Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm Ready For My Close-Up

Don't we look mahhhvelous? We had professional photos taken of us!

Mommy was contacted by a photography student named Jessica who wanted to take pictures of bunnies for her portfolio - for free! So naturally, she jumped at the chance. All of us made the trip to her boyfriend's place who had a nice living room/studio. She set up her lights, the backdrop and a table and one by one, took pretty pictures of us!

Miss Binks is wearing her tiara as she was feeling very princess-y that day. She is a good poser. She knows what pictures are all about and loves it when people make a fuss over her and toss her treats to get her to look in the right direction. There was a lot of "Oh, Miss Binks! You are SO pretty!" and she is really into that. She was treated like a diva and she rewarded Jessica with many gorgeous shots!

Take a look at me! Please take special notice of the perfectly licked bald patch on my ear. That is courtesy of Miss Binks. I have a matching one on my other ear too. I was a little more restless and gave Jessica a good run for her money as she clicked away trying to get a good shot of me. I too was tempted with treats so I held off on giving some good poses until I was pretty much full of raisins - don't want to give them what they want right off the bat, right? Gotta get more raisins out of the deal - hee hee!

The grey bunny up top is Scooter. He is one of the bunnies that live upstairs. That is his Zoolander pose. And the other little brown bunny is Ella wearing her own tiara. She also lives upstairs and is Scooter's girlfriend. Mom and Dad had hopes that we would all live together but Miss Binks and Ella hate each other and Binky had a big fight with Scooter the night we moved into our house. So that was that. Now we are just two happy pairs of bunnies living two floors apart from each other!

And one pretty shot of Miss Binks and myself. Don't we look awesome together? I just love my Binky so much, we really do make the perfect couple. Look at her darling face, her pretty pink eye and delicately coloured nose and ears - what's not to love?

Mom and Dad are really happy with the pictures and can't thank Jessica enough for taking them. Mom says they really do capture our personalities and specialness and she is very grateful that she has such wonderful momentos of us. And I am happy too, to have such a nice picture of me and my darling Miss Binks. Two bunnies together, forever, sharing ear-licks a-plenty!



Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh such fine photos ... such fine bunnies! Such a bald ear spot!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Wonderful pictures! Smart move -- holding out for more raisins! Miss Binks looks lovely in her tiara!

Fez and the Gang said...

You all look VERY nice! Abbey likes the Tiara. I like the one of you and Miss Binks, it looks like she is winking at us!!!

d. moll, said...

Gorgeous pics, did your mom have the tiara or did the photographer just happen to have in in her bag of tricks?