Chances are she never saw that well to begin with, but she was able to see. Up until recently. Dr. Deb did a few tests with her and she concluded that my Binky Girl is now officially blind.

Mom is pretty upset about it and Dad is just a mess. Miss Binks is a Daddy's Girl and he has a very special bond with her. Even though they both know that her loss of eyesight has probably been very gradual, and that many bunnies do perfectly well without sight, having this confirmed has been quite the blow to us all.

"Binks, I'm so sad! My pretty girl can't see anymore...(sniff)"

"Oh Fluffy, don't worry! You know us bunnies have other senses that we use to make up for not seeing, right? My hearing is sharp and so is my sense of smell! I can feel vibrations in the floor and movement around me and my little whiskers always tell me when something is close by."

"I know, but I'm still sad. You can't see Nutters and Butters play in the leaves. You'll never see pretty sunsets, beautiful fall foliage, the cardinals and blue jays and freshly-fallen snow...."

"This may be true Fluffy, but please don't fret. I can still see things in many special ways. Just like my friend Trinket once told me, bunnies don't just see with their eyes, they see with their whole entire beings. I can feel things around me, I know they are there. I was never able to see very well anyway and it's not like this happened overnight. It was very slow, very gradual, and I have had plenty of time to adjust and accept my new way of life."

"But.....you can't see me......"

"Oh Fluffy, my Big Tough Lop!" she snuggled close to me and gave me licks. "I might not be able to look at you and see you, but I can hear you, smell you and feel you wherever I go."


"Yes. And if I concentrate hard enough, I can indeed see you in my memory - your brown and white patched fur, your big brown eyes, your funny, floppy helicopter ears...."

"Yes, that's me!"

"...see? I will always have you in my memory, clear as a bell! Plus, I will always have you right beside me waiting for ear licks, right?" lick lick

*sigh* "Yeah, you got that right. I love you Binks. You're my Special Girl and I will never leave your side."

"Thanks Fluffy, I love you, too. You and me, forever."

We snuggled and kissed for a long time, her soft white fur pressed up against mine, our foreheads touching, random licks exchanged between the two of us. If I could wish for only one thing in the world, it would be for Santa Paws to bring her a brand new pair of eyes, so that she could not only see me, but everything this beautiful world has to offer, like she has never been able to see it ever in her bunny life.

Then Mom came to the gate and shook the box of raisins. "Who wants a raisin?! Are there any bunnies here who like raisins?!" Miss Binks shot up on her feet, ran clear across the room, avoiding the water bowl, hopping over some toys, threading through some table legs, stopped an inch infront of the gate and periscoped on her little hind legs. "Me, please!!!!!"

That's my girl.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Too Sexy For This Blog

It's true. When it comes to rabbits, I'm pretty sexy. Just ask Miss Binks. She can attest to my animal magnetism. In fact, I don't think there is a female of any species that doesn't just find me completely adorable.

You could say, I have a "thing" with the ladies. Perhaps it is my friendly personality. Or my devastating good looks. Or my quirky sense of humour. You pick. I really am the total package.

I know, I know, the good ones are always taken and such is the case with me I am afraid. It's true ladies, there is only one girl in my life and that is my beautiful Miss Binks. It's also a proven fact that any guy who is totally devoted to "his girl", ironically, makes him all the more attractive. *sigh* I guess this is also the case for me - everybunny wants me but there is only one special girl who gets to hump my head.....

So for all of you girl bunnies who send me emails, text messages, love letters and marriage proposals, thank you very much. I am so flattered, really, I am! There was a day I was sitting in a tiny cage in a shelter and I couldn't get anyone to look at me twice, so I really do appreciate the love. But my heart belongs to one bunny and one bunny only....Binky.

"Fluffy, my ears are waxy - will you come lick them for me?"

"Sure Binks! Be there in a second!"

"...and on your way over, can you bring me a carrot from the dinner plate? Please? A nice little fat one..."

"You got it my Darling! On my way!"

Gotta go - I have been summoned. And I wouldn't want it any other way.....

P.S. What do you get a Diva Bunny for Christmas? Come on peeps! Help me out!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Blues

Oh, I am not - let me repeat - NOT impressed with Halloween.

Can I please know who's brilliant idea it was to make a holiday where you dress up in costumes? And better yet, who's brilliant idea it was to make these costumes in such small sizes that it would make humans buy them for their pet rabbits and make them wear one? Please, a show of paws, who is in favour of this NONSENSE?????

*sigh* So this year I was a dragon. Yup. Mom came home with a bag full of stuff - apparently Halloween costumes were 75% off at Petsmart and she bought us a wardrobe of stuff to wear. In addition to the stupid dragon get up, there was also a fire chief (poor Scooter upstairs got to wear THAT one), a pirate's hat, a witch and some stupid glow in the dark t-shirts. Even Binky had a "Creature of the Night" t-shirt on. Strangely enough, she didn't mind it. "Doesn't it look fab against my pretty white fur, Fluffy?"

Why isn't there a bunny distress line we can call? Something like 1-800-GET-THIS-STUPID-OUTFIT-OFF-OF-ME? I sure could have used them last night. "But Fluffy, you were SO ADORABLE dressed up as Mommy's Little Dragon! Who was Mommy's Little Dragon? That's right, YOU were!"

Dear Petsmart. Please don't sell anymore Halloween costumes in a size small. I beg of you. I just can't take the humiliation....


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sulk & Vinegar

This picture is what I look like when I am mad. Why am I mad? Because I had a bath. Why did I have a bath? Well, let's just say I was a tad on the stinky side.....

Much akin to the Paint Tray Episode of '07, I shall lay the blame more on Mom than on me. "Fluffy, it was NOT my fault! I clearly told you to stay out of there!" Hmph - whatever....

Okay, so Mom was cleaning out our litter bin as usual and I guess they were particularly stinky this time around. So she poured about an inch worth of vinegar into the bottom of it and left it on the floor to soak. She was watching t.v. in our room and had left the gate open to the laundry area where the bin was soaking. So of course, me being the inquisitive bunny I am, hopped on over to the bin to see what was up. I gave it a sniff - good golly! What is that smell?! "Fluffy, get away from there....." Hmmmm, maybe if I chin it, it will smell better...(chin)....nope. Still stinky. Something is in there, but it's strange. It looks empty to me.....

"McFluffersons, get away from that bin!" What is Mom getting her knickers all in a knot about? I'm just sniffing it for crying out loud. There is something in here that smells really funny but I can't figure it out. I don't see anything in there - maybe I need to investigate further....

"Fluffy, git! Don't you hop in that bin, Little Man!"

This is driving me crazy - something is going on here and as the resident Big Tough Lop, it's my duty to find out what it is and report back to Binks. Let me just hop in here.....


YIKES!!!!!! EWWWWWWWW!!! What IS this stuff?!

"FLUFFY MCFLUFFERSONS! What did Momma tell you?! BAH!!!!!!!"

Slippery! Can't...Get...Out! (splish-splash-splish-splash)

Mom is on me like white on rice. Like a helicopter, up I go into the sky. Mom holds my back against her chest with my stinky wet feet and belly facing front. GAG! Mom, what the heck was that?!!!!!! "Fluffy, that was vinegar! I told you NOT to go in there! Now you are drenched in vinegar for crying out loud!"

PLOP! Into the laundry sink. The water is running. NO!!!!!!!! She picks me up again and - *gasp* - she starts running my feet and belly under the water!!!!! MOM! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

"Now you're a stinky bunny! Bah! Now Mommy has to wash you....sit still McFluffersons!" Oh, she's got the vice grip on me, keeping me still with one arm and dumping water on me with the other. She calls to Dad upstairs to bring down the blow dryer. Blow dryer?! What is this? A car wash?!!!!!! "This is what happens Fluffy, when you don't listen to Mommy! You end up in a mess, you mischievous little bunny!"

