Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleep Well Sweet Brie

Things took a sad turn for us earlier this week.  Shortly before midnight on Monday, my little hammie sister Brie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She had been showing signs of old age for quite some time. She slept a lot and was only ever up long enough to display spurts of energy as she scurried around on the bed playing with Mom and Dad. As her time wound down, she didn't eat much so Mom and Dad would make her strawberry oatmeal and hand feed her twice a day.  She loved it and always ate it with gusto, even up to one hour before she passed.

She had a special relationship with Dad.  She would always freeze in her tracks when she would hear his voice and scurry over to him when he entered the room. In the last few weeks, her favorite place was snuggled in his t-shirt.

Little Brie was very gentle and personable and was accustomed to kisses, strokes and raspberries blown on her belly. She had a beautiful golden coat that fluffed up as she played, but would turn into long strands of golden silk if you stroked her long enough. She survived her heating duct adventure with nothing more than dust on her whiskers and a great story to tell. In her wake, she leaves behind 17 plastic exercise balls, each one no match for her determination to escape.

We are all going to miss her more than anyone can know. Mom and Dad are so very grateful to have spent her last hours with her, surrounding her with love and kisses. The last thing she felt was Mommy's finger stroking her head, letting her know about the great adventures that awaited her at the Rainbow Bridge. We know she was met by  our other hammies Boo, Lucky, Timmy, her mommy Saffron and her brother Sage and I know that right now she is rolling top speed in her beautiful new hammy ball, leading the pack towards the big plate of oatmeal that awaits her.....

We love you Brie Hamster. Always.....


Thursday, December 15, 2011

The List

Christmas 2011 card ver. 1

Dear Santa Paws,

It's Fluffy McFluffersons here sending you a list of the things I would like for Christmas.  Despite anything Mom or Dad may have told you, I have been a very good little bunny this year and am most deserving of the following gifts as my reward.

Firstly, I think an upgrade to our current stroller would be nice.  The one we have now is pink and I would prefer one in a Tough Lop shade of blue.  This one looks perfect, except of course for the two cats sitting inside.  Scat cats!  That's my stroller!  Ahem, as you can see, there is plenty of room for Miss Binks and I to sprawl out to relax and it's nice and high off the ground to keep yippy dogs at bay and to give us a great view of our surroundings.

Next, Miss Binks and I would like a really nice bed to snorgle in.  But it has to be special.  Binky likes red and she likes to be comfortable.  Me?  I like my privacy so something a little more intimate would be prefered.  Dad always gets annoyed when Binks and I get frisky while he is watching the hockey game so a bed like this one, that has curtains you can draw closed, would be ideal!  Is this available with a memory foam matress?

Binky and I like to stretch our legs outside in the summertime so perhaps some fun things for the backyard would be nice.  Nothing too complicated, but we think a set up just like this one would be perfect.  Slides, shelters, fences to jump - what more could we want? 
Well, how about this.....

Finally, I think it's time for a nice little retirement place for Miss Binks and I.  It doesn't need to be big and fancy....okay, maybe it does.  How awesome is this?!  So many places for Binky and I to run, hide and cuddle!  And here is the link for directions on how to build it.  Seems simple enough - easy peasey lemon squeezy!

So as you can see, my list is pretty short.  Binks and I aren't asking for a lot but simply giving you some ideas on what we would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning.  Hopefully it won't be a problem fitting this stuff into your sleigh.  If it is, I am sure you can rent a truck or something.

Sincerely yours,

Fluffy McFluffersons

Christmas 2011 card ver. 2

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ana Banana

Ana Banana
There is a new bunny in town and her name is Ana Banana.  Her original name was Anastasia but Mom and Dad shortened it to Ana, and somehow Banana seemed to be a logical tag-along.  She was originally dumped at a shelter but due to her extremely aggressive nature, was immediately put on the euthanasia list.  A good soul who works there managed to get her into Rabbit Rescue and from there, she came to live with us.  Mom and Dad are hoping that she will bond to Scooter MaGoo who lives upstairs.  He has been alone since his bonded mate Ella crossed the Bridge in June of 2010.

