Sunday, April 12, 2009

Here Comes The Easter Bunny!

Here comes the Easter Bunny - and that would be me! Please see the video at the bottom of my blog (because Mom can't figure out how to post it up here) and you will see me! I am the Happy Easter station ID for the Shopping Channel! If you live here in Canada and are able to watch the Shopping Channel on television, you can see me at the top of every hour all day Easter Sunday!

Yes, I'm a pretty popular guy. A handsome bunny like myself does not go unnoticed for long. It was just the other day that I was hopping down the street and a scout from a bunny modelling agency stopped me and said "Wow, you are one handsome bunny. You really should be a model!" I said "Do you really think so?" and he said "Absolutely! I have never seen such shiny fur, perfect whiskers and dashing looks! You definitely have the 'x' factor we are looking for!"

So he gave me his card and I called to make an appointment. They took my polaroid and my measurements and booked me on my very first go-see that afternoon at the Shopping Channel, and I got the job! And here I am, a television sensation! Stand back everyone, you will each get your turn for an autograph....

Okay, okay, so that really didn't happen. I guess it helps when your Mom works in the promotions department of the Shopping Channel. I got paid in raisins so it really was a good days work!

From Miss Binks and I, allow me to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a very Hoppy Easter!



d. moll, said...

Fluffy, you so have the X factor ( and a mom in high places), when is your next movie coming out?

The Bunns said...

My, that was furrpect! You did not even leave a doot or two when you hopped away!

Glenna said...

Lovely! The only thing better would have been, when you turned to hop away, you left some doots. But, I guess it's not reality tv.