So now the water is off and Dad is here with the blow dryer. He's blowing all this stupid air on me and Mom is rubbing my fur. She's fluffing my belly, my feet, even trying to get in between my toesies! UGH! And my BUM, too! Can you say "humiliating"?

"McFlufferson's, did you have a Bunny Misadventure?" Dad chuckled as he directed the dreaded dryer up and down my wet fur. "Yes, he most certainly did...." Mom chimed in. "Fluffy seems to think it's fun to hop into a litter bin of vinegar....."

You better believe that when my "fluff and dry" was done and all four feet were back firmly on the floor I let out a mighty series of thumps and grunts! I spun around and shot them both a dirty look, making sure they were aware of my extreme disapproval. Then I pointed my bum at them and took off, giving them some nice, big foot flicks to look at. For some reason, they thought all this was funny!

"Fluffy, what's that smell?" asked Miss Binks when I firmly planted myself next to her to sulk. "It's vinegar. Stupid vinegar! AND I had a bath! A BATH!!!!! Can you believe that????!!!!!"

"Well, just don't get any vinegar on my nice white Dolce & Gabunny track suit. Here, let me help you with that...." she said as she began licking my damp fur.

Ahhhhhhhhh....there is something about licks from my girl that makes all of the disapproval go away.....


Monday, October 12, 2009

I've been Furminatored!

And I thought being Zoom Groomed was bad. Those stupid, rubber bristles creating static electricity as they run through my fur collecting all the loose bits. Well, that's nothing compared to being Furminatored!

The Furminator - BAH! Stupid grooming brush! I HATE being groomed! Look at all that nonsense caught up in those tiny little metal teeth! And Mom just cackled like the Wicked Witch of the West, she was so pleased with herself and the job the Furminator was doing.

It's not like I didn't put up a good fight though. First Mom lured me over with a shake of the treat bag, then she pinned me between her legs and started torturing me! Brushbrushbrush, from head to tail - it was criminal I tell you!

"Oh, Fluffy! Look at all the fur this Furminator is getting out of you! It's WONDERFUL!"

"Wonderful?! Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how long it took me to grow that fur?!"

"Fluffy, you're being silly - this is fur you are shedding. It was falling out anyway. You're so dramatic....."

"I still need that fur! I haven't been this cold since the 'Paint Tray Episode' when Clipper Lady had to shave my feet!"

"Seriously Fluffy, I'm not removing enough to make you cold! It's not like I'm leaving bald spots!"

"Bald spots?! Did you say BALD SPOTS?! Let me GO!!!"

Well, apparently she wasn't finished with me yet because after she finished raking me, she decided it was time to clip my nails too! Holy cow, what did I do to deserve this?! And of course, only weighing three pounds means I'm pretty easy to hold on to no matter how hard I squirm. "Settle down, Fluffy! Keep still and it'll be over before you know it..."

So finally, the Prison Warden let me go and I blew outta there like a windstorm. Then I blew right back in, because I forgot to give her a good THUMP, so once I did that, I was gone again. I ran to snorgle with Binky....

"Fluffy, don't I look pretty? Momma groomed me and clipped my nails...."

"Yeah sure Binks. Girls like that kinda stuff. Us guys, not so much, especially us Big Tough Lops."

"Fluffy, today is Thanksgiving Day! Aren't you thankful you have such a wonderful family that takes care of you?"

*sigh* She's right. She's always right. "Yeah, I guess so. I'm thankful for that. And thankful for you too, my girl!" I said as I gave her earlicks. "And thankful that those stupid ants are gone and we are back in our room where we belong!"

"See? That's the spirit! And you are very handsome with your nicely brushed fur...."

*blush* "Thanks, Binks...."


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ants Come Marching In....

"They're baaaaaaaack..." and Mom and Dad aren't happy. Neither are Binks and me for that matter. Mom spotted them the other evening - in our room - and flipped out. We were packed up and taken upstairs to live in the living room until they are "taken care of" (insert maniacal laugh here).

The Bug Man came the very next day and set up ant traps and until they do their job, Binks and I are back to living in the xpen when Mom and Dad are at work and also at night. Mom put down a big carpet so we could have better traction as neither Binks nor I are too partial to tickety-tickety-ing around on the hardwood. It makes it really hard for us to make our escape when we see Mom coming with that goofy "I wanna smooch you!" look on her face.

One evening, I hopped up on the couch with Mom and gave her a good nudge. "Mom, I want to go back downstairs! I don't like it up here...."

"I know, Fluffy, but until those ants are gone, those traps need to stay put and you bunnies need to stay safely away from them. We will give it a week and see how things are."

"Can I ask - will I be getting any sort of compensation for my unfortunate displacement?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know....will I be rewarded with anything for this major inconvenience? I did have plans, you know. Nutters and Butters were going to swing by the patio doors and we were going to watch a movie together..."

"Really. And what sort of compensation do you thing would be appropriate?"

"Hmmmmm, well I am thinking something along the lines of, oh, I don't know, treats? Like maybe some banana? Or raisins? Cookies? Extra veggie puffs?"

"I see. Well, I will give your request some serious consideration, but for now, I think I actually do have something I can offer you...."

"Really?! What?!"

Then she swoops and scoops me up and buries her face in my tummy making all kinds of stupid "nom-nom" noises and kissing me all over! Like right on the nose and lips! And I am only 3 pounds so there was no getting away from her grip of affection - UGH! Kisses all over! YUCK! PITOUEY!!!!!

Finally she put me down on the floor and you better believe I turned to her and gave her a mighty thump and a grunt! She foiled me, lulled me into a false sense of security and took advantage of my vulnerability! I immediately ran to Binks, who was snoring under the end table and shoved my head under hers, demanding licks to remove those sloppy kisses Mom covered me with. Boy, I don't know if there is enough compensation for that! I need to call my lawyer....


Monday, September 14, 2009

Butters Goes Viral

*sigh* It's hard living with a celebrity squirrel. You may wonder who I am talking about - I am talking about Butters. Nutters and Butters are the neighbourhood squirrels and a few weeks ago, Butters went on holiday to Banff, Alberta. All it took was a chance appearance in someone else's photograph and BOOM! He's a star! Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

In case you didn't hear about his little adventure, read up on it here.

So, ever since that photo was taken and posted on the internet, the fame has gone right to his head. He screams for peanuts all the time. "Hey Fluffy! Tell that Mom of yours to fill up that feeder with peanuts, pronto! Doesn't she know who I am? I'm Crasher Squirrel (his internet nickname)! I can eat at any old feeder I want - she should be so lucky I choose this one!"

"Yeah sure, Butters! Maybe you should button it rather than screech at me from that tree top! Don't like the service? Feel free to eat somewhere else!"

But he still hangs around. He would miss Nutters too much if he left - even if they are not the best of friends, they do find each other good company. But Butters is getting very annoying. He seems to think it's funny to just pop up in any old picture that is being taken. See the one above? There I was, in the backyard trying to relax in the hammock when Mom, overcome with my adorableness, decided to capture the moment. And then, at the very last second, Crasher Squirrel sticks his head in the shot!

"Butters! That's the third picture you've ruined!" Mom scolded. "Oh please! I just made that picture worth big bucks! You could sell it on eBay. Put me on Fluffy's blog! It'll double, even triple the hits!" he said. Who knew fame could wreak such havoc on the mind of a squirrel?

