Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Trouble Again!

I can't help it if I have a sense of adventure. I certainly don't mean to create havoc and distress - it just sort of happens. And I never know how serious it is until I hear mom's voice hit that high-pitch of frustration and worry.

It all began innocently enough. Mom got me two new Stupid Blankets because the two I had were completely riddled with holes and Mom always worries I might get my head stuck. So they had been sitting on the laundry room floor for a few days when Mom finally found the time to garbage-bag them and put them in the garbage bin. She opened the door to the garage and hit the garage door opener - it was a nice day outside and she was waiting for a friend to pick her up so she figured with the door open she could see when her friend pulled into the driveway and get a nice breeze at the same time. It took some effort to get those two big piles of Stupid crammed into the garbage bag, but she managed it, opened the garbage bin and tossed it in. Then she turned back and came inside to get her purse. She went to check on us bunns before she left and noticed I was nowhere to be found.

She looked in all my usual haunts - behind the washing machine, behind the dryer, in the Maze Haven - the door to the storage area was closed so she knew I wasn't in there. She shook the box of raisins but only Miss Binks came running. "Fluffy, where are you? Mommy will be leaving shortly - she needs to find you!"

Then a horrible realization washed over her. While she was stuffing the Stupid Blankets in the garbage bag in the garage, the door from the house to the garage was open. What if I happened to hop through the doorway and into the garage? And worse yet, the garage door was open - what if I was out on the street?

Mom ran out to the garage, out onto the driveway and began searching for me. "FLUFFY! FLUFFY! Where are you FLUFFY?!" She ran onto the road, scanned every yard and driveway trying very hard not to panic, but knowing my sense of adventure and fearlessness, she knew I could be anywhere. Her heart raced, she held her hand to her forehead and she crouched down to see if I was hiding anywhere she could see. I was nowhere to be found.

Having reached an intense level of panic, Mom decided to wake up Dad (who was still sleeping) and get him to help look for me. She turned and ran up the driveway.

And that's when she saw me - hiding under Daddy's car. "FLUFFY! Oh thank GOD! Fluffy, come to mommy!" Well, I had heard her voice with that high-pitched sound that I knew meant trouble so I decided to stay put. She tried to reach under for me so I bolted to the back of the car where she couldn't reach me. Mom ran and shut the garage door so she could at least contain me to the garage. Then she started the sweet talk. "Fluffy Boy! Come on! It's time to come out!"

Quite frankly, I didn't feel like it. I had found this awesome new place to play! it was full of all kinds of junk and it was like a bunny amusement park! I jumped up on the snow tires and gave them a good sniff and chin. Just when Mom made her way over to me, I jumped up on top of some storage boxes and then to some stacked lawn chairs. "Fluffy, come on, it's time to get back inside!"

Off I went behind the bicycle and then over a pile of wood stove pellet bags - weeeeeeeeee! I darted from there, back under daddy's car and out by the case of water. "Fluffy McFluffersons! Stop this running and get inside! Mommy's in a sweat!" She lunged for me but I bolted away behind the recycling bin. Then I was distracted by the smell of whatever was coming out of that green bin. What was it? Bunny poops? Wilted parsley and dill? I couldn't put my nose on it....

WHOMP! *sigh* She always ends up getting me in the end. She covered me with kisses. "Oh Fluffy, you gave mommy such a scare! Please don't ever disappear like that again, Little Man!" Back inside I went, binkying over to Miss Binks.

"Binks! You know that door out there? There is a whole other entire room behind it, filled with all kinds of fun stuff!" Miss Binks gave me a good sniff. "Fluffy, you smell funny!"

"That's because I was sitting under Daddy's car." She disapproved. "Well, just make sure you don't get any grease all over my nice white Dolce & Gabunny track suit..." she said as she began to lick the stink off of me. I bunny flopped under her chin and closed my eyes with visions of more Bunny Misadventures in the future...



The Bunns said...

Fearless Fluffy .. we love to hear of such adventures!@

Sam, Willow ,Samantha and Tabitha said...

I was in a panic just reading it - so glad he is okay

d. moll, l.ac. said...

I didn't know which side to relate to: Fluffies or Mom's. But gosh that was fun and all's well that ends well.

Fez and the Gang said...

What a GREAT adventure!

I think being in trouble is the most fun! I binky biggest when I get mom all worried.....hehehe!

FrecklesandDeb said...

That was a wonderful escapade! Fluffy, you are the greatest explorer! Keep those eyes and ears open. We bet you find a way to get to that exciting playground again!

YowlYY said...

Oh dear...Fluffy, you certainly are a character! Just don't give such a scare to your mummy again, yes?

Carmen C. said...

Oh my goodness Fluffy, mommy must have been in a terrible state of fear for your safety!! You musn't do that to her again, stay inside where you are safe!