She's one angry bunny.  She has a tattoo in her ear so this most likely means she was from a breeder and may have been used to breed.  She is more vocal than Angry Ella ever was, grunting, boxing and biting on a whim.  But it's this sort of behaviour that Mom and Dad find endearing.  It's like a challenge to get Ana to learn that she is in a safe and loving home now, and she doesn't need to fight or be afraid anymore.

She's a bit of a destroyer - baseboards, foam squares, willow toys, futons - she finds them mighty tasty.  Well, she doesn't eat them, just likes keeping her scissor teeth in tip-top shape shredding them.  Bonding has been going very slowly as Ana is very defensive and Scooter gets freaked out by her tantrums.  But progress is being made - licks have even been exchanged!  Why can't all bunnies fall in love overnight like Miss Binks and I did?  Such a waste of snorgle time.....

So here is a little video of what it's like every morning when Mom goes in to feed Ana.  As lethal as she seems, she really is a sweet girl with the softest, velvetiest fur imaginable.

Welcome home Ana.....<3



Friday, October 21, 2011

Bunny Therapy

Bunny Therapy.  That's what Mom says she needs sometimes - hugs and kisses and snorgles.

Sometimes life can be stressful.  At least that's what Mom says.  And when it does, she comes to us bunnies for a little lovin'.  "McFluffersons, when the day has been long and tiring, there is nothing better than coming home to my bunnies and hugging and kissing them.  You have no idea how much better it can make me feel."

"But you know how I feel about kisses Mom.  I'm not the snorgly type."

"I know, but you are easy to scoop up and light enough to carry with one hand.  And I can usually get about 30 seconds of snorgles in before you really begin to flip out."

Yes, Mom likes to torture me like this.  Sneak in the room, pick me up and cuddle me.  She will bury her face in my fur, give me all kinds of kisses and all that nonsense, and she always keeps my feet facing forward so I can't use them to springboard myself away from her loving.  Sometimes when I am on the couch keeping the Stupid Blankets in line, she will start rubbing my head - I'm such a sucker for that.  So I will sit still and let her pet me, kiss me and scritch me.  Sometimes all she wants to do is rest her forehead against mine.  And sometimes I can actually feel her relax.  I can feel the warmth, the smile on her face and the peace in her heart.  That's when I know I've done my job.

Then it's treat time.  Because no therapist provides services for free, no sir!  "That'll be two Veggie Puffs and a raisin please!"

*sigh* "Here you go.  See you next week....." *wink*


Friday, September 23, 2011

BunFest 2011

It's that time of year again - BunFest time!  Every year my mom spearheads Rabbit Rescue's biggest event of the year and this year is going to be super big and exciting!

It's been incredible watching BunFest grow since 2008.  We had no idea if anyone would even show up that first year we had it, but show up they did!  And word has been spreading - so every year it gets bigger and better.  It's so wonderful to see so many Bunny Slaves turn out to do some shopping, do some learning and having fun, all for the sake of bunnies.  And we have heard year after year how thankful they all are to have such a great event geared towards bunnies.  It's a great place for bunny people to meet other bunny people, to find all kinds of great resources like bunny savvy vets and products specifically for bunnies and a great place to shop for all kinds of unique bunny items.

Mom's been sick for the last week and is only now starting to feel better, just in time to get this show on the road.  For the first time, she has a BunFest Committee because the job just got to be too big for her to do on her own, and they have been so incredibly helpful, especially when mom was too sick to do much.

But one of the best things is watching BunFest grow - to other parts of the world!  Mom helped get MidWest BunFest (Ohio) off the ground and their first BunFest is in October!  Mom knows there is also another BunFest in Florida and someone in Maryland also emailed about wanting to have one there.  It would be mom's dream to see BunFest's pop up all over the place!  But mom can't take all the credit - mom based BunFest on San Dieog's Bunnyfest, so they are really the ones that deserve all the credit.