Butters has decided to take his act on the road and go on tour, so keep your eyes peeled. The next time you are about to capture a precious moment, have a quick look around to make sure that fame-seeking Butters isn't lurking nearby, ready to ruin the moment!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bunny Lessons

This is my friend Patches from Bunspace - isn't he just the cutest little guy with his t-shirt and schoolbooks? With all the kiddies returning to school next week, some of you may wonder - why don't bunnies go to school? Well, I'll tell you why - we don't need to. We already know everything there is to know. In fact, us bunnies could teach school if we really cared to, but it just doesn't fit into our daily schedules of eating, pooping and napping. But there are still some very important things that you can learn from a bunny, and I would like to share a few of them with you right now.....


#5: Keep yourself clean.

We bunnies are a lot like cats - we groom ourselves all the time and take special care to look and smell our best at all times. Got some stray fur sticking up? Either lick it down or pluck it out. Face a little messy from eating? Give it a wash. Got some poop stuck to your bum? Get rid of it. I know a few humans who could learn from these tips......I'm not naming names. No one likes an unkempt, stinky bunny. And besides, the ladies love us when we are looking our handsomest.

#4: Be adorable.

Who doesn't love adorableness? Be cute, be quirky, be funny and amiable. No one likes hanging out with a grouch so remember to put your best face forward. It's a lot easier to make friends when you are in a good mood, plus, the cuter you are, the more treats you get! All I have to do is look at Mom, tilt my head a little, set my helicopter ears askew and the treats rain down on me. Seriously. Try it....

#3: Celebrate happiness.

No matter how big or small, when you're having a happy moment, let the world know it! Life can't be happy all the time, but when it is, and you are really feeling it, do a binky! Run the Bunny 500! Popcorn high in the air! Flip, twist, and jump with glee! Then bunny flop hard and rest up for the next happy moment to hit...

#2: Never underestimate the power of touch.

There is nothing better than a snorgle with the one you love. Sometimes even the slightest physical contact can work wonders for a mood. Whether it be heads touching as you snooze, stretching out side by side or a full-on intense snorglefest, getting close with company, bunny or human alike, has a magical way of lifting the spirits, filling the heart and reviving the soul.

#1: Live life to the fullest.

Want something? Get it. Got treats? Eat 'em! Want to shred that cardboard box? Get working! The point is, us bunnies don't wait for the perfect time. We get an idea and we do it. Rabbits, like all animals in this world, have no concept of time. We don't "wait until the weekend" or "plan to do it later" - we don't know what that is. In fact, we have no idea that a "tomorrow" even exists, we just live in the present. We do what we want, when we want. We live with the consequences and the rewards. We don't hesitate, procrastinate or live with regret. And when our time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we leave this world knowing not a moment was wasted, not an opportunity was missed and our life was lived to it's fullest.

So I hope you have all been taking notes. As all the kiddies in the world head back to school next week, let's keep in mind these few tips for living a full bunny life. All you humans can stand to learn a thing or two from us bunnies.

Pop quiz on Friday....


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beautiful Things In Life.....

Here is a nice picture of me and Miss Binks enjoying a sunset - well, she's enjoying it - I'm busy looking for food. Mom and Dad took the whole lot of us up to the cottage last weekend where we got to see sunsets like this every day.

It was nice and relaxing up there. Things seem to flow at a much slower pace and mom says all the fresh air makes her want to nap a whole lot. There are all kinds of other animals that hang out with us when we are up there - Redmond and Reggie the red squirrels, Chippy and Stumpy the chipmunks and too many sea gulls and ravens to mention (who knew ravens liked to eat peanuts?). And mom spent some time screeching at the turkey vultures that would circle above us - those nasty things! We aren't dinner for anyone!

It was nice to be somewhere different and see such beautiful things. Sometimes I don't think I take enough time to appreciate how pretty the world is, how pretty my Binksie is or how lucky we are to have the life we do. It was a very special time to sit back and reflect on the gifts that life gives us and how we shouldn't take them for granted.

Part of our appreciation was all because of a very special bunny friend of ours named Trinket. Trinket was a very special little girl who recently passed away after a series of long illnesses. She was such a special girl, very strong and determined as well as wise and beautiful. She had a spirit that was larger than life and a heart so big her little body was simply too small for it. She had a mommy and a daddy who adored her and who are now very lost with her gone.

But Trinket always had such a positive outlook on life. She fought her illnesses with a strong and fierce will to survive. She enjoyed her adventures of going into town and meeting people. And she was loved by so many that it really does seem like the days are just a bit darker with her gone. But that's okay, because at night, up in the sky, Trinket's star shines brightly over all of us. Her love, inspiration and wisdom will never fade and she will always be kept in our hearts. This post is dedicated to the beautiful things in life, to pretty sunsets, snorgles and smooches, bites of banana and our precious friend Trinket.

Rest in peace little T, we love you.


(See the bottom of my blog for some sweet videos featuring Trinket....)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Reprieve!

*SNIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFF* Ahhhhhhhh - fresh summertime air! Yes Folks, it's true! I was outside again! But of course, I was under strict supervision and every time I periscoped over the top of the pen, Mom shot me a look and muttered "McFluffersons!"

It was such a nice day, not too hot, not to cool, the kind of day where sitting in the shade truly is the most blessed spot in the world (other than snuggled up to Miss Binks of course). There was a shifty breeze that kept the leaves in motion, the birds were a-chirp with happiness and even Nutters and Butters watched us lazily from the branches above.

Binky adores being outside - she lifts her little head up into the air and closes her eye as she smells the air around her. Then she likes to dig in the grass and hop and binky. I like to follow her and nibble on what I can find and we usually end up snorgling together in a nice shady spot. This summer hasn't been the best - too much rain and clouds, not enough sun. But this day was perfect.

And this summer marks my second anniversary writing my blog - in fact, it'll be two years this month! Who knew a little bunny like me would have so much to say? And who knew so many people would even care to read about it? I'm pretty proud of myself I must say - mommy says she has friends who have blogs and they don't have nearly as many hits or followers as I do. I'm pretty darned proud of myself!

So I would like to thank all of my peeps who check me out - my regular friends and faithful followers and all of the random visitors who stop in to say hi - thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts.

And a special thanks to Trudi who send me her awesome video - it's at the bottom of this page - check it out, it's really spectacular! Mommy says she gets all teary-eyed at the part where Feivel gives Trudi the ring.....she says it's so bunny-romantic.....Mom is weird.

Snorgles to you all!


P.S. Here are the words to Trudi's song, you need to read them to really appreciate how special this video really is.....

We were so tense when I first smelled you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
Im sitting there on a sunny flowery meadow
See the sun, see the bees and the clover
See you make your hops through the grass
You look at me
Little did I know

That you were FeivelBoy, you were living next door
But the door was always locked I couldnt reach you
And I was wandering on the bridgework wishing you would find me

And I sniffed
Feivelboy take me somewhere we could be alone
Ill be waiting all theres left to do is hop
Youll be the prince and Ill be the princess
Its a love story, bunny just sniff yes

So I sneak out to your castle to smell you
We keep quiet cause were split if they knew
So close your eyes, escape this cage for a little while ile ohoh
Cause youre untouchable, I was timid Trudi
And the door was always locked I couldnt reach you
But you were everything to me I was wishing you would meet me


Feivelboy save me
theyre tryin to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult but it is real
Dont be afraid well make it out of this mess
Its a love story, bunny just sniff yes

I got tired of waiting
wondering if youll will ever coming around
my faith in you was fading
When I met you on the outskirts of field
And I sniffed, Feivelboy save me, Ive been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head I dont know what to think
He hopped down a stair and pulled out a ring and said
Marry me Trudigirl, youll never have to be alone,
I love you and thats all I really know. they opened the door,
Go pick out a white dress, its a love story bunny just sniff yes

Oh oh

Cause we were so cute when I first sniffed you

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Fat Cat

You have to look closely - right there, where the base of the fence meets the back of the garden - he's like a big, fluffy Siamese with a dark face - it's the Big Fat Cat.

He has taken to lurking in our yard much to the disapproval of Nutters, Butters, the neighbourhood birds and of course Mom. It seems the bird and squirrel feeders that were placed outside to help fill the bellies of our feathered and furry friends has also attracted the predator of those very same animals. He hides behind bushes, under lawn chairs, behind fences and is for the most part, very stealth and determined. He will sit for an eternity to scope out any possible victim he can find, studying their every move and camouflaging himself expertly amidst the environment and not disturbing the sense of security that generally fills the back yard.

But he is still a Big Fat Cat and with that comes the disadvantage of not being very fast. Oh he tries, that's for sure, but it seems the moment he moves, everyone is on to him - the birds fill the air with tweets of panic and Nutters and Butters dart up the nearest tree and screech their protest down at him. So far BFC has yet to land himself any dinner.

And of course there is Mom who, when she looks out the window, opens it up and hollers down at him, "You Big Fat Cat! Get out of this yard! That's right! I'm talking to you! Hisssssssss! Git! Git right now!!!!!" Of course, this causes all the squirrels and birds to scatter and BFC just turns his head and looks up at her with his yellow/green eyes, "Thanks Lady. How about you shut your trap so I can have me a little dinner?" he asks her. "You will have no such thing in my yard! You just mosey on outta here, you! Yes, I'm talking to YOU!" Now, it's not that Mom hates cats or anything, she likes all animals, but she certainly did not put those feeders out there to induce carnage of any sort. Besides, it's clear that BFC is getting plenty of food elsewhere.

Big Fat Cat has stared me down through the glass patio doors before but I don't pay him any mind. He's the same cat that tried to stalk Binky out in the yard last summer too. He can't get to Binky or me so for the most part I just stare back at him - then I turn and give him a good old fashioned foot flick as I hop away.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Take This Toy And Stuff It

Okay, seriously. After my last post about how much nanners mean to me, did Mom really think this new toy was a good idea? Of all things to buy, she buys me this - a stuffed banana. Not a real banana, not even a toy that tastes or smells like a banana, just a stupid, yellow, stuffed banana.

"What's this?"

"Look Fluffy! It's a stuffed banana! For my Big Tough Lop! Who likes his nanners?!"

"Um, it's not even real Mom..."

"I know, but it's a toy! See? It looks just like a real banana - with a peel and everything!"

"Can I eat it?"

"No, silly boy, it's a toy!"

*sigh* Clearly she is enjoying this silly thing more than I am. Stupid banana! I want the real thing! It is good for tossing around though. I picked it up and threw it around. If it's going to be staying, it needs to know who runs things around here. "See? Isn't it fun?!" Yeah Mom, as fun as a barrel of monkeys.

And I swear what happened the next day was not in retaliation for this ridiculous new toy. I remember sniffing Mom's sandals - I guess it could've happened innocently enough - perhaps it was a blind moment of vengeance. Mom was on her way out the door to work when she slipped her bare foot into one of her sandals - and felt something slippery and cool. She looked down to see a big brown smear up the side of her foot. She took her foot out of the shoe and sniffed it. "UGH! McFluffersons! Who left this cecal pellet IN MY SHOE?"

Okay, so I am the only one who plays with the shoes. Honestly, it must have just fallen out of my bum (ahem...) and landed there....

"AARRGGGGGG!!!!! Stinky! All over my yellow sandals!!!!" Hmmmmmm, your yellow sandals? The ones that look like bananas? What a coincidence.....

She scrubbed her sandal clean in the laundry tub and washed her foot free of the little surprise, all the while being all dramatic and gasping for air like it was the end of the world. Sheesh Mom, try eating one of those like bunnies do......

I paid my stuffed banana a visit and tossed it in the air a few times. I wonder if she got the message?


Monday, June 29, 2009

The Wrath of McFluffersons

Nanners. Nana. Banana. It's all the same thing - a sweet wondrous fruit that is perfect in every way, shape and form. And it makes my bum twitch. Every morning, Mom comes downstairs and gives me my morning nana, an inch-sized piece that I devour instantly as my rump spasms with pure and utter joy. So what happens when I don't get my nanners? Let's not even go there. Okay, let's.....

It happened last weekend. We ran out of bananas. Now normally this isn't an issue - Mom goes and buys more - end of story. But on this particular weekend day, Mom had to work so she asked Dad to get some. I am sure you all know where this is going. Yup. He forgot.

"You forgot?!" Mom asked Dad the next morning when she went to get my nana, "How could you forget?!"

"I just did - sorry, I'll get some tomorrow..."

"Tomorrow? What about today? Who is going to tell Fluffy that he gets no nanners today? Well, it's not going to be me, that's for sure..."

So Dad came downstairs and I ran to the gate to greet him - after all, it was nana time - but he was empty-handed. "Where's my nana?" I asked. "Um, there's no nana today Fluffy..."

"Huh?" I shook my little head - certainly I wasn't hearing this right. Did Dad say there was no nana today? "Sorry McFluffersons, I forgot to go to the store yesterday. I will go today..." I looked at him in total shock and disgust. "You forgot? FORGOT?!!! How could you forget nanners?! How could you?!"

"Fluffy, I....I'm sorry....I just....."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Mister! Do I look like a happy bunny?! DO I?!" I paused for dramatic effect, allowing my ice-cold disappointment to hang in the air. I then dropped my loppy ears to the ground in utter despair, hopped away a few steps, turned my little head and looked back at him with watery eyes, then went to sulk in my Maze Haven.....

Fast-forward to that evening....

Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch watching t.v. together. They were right next to the Stupid Blankets which were taunting me as usual - "Ha ha! Fluffy got no nanners today!" so I had to hop up there and chew them out a bit. While I was up there raging on them in my usual Big Tough Lop manner, I decided to let my frustrations out on Dad just a little bit, so I hopped up on his lap and started to dig at his jeans. "Fluffy, you silly boy!" he laughed as he lifted his glass of Stella out of the way. Silly, huh? I'll show you silly. Then I sat up on his chest and started digging at his shirt. "Little Man! You are quite rambunctious tonight, aren't you?" Little Man? Did he just call me a Little Man?


"Owwwwwww! Fluffy! That went right through my shirt!" Oh, really?

CHOMP! "Ahhhhhhh-ooooooooowwwwww! McFluffersons!" Daddy clutched at his chest right where I sunk my teeth into him. "Why are you biting Dada?" Why? Did you ask me why? Think hard my friend.... "Probably because you forgot to buy him his nanners..." Mom piped up.

And then, like the big, fat cherry atop a sundae or the exclamation point at the end of a very exasperated sentence, I took my nose, placed it at the bottom of dad's beer glass and gave it a good shove - tipping it's contents all over Daddy.

Mom howled with laughter. Dad stood up, beer dripping down the front of his Daddy-O's polyester poker shirt. "McFlufferson's!!!!!!!!"

I hopped off the couch, gave him some foot flicks along with a big thump and scampered off to the willow tent where I very dramatically and satisfyingly flopped next to Miss Binks. "Fluffy, that was funny! You spilled that beer all over Daddy! Hee hee!"

I got my nanners the very next morning, on time, as usual. They haven't missed a day since....


Friday, June 19, 2009

Farewell Sweet Cheeks

It's been a sad week here at home. My little sister Lucky the hamster passed away.