So if you are not in Toronto this Sunday (visit if you are!), think of us and of all the fun things we will be doing.  Get together with your humans and other bunny friends and celebrate the joys of bunny guardianship!  And tell those humans to put their heads together and organize a BunFest in your area!

And check out our first ever commercial above!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Searching For Sassy

Sometimes these blogs can be funny.  Sometimes they can be ridiculous.  And sometimes, well....sometimes they are not.

Mom and Dad volunteer for Rabbit Rescue Inc..  On September 1st, one of their foster bunnies escaped from her foster home.  No one has seen her since.

Her name is Sassy, and she is a 3 month old Netherland Dwarf.  She is white with light grey ears and weighs less than a pound.  The odds against her are high.

There isn't one person in the rescue who is less than devastated about what has happened and the search for Sassy quickly became all-encompassing and driven with grief.  Many volunteers have spent untold hours searching for her - on foot, driving, day, night - trying to find our precious little girl.  Hundreds of flyers are plastered all over the neighbourhood and beyond, ads have been posted on websites and lost pet sites.  Missing alerts went out to every shelter, rescue and agency and they are called daily to see if maybe, just maybe, she is there.  Every single person out walking a dog, riding a bike, mowing a lawn or watering a yard has been approached by one of the volunteers, been handed a flyer and asked "Have you seen Sassy?  Please call the number if you do...."  There are so many pairs of eyes on the lookout for her.  But not one person has seen her.....

We have turned to an animal communicator for clues as to where she is.  We have used a tracking dog twice to follow her scent.  We have taken every ounce of information and followed every clue to try to figure out where wee Sassy has gone.  And we are all plagued with visions of worst-case scenarios.  It's been nothing short of heart wrenching and it's been very emotionally draining for everyone.

Is there anything good that can come of this tragedy?  Well, one thing has been inspiring - the display of commitment, hard work, love and co-operation of so many volunteers who have been brought together for a common cause - to find little Sassy.  And the hope.  Hope.  Much dwindled and ragged from it's initial, robust existence, it's still there.  We do still have hope.  Everyday we pray that someone out there is going to see her and call the number.  And we will be there to bring her home.

Mom has been beside herself wishing, hoping and praying.  She hugs us bunnies extra tight these days and tells us how much she loves us.  I can feel the sadness inside her and the love that she has for all of us and also for little Sassy, even though Sassy was not part of our family.  Sometimes mom gets so emotionally invested in things that it really takes it's toll on her, and this is one of those times.  Miss Binks and I are doing what we can to help mom feel better, letting her cuddle us longer and smooch us more than usual, squeeze us with hugs and kisses and allow her to wipe her tears in our fur.  It's the least we can do.

Please keep Sassy in your thoughts, light a candle for her so that she may find her way home again and pray that she is protected and safe until......until. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome To The BunnyDome

"Forget it!  I'm not getting in that thing!"
"But Fluffy, I got it for you and Binks!  It's a cool house to sleep in!"
"It's a cat litter bin!"
"Well, technically yes, but that's not to say it doesn't make an awesome place to hide!  Look, there's no litter in there, I put your nice soft bed in there!  It's like a bunny palace, with steps and everything!"

It's a litter bin for cats and I'm not going in.

Even though Miss Binks is blind, she is still always the first to explore something new that is placed in our playroom.  So of course, I let her check it out first.  Watch the video.  See her reaction?  That was a definite no.  No for her means no for me (unless it's treats, then no for her means more for me).

We have so much stuff.  Seriously.  We have so many places to hide, I don't know why Mom thought another place would be good.  "But it's nice and purple and stylish!  Just try it - I swear you will like it....."

We have a Maze Haven (well only half of one now.  Binky recently took it upon herself to demolish the lower level so Mom cut it down to just one level instead of two).  We have a willow tent.  We have a stuffed tree