Mom and Dad got Lucky when she was a wee baby. She was one of many hamsters that were found abandoned at the Dixie Outlet Mall last October. Rabbit Rescue took them in and Mom and Dad picked Lucky to add to our family. She quickly grew into a sweet, lovable and funny friend who loved running in her ball and stuffing her cheeks to immense proportions. Mom even stayed up late one night, worried that she had stuffed her cheeks too much and would not be able to get it all out. But little Lucky told her that "stuffing our pouches is what we do!" and she was perfectly fine. She loved filling her cheeks like it was the end of the world or she was going on some sort of incredible adventure and didn't know when she would be fed again. It could be weeks! (Of course not!) But she was ready, just in case. That's why Mommy started calling her Sweet Cheeks.

A week ago today, Lucky had a very wet bum and Mom worried she might have wet tail so she took her to the vet. At first, a UTI was suspected and meds were given. But on Saturday morning Lucky was in very bad shape, haunched over like a little buffalo, hardly able to walk and in obvious pain. Mom and Dad rushed her back to the vet where she underwent xrays and various tests. The vet determined that she was suffering from a spinal injury, probably cage-related. Perhaps Lucky had climbed up the bars of her cage (as hammies often do) and fell, landing on the side of a bowl or something else. Mom and Dad had no idea - they never saw anything happen, but of course, with hamsters being nocturnal, it certainly could have happened without them knowing it.

Lucky spent the weekend at the vet. Xrays showed no actual break in the spine, but she was still waddling around all funny. With the right meds, including pain management, she did slowly improve and was able to come back home on Sunday. For the next few days, bit by bit with continued meds, she got better. She was still a little haunched, but she was running around, stuffing her cheeks again and eating like a champion. But she still was not her normal, happy hammie self...

On Wednesday evening, after mom came home from work and was about to prepare dinner, Daddy found Lucky curled up in her hammie house. She had passed away earlier in the day. She was curled up, seemingly asleep, yet very much gone.....

Mom and Dad have been consumed with sadness. They tried to do everything they could to make her better, but poor little Lucky was just too injured to fully recover. Binks and I, as well as Ella and Scooter upstairs, have been working overtime giving them all the snorgles they need to help them feel better. We let them squeeze us extra tight and cry in our fur and kiss us and tell us how much they love us.

I sure am going to miss Lucky. She was extra good at grooming me through the air vents of her ball (see picture above) and loved to stuff my fur in her cheeks and take it into her hammie house to use as a pillow. She was only 8 months old. Mom and Dad aren't sure if another hammie is in the cards for them. We only lost my little brother Boo 9 months ago (actually, nine months to the day, today)and now to lose Lucky - that's two in less than a year. It really hurts. "But Mom, the important thing is that you and Dad gave Lucky a wonderful life! You gave her a wonderful home when she was abandoned, you gave her tons of love and she was such a happy little hamster! She had the best life ever with you and Dad..." Mom squeezed me extra tight and covered my head with kisses. "Thank you Fluffy. Thank you so much my Little Man. Mommy loves all of you bunnies more than anything in the world...."

"We know, Mom, you tell us every single day. And by the way, I'm not a Little Man - I'm a BIG TOUGH LOP!"

"Ha! Sorry McFluffersons, you are right! You're Mommy's Big Tough Lop!" she laughed through her tears.

My job for the night was done.

Farewell Sweet Lucky. Our hearts are all the more bigger for having known you....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Squirrel Feeder Sabotage!

"What on Earth happened to the squirrel feeder?!" Mom asked one morning as she looked out the patio doors. "It was a huge raccoon Mom!" I said, "A big, fat, hungry raccoon!"

Mom had just filled the squirrel feeder the night before with a fresh helping of peanuts and in the morning, all that was left was the empty shell of the feeder and the clear plastic front and shards of cedar on the ground. Further inspection revealed plenty of claw marks burrowed deep into all sides of the soft wood housing and you could see how easily the wood was stripped to remove the plastic window. Teeth marks could be seen along the top and the feeder itself was hanging loose from the fence - a sure sign that whatever hit it weighed more than Nutters and Butters combined.

Nutters tapped at the patio door first thing in the morning. "Hey Fluffy! What's up with the feeder?! It's been ransacked!" I took a peek out myself and could clearly see that damage had been done. Butters chimed in as well, "Yeah! there are no nuts in sight!"

So of course when Mom came down I quickly alerted her to what had happened. "Geez! That feeder was practically brand new! And I just dumped a half-bag of peanuts in there! Now they're all gone! There is no way I can fix that. Thank goodness I bought another squirrel feeder at Wal-Mart." YAY! Mom had a back-up. Apparently, now that it's warmer outside, Wal-Mart has squirrel feeders in stock again. Like squirrels don't eat in the winter or something.....?

So up went the new stronger and sturdier squirrel feeder. Mom has decided to fill it only in the mornings instead of at night so no big raccoons amble over for a midnight buffet. Not that Mom has anything against raccoons, but the feeder is strictly for squirrels. Plus, raccoon poop is very dangerous to bunnies so we don't want any of THAT in our yard!

So, since my "Big Escape" (see previous post) I have been trying really hard to be extra good. Mom is doing a bit better, not squeezing me as tight when she snorgles me, but of course dashing any dreams I might have of going outside. Sometimes all I have to do is look out the window and she says "Don't even think about it McFluffersons!"

Last weekend Mom and Dad went away for a few days and Fez's Mom bunnysat us. We call her Auntie Amy. Unfortunately, she reads my blog and was up-to-date on my recent shenanigans so she kept a good eye on me too. "Auntie Amy, can I go outside to play?" I would ask. "Ha! I don't think so Mr. Fluffy..." She was nice though - she gave me lots of head rubs. I like Auntie Amy - I hope she can bunnysit us again soon.

"Binks, do you think Mom will ever forgive me for taking off like that?" I asked her one day as we snuggled. "Oh Fluffy, you don't need to be forgiven. Mommy needs to forgive herself. She is still very upset for allowing it to happen. In the end, she was the one who learned the biggest lesson of all. You were just being a bunny."

"I never thought of it that way." I said. "Perhaps she will forgive herself soon and let us out in the backyard in our xpen. I like the feel of the grass under my feet..."

"Me too," said Binky, "and I like digging in the ground and sniffing the air! But not as much as I like snuggling with you, Fluffy..." she said as she stuck her nose in my ear. And I couldn't agree with her more.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Under Lockdown

Imagine a big, huge pile of bunny poop.......no, bigger than that...bigger. Now multiply that big huge pile of poop by about 1000 and that would just about equal the amount of poop I am in right now.

I have been grounded. Indefinitely. From going for rides in the stroller, from going outside in any way, shape or form (unless it's in a carrier), from even sniffing the fresh air from the screened patio doors - apparently the scent of freedom would just encourage me. Encourage me to be a very bad bunny.

It was Saturday, a very nice day I might add, and Mom decided to take Miss Binks and I out in the stroller to mail some letters. The closest mailbox is a mere 2 blocks away so it would be a short trip. All went fine, Mom had the top down, Binks and I snuggled together and sniffed the fine spring air, the birds were chirping and life was good. For the time being anyway.

When we got back home, Mom decided to sit with us on the front porch for a bit. Our front porch is cement with railings. It serves as the entrance to our townhouse as well as the one next door where Shannon the Dog lives. There are stairs by our side and stairs by the other side. Mom has had us out there before - I have never ever gone up or down a set of stairs before in my life so it's a pretty safe place for me to be - no worries about me trying to escape. Oh no, no worries about that at all....

...until I decided to have my first go at a set of stairs...

Mom was sitting on the top step petting Binky and I was hopping around checking out the neighbours Welcome Mat. Binks never strays anywhere, she is a Nervous Nellie, so she simply sniffed the air and explored as far around her as her head and neck would reach without taking a step. Me on the other hand, I stood on top of the other set of stairs and looked down...."Fluffy......" Mom said. "McFluffersons..." She could hear the wheels of escape churning in my head - she stood up to come over to me - and that's when I did it. I bolted down those stairs like I had been doing it all my life.

"Fluffy! Get back here!" she yelled as she ran down the stairs after me. I ran across the driveway to the grassy yard and bounced from one corner to another with Mom in hot pursuit. "FLUFFY! Stop! Get back here!" Of course I would stop just long enough for her to catch up to me, then I would bolt again! I darted my head from side to side, trying to quickly navigate my way through this new, wild wilderness. Up through the bushes, across another driveway, then onto the road that runs through our townhouse complex. "FLUFFY!" mom screamed.

I ran up another driveway, right into an open garage and rested under the car. Mom was right on my tail so after a few seconds of rest, I took off again, out the garage, onto the lawn and through a flower garden that circled the base of a big maple tree. And then back onto the road...

"FLUFFY! FLUFFY! STOP FLUFFY!" Wow, I had never hear mom scream like that before. She was darting this way and that, trying to anticipate my next move, but I was always one step ahead of her. Down the road I went, towards the Big Road. "FLUFFY! NOOOOOO!"

I detoured onto the patch of grass between the sidewalk and the road, sniffed here and there while I waited for Mom to catch up. When she was just about to swoop down on me, I took off again, this time, down the sidewalk. I darted here and there and briefly considered slipping under a fence, but with Mom chasing me, I couldn't risk taking the time to weigh that option. Mom was borderline crazy now, wondering what to do. Where would I go? If I slipped under that fence, she wouldn't be able to follow me. Should she run back to the house and get Dad? But if she did, she would lose sight of me and maybe never see me again. And what about Miss Binks who was still sitting on the porch by herself? She opted to follow and keep trying to catch me.

Then I decided to hit the open road. Wow, was it ever big! "FLUFFY! FLUFFY! NO FLUFFY!!!!!!" mom screamed hysterically at the top of her lungs. She ran frantically all over the road, her arms in the air, her eyes all bugged out of her head looking out for cars and preparing to lie down in the middle of the road in order to stop traffic. She circled around me and ended up herding me back onto the grass. But not for long. I ran under a parked car and then back out onto the street. She circled again and again I ended up back on the grass. Geez, she was ruining my fun!

I ran back down the sidewalk and back to the road that goes into our complex, back on a few lawns and driveways, then back out onto the road. And that's when Mom saw it. A big white van turning the corner and coming straight at me. I had no clue what it was or how much danger I was in. I was pretty tired from all this running and my whiskers were feeling a bit out of place with all the wind blowing in my face so I stopped, flicked my paws and began to wash, oblivious to the van headed my way...


She got me. Mom got me. It was a blurr after that. She swiped me up so fast and held me to her chest, ran back home and tossed me in the stroller. Miss Binks was still sitting on the porch, having not moved an inch from where Mom left her and she was soon in the stroller with me. We were whisked into the garage and into the house and plopped onto the floor of our room.

Mom threw herself onto the couch and cried.

And cried, and cried...

After heaving and sobbing for a minute or so, she came over to me and picked me up. She held me so close and so tight I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. She gasped to catch her breath and shook all over, crying a torrent of tears all over my fur. "Fluffy, oh Fluffy! Never, ever, EVER do that again! You have to listen to Mommy! You could have been killed, KILLED Fluffy!" She rocked me back and forth, covering me with kisses. I felt something from her that I had never felt before - worry and relief, fear and love, all rolled into one big quivering mess of emotions. I had really scared the bejesus out of her, like FOR REAL this time, and only now did I actually start to feel a little guilty.

"But I was only having fun Mom..."

"Oh Fluffy, you are just a little bunny who is quite naive about the outside world around him. You were in so much danger! You could have been hit by a car and killed! Lost in the forest! Lost forever! Starving, sick, cold and all alone! Please, Fluffy, please, don't ever do that again..." she pleaded.

"Okay Mom, but I was only being a bunny and doing what bunnies do..."

"I know. And you are right. It's Mommy's job to make sure you are safe. And from now on, you are staying inside! I'm sorry but Mommy can never risk having you run away again. Mommy would die if she lost you in some tragic accident that could've been prevented. And what would poor little Miss Binks do without you?"

After what felt like an eternity, she finally put me back on the floor where I hopped over to Miss Binks and bunny flopped beside her. Mom then went upstairs and cried again while telling Daddy the whole sordid story.

"She's right Fluffy..." Binky said as she licked my dirty pavement paws. "What would I do without you Fluff?"

"You're right Binks. No adventure is worth upsetting my favourite girl. Or Mommy or Daddy. I guess I will keep my bunny misadventures confined to the indoors from now on." I suggested. "I think that's a good idea, because I sure do love you, Fluffy."

"Awww, I love you too Miss Binks. Now and always....."


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something Is In The Air!

Mom is not sure why I am acting like I am. She thinks it might be the spring weather that is upon us. But whatever it is, it is resulting in me being quite the naughty bunny - hee hee!

Yes, it's true, I've been bad lately. It may have started with my romp in the garage but it certainly didn't stop there. I have been extra spunky as of late, releasing a lot of pent up energy in crazy and silly ways.

My Baseboard Chewing project is entering it's final stages. All of the baseboards around the perimeter of the family room have all been nicely and evenly chewed down, except for behind the TV stand and behind the couch. Mom has grown tired of vacuuming up all of the little sawdust piles I leave behind. The square coffee table legs are now shapely and round like they should be, and the black finish contrasts nicely with the newly-chewed and exposed wood underneath.

The Stupid Blankets are currently in the wash because Lucky the Hamster decided to empty her bladder on them last night - HA! I'll bet those Stupid Blankets weren't expecting that! I gave Lucky a little high-five for her contribution to keeping those no good pieces of fleece in line. And by the way, they may be relatively new but they are already nicely riddled with all new holes and little fleece bits are all over the place. Another thing for Mom to vacuum....

I have taken to chewing shoes too! Well, not really chewing them, but picking them up with my teeth and tossing them about. Dad is not too happy with me manhandling his Harry Rosens (those are expensive shoes, BTW) but I told him, I only go for the best in quality, just like him! You don't see me chewing Mom's Payless shoes, do you Dad? Oh no, just her Birkenstocks and Rockports! YUM!

And my new favourite thing is to run out into the hallway and run back into the room at top speed, getting all the traction I can from the door mat and LEAP into the family room, over the water and food bowls, diverting various toys and a big old apple branch and come skidding to a stop right beside my Binky Girl, who waits for me next to the crinkle tunnel. Mom laughs because she says my front end stops faster than my back end and my bum ends up crossing the finish line first.

So my silliness may well indeed be because of the weather, or maybe I am just one happy bunny. I like to think it's the latter of the two, because I really am a happy, go-lucky kind of fellow. And I especially love, after being silly or energetic or adventurous, curling up next to Miss Binks, my little belly rising and falling rapidly from all my activity, and recounting my many bunny tales of adventure to her. "Oh Fluffy, you're so silly! All that running around and exploring must really tucker you out. Relax and let me give you a good eyeball wash..."

Ahhhh, that's the life!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Trouble Again!

I can't help it if I have a sense of adventure. I certainly don't mean to create havoc and distress - it just sort of happens. And I never know how serious it is until I hear mom's voice hit that high-pitch of frustration and worry.

It all began innocently enough. Mom got me two new Stupid Blankets because the two I had were completely riddled with holes and Mom always worries I might get my head stuck. So they had been sitting on the laundry room floor for a few days when Mom finally found the time to garbage-bag them and put them in the garbage bin. She opened the door to the garage and hit the garage door opener - it was a nice day outside and she was waiting for a friend to pick her up so she figured with the door open she could see when her friend pulled into the driveway and get a nice breeze at the same time. It took some effort to get those two big piles of Stupid crammed into the garbage bag, but she managed it, opened the garbage bin and tossed it in. Then she turned back and came inside to get her purse. She went to check on us bunns before she left and noticed I was nowhere to be found.

She looked in all my usual haunts - behind the washing machine, behind the dryer, in the Maze Haven - the door to the storage area was closed so she knew I wasn't in there. She shook the box of raisins but only Miss Binks came running. "Fluffy, where are you? Mommy will be leaving shortly - she needs to find you!"

Then a horrible realization washed over her. While she was stuffing the Stupid Blankets in the garbage bag in the garage, the door from the house to the garage was open. What if I happened to hop through the doorway and into the garage? And worse yet, the garage door was open - what if I was out on the street?

Mom ran out to the garage, out onto the driveway and began searching for me. "FLUFFY! FLUFFY! Where are you FLUFFY?!" She ran onto the road, scanned every yard and driveway trying very hard not to panic, but knowing my sense of adventure and fearlessness, she knew I could be anywhere. Her heart raced, she held her hand to her forehead and she crouched down to see if I was hiding anywhere she could see. I was nowhere to be found.

Having reached an intense level of panic, Mom decided to wake up Dad (who was still sleeping) and get him to help look for me. She turned and ran up the driveway.

And that's when she saw me - hiding under Daddy's car. "FLUFFY! Oh thank GOD! Fluffy, come to mommy!" Well, I had heard her voice with that high-pitched sound that I knew meant trouble so I decided to stay put. She tried to reach under for me so I bolted to the back of the car where she couldn't reach me. Mom ran and shut the garage door so she could at least contain me to the garage. Then she started the sweet talk. "Fluffy Boy! Come on! It's time to come out!"

Quite frankly, I didn't feel like it. I had found this awesome new place to play! it was full of all kinds of junk and it was like a bunny amusement park! I jumped up on the snow tires and gave them a good sniff and chin. Just when Mom made her way over to me, I jumped up on top of some storage boxes and then to some stacked lawn chairs. "Fluffy, come on, it's time to get back inside!"

Off I went behind the bicycle and then over a pile of wood stove pellet bags - weeeeeeeeee! I darted from there, back under daddy's car and out by the case of water. "Fluffy McFluffersons! Stop this running and get inside! Mommy's in a sweat!" She lunged for me but I bolted away behind the recycling bin. Then I was distracted by the smell of whatever was coming out of that green bin. What was it? Bunny poops? Wilted parsley and dill? I couldn't put my nose on it....

WHOMP! *sigh* She always ends up getting me in the end. She covered me with kisses. "Oh Fluffy, you gave mommy such a scare! Please don't ever disappear like that again, Little Man!" Back inside I went, binkying over to Miss Binks.

"Binks! You know that door out there? There is a whole other entire room behind it, filled with all kinds of fun stuff!" Miss Binks gave me a good sniff. "Fluffy, you smell funny!"

"That's because I was sitting under Daddy's car." She disapproved. "Well, just make sure you don't get any grease all over my nice white Dolce & Gabunny track suit..." she said as she began to lick the stink off of me. I bunny flopped under her chin and closed my eyes with visions of more Bunny Misadventures in the future...


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here Comes The Easter Bunny!

Here comes the Easter Bunny - and that would be me! Please see the video at the bottom of my blog (because Mom can't figure out how to post it up here) and you will see me! I am the Happy Easter station ID for the Shopping Channel! If you live here in Canada and are able to watch the Shopping Channel on television, you can see me at the top of every hour all day Easter Sunday!

Yes, I'm a pretty popular guy. A handsome bunny like myself does not go unnoticed for long. It was just the other day that I was hopping down the street and a scout from a bunny modelling agency stopped me and said "Wow, you are one handsome bunny. You really should be a model!" I said "Do you really think so?" and he said "Absolutely! I have never seen such shiny fur, perfect whiskers and dashing looks! You definitely have the 'x' factor we are looking for!"

So he gave me his card and I called to make an appointment. They took my polaroid and my measurements and booked me on my very first go-see that afternoon at the Shopping Channel, and I got the job! And here I am, a television sensation! Stand back everyone, you will each get your turn for an autograph....

Okay, okay, so that really didn't happen. I guess it helps when your Mom works in the promotions department of the Shopping Channel. I got paid in raisins so it really was a good days work!

From Miss Binks and I, allow me to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a very Hoppy Easter!


Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Don't we look mahhhvelous? We had professional photos taken of us!

Mommy was contacted by a photography student named Jessica who wanted to take pictures of bunnies for her portfolio - for free! So naturally, she jumped at the chance. All of us made the trip to her boyfriend's place who had a nice living room/studio. She set up her lights, the backdrop and a table and one by one, took pretty pictures of us!

Miss Binks is wearing her tiara as she was feeling very princess-y that day. She is a good poser. She knows what pictures are all about and loves it when people make a fuss over her and toss her treats to get her to look in the right direction. There was a lot of "Oh, Miss Binks! You are SO pretty!" and she is really into that. She was treated like a diva and she rewarded Jessica with many gorgeous shots!

Take a look at me! Please take special notice of the perfectly licked bald patch on my ear. That is courtesy of Miss Binks. I have a matching one on my other ear too. I was a little more restless and gave Jessica a good run for her money as she clicked away trying to get a good shot of me. I too was tempted with treats so I held off on giving some good poses until I was pretty much full of raisins - don't want to give them what they want right off the bat, right? Gotta get more raisins out of the deal - hee hee!

The grey bunny up top is Scooter. He is one of the bunnies that live upstairs. That is his Zoolander pose. And the other little brown bunny is Ella wearing her own tiara. She also lives upstairs and is Scooter's girlfriend. Mom and Dad had hopes that we would all live together but Miss Binks and Ella hate each other and Binky had a big fight with Scooter the night we moved into our house. So that was that. Now we are just two happy pairs of bunnies living two floors apart from each other!

And one pretty shot of Miss Binks and myself. Don't we look awesome together? I just love my Binky so much, we really do make the perfect couple. Look at her darling face, her pretty pink eye and delicately coloured nose and ears - what's not to love?

Mom and Dad are really happy with the pictures and can't thank Jessica enough for taking them. Mom says they really do capture our personalities and specialness and she is very grateful that she has such wonderful momentos of us. And I am happy too, to have such a nice picture of me and my darling Miss Binks. Two bunnies together, forever, sharing ear-licks a-plenty!


Friday, March 27, 2009

All Hail The New Squirrel Feeder!

Finally! The new squirrel feeder has arrived! Here is a picture of Butters discovering a big new stash of peanuts just waiting to be gobbled up! I tell you, the return of the squirrel feeder has made things a bit crazy around here. Nutters and Butters and all of the other neighbourhood squirrels are squaring off in various "squirrel matches" to see who gets the next run at the buffet.

There's been a lot of screeching, circling, chasing and tail flicking going on. Two squirrels will eye each other, chatter out a few taunts and then end up rolling around in the yard in a big squirrel ball. They will be so into it that neither of them will notice the third squirrel who has jumped on the opportunity to raid the feeder while they are going at it. Oh but then the fourth squirrel enters the picture, riling up squirrel number three and then they end up chasing each other up a tree.

Binks and I have a jolly old time watching the shenanigans. I will bring over a nice big mouthful of hay to the patio doors where Binks joins me for a snack to watch the morning and afternoon shows. "They're so silly, Fluffy! Why do they fight like that?"

"They are just hungry, Binks, and excited that there are peanuts in the feeder again. I guess they need to learn how to share like we do." I told her as I munched on my timothy. "I guess so Fluffy. But they sure are funny, aren't they?"

"They sure are Binks!"

Thankfully, none of the squirrels ever get hurt. They seem to know how to run just a little bit faster, how to jump a little bit higher and how to chase just far enough. Then they all stop and their little bellies pant for air, they rest their little bodies, give themselves a little scratch behind the neck and eventually everyone gets a peanut. Then Shannon, the dog from next door, comes out to play and they all run away.

"Hi Shannon!" we yell through the glass at her. I don't think she can hear us, but she can see us. It's too bad she doesn't have another doggie friend to romp and play with, although she does have fun when her human comes out to toss the ball. Hopefully one day she will know the joys of having a friend to cuddle up with and give ear licks to. Which reminds me, I'd better get to work - Miss Binks is waiting...


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Binky's New Wardrobe

Isn't Miss Binks just the prettiest bunny? These are her two new additions to her bunny wardrobe. First up is a nice hat to keep her ears warm and the other is a tiara with crystal beads for those days when she feels extra princess-y...

Mom got these from Bunspace. There is a group on Bunspace called Bunnies In Need and they sell and auction things to raise money for less fortunate bunnies. The hat and tiara were both hand-made by the mommy of a bunn named Trinket (http://www.bunspace.com/view_bunny?bunid=5086). She calls the hats "Tinky Couture" and the tiaras are "Tinky Bling". Miss Binks is proud to have these originals in her collection.

As beautiful as Binky is, I sure am glad Mom didn't get anything for me. Apparently the "lop hats" didn't come small enough for me and well, I'm not wearing a tiara! The last thing I wore was that stupid Superman costume for Halloween. "I thought you liked it Fluffy - remember? It had a red cape and everything! You were one tough lop in that costume!" Yeah, sure Mom. I'm not falling for that again. I suppose the next thing you will be saying is it takes a real tough bunny to wear a tiara - nope! Not this bunny!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hoppy Birthday To Us!

Hoppy Birthday to Us! That's right - Miss Binks and I just celebrated our birthdays!

Binky's birthday was February 26th - She turned 6 years old. And my birthday was February 28th and I turned 5! Seeing as our birthdays are two days apart, we always have a party on the day in between. Mom and Dad gave us our favourite treat - baby food! We had yummy apple/mango/kiwi and, my personal preference, banana/blueberry! Miss Binks was being a bit Diva-ish that night and preferred to hide in the Maze Haven when Mom was taking pictures. If you look closely at the first one, you can see her little white head in there.

And please do take note of all the little bits on the carpet. The untrained eye would immediately think they were bunny poops but they are not - they are actually little bits of Stupid Blanket that I have chewed off of those no-good hunks of fleece. They are badges of my hard work and dedication to keeping those blankets in line.

I would like you to have a look at the right side of my blog where you will see an icon that says "Vote for Ratt!" Ratt is one of my peeps from Bunspace and his picture has been entered into a contest. The winner of the contest will have their picture on future packaging of Bissell Pet Vacuums but most importantly, they will also win $10,000 to donate to the animal cause of their choice. If Ratt wins, he will donate his money to Bunnies In Need, which is a group within Bunspace that raises money to help pay the medical bills of other Bunspacers who need it and shelter bunns who are in dire straits. It's a really great cause so if you can take the time to vote for him, I would really appreciate it. Isn't he a nice, fluffy bunny?

Mom said she would have entered my picture, or Binky's, but it was for American bunnies only. Mom huffed at that. She said us Canadian bunns shed just as much as any other bun and she has the "fur"niture to prove it - HA! That's okay, we all hope Ratt wins. Good luck Ratt!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Award-Winning Pose!

Yes, you may recognize this picture as I have posted it before. But I do have a very good reason for posting it again. This adorable picture that you see of Miss Binks and I begging for treats was awarded top place in Bunspace's "Begging For Treats" photo contest. That's right, Miss Binks and I are Award-Winning Begging Bunnies.

Bunspace is a fun place where bunnies from all over the world hang out to chat. They have photo contests and when Mom heard about this one, she knew this picture would be a strong contender. None of us had any idea it would win first place though so it was quite the surprise. Binks and I have been doing the "Synchronized Beg" for some time. We realize that each of us are adorable at any given time, and even more so when we periscope and plead with our eyes. Now if you times this by two, how can you NOT give us a treat? I mean, look at our faces. At this point, it's just a matter of HOW MANY you will give us.

There was quite the flood of emails and Bunny Buddy requests that flowed into my Bunspace account - all very nice messages from my peeps congratulating us on our big win. My friend Wonder Bunny even interviewed me for the Bunspace Newsletter! Needless to say, I am pretty puffed up with pride and am allowing it to inflate my ego for as long as it lasts. "Come on, Mom! Give us another cookie! We are Award Winning rabbits!" is a phrase I am putting into rotation, along with "Look at us beg, Dad! No one else can beg like us - give us a treat!"

Check out the contest results for yourself.....


...and here is Cawwot Tops, the Bunspace newsletter with my interview!


I can't wait until we get our prize - yummy bunny treats! They are being baked as we speak and should be shipped by the end of the week. Binky and I can't wait to try them. The funny thing is is that we won them for begging but we will probably have to beg again to get them. *SIGH* A begging bunny's work is never done...


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Is In The Air

Hoppy Valentine's Day everybun! This is the day we share our love with the ones we care for the most. Obviously this means I will be busy all day hunkered down with my lovely Miss Binks, licking her ears, washing her eyeball and snorlging with her in general. She is really great to snorgle with.....

Mom and Dad decided to spend the day at Mississauga Animal Services - which is actually where I was adopted from - cuddling the bunnies. Mom says on this international day of love, we should spread it far and wide so they went to share their love with the bunnies in the shelter. Bunnies in shelters don't get cuddled enough which is sad. Being cuddled makes you happy and if you are a happy bunny, you'll get adopted faster than a shy or angry or sad bunny. Mom and Dad also brought fresh greens and carrots for them to munch on. Mom and Dad thought it would be a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Dad got Mom two dozen long-stemmed yellow roses - they are her favourite. Mom got Dad one dozen long-stemmed bottles of Heineken - that's his favourite. They are going out for dinner tonight too. They are being all kissy-facey today which worries me. If they are all kissy-facey, chances are they are going to try to smother me with kisses at some point too - I'd better stay hidden in the Maze Haven with Binky. The only kisses I like are from her.

Good news on the squirrel feeder front! Mom finally won one on eBay! It's paid for and we are all anxiously awaiting it's arrival - especially Nutters & Butters. Things have been getting desperate and squirrel turf wars have been raging. The other day, Mom saw 5 squirrels chase another one up to the very top of a tree. There was a lot of squawking going on and perilous hopping from one branch to another. Mom opened the window. "Hey you squirrels! Stop that! Break it up right now and behave yourselves!" They didn't pay much attention to her but they did eventually scatter when Shannon, the Golden Doodle from next door, came out to play. Poor Shannon. She wants to play with the squirrels so bad but they are afraid of her.

So this Valentine's Day I will dedicate this post to my darling Miss Binks. She warms me from the inside out and her presence makes my heart go pitter patter. I would like to spread the love and wish all of my peeps, bunnies and humans alike, a very happy Valentine's Day. May your hearts always be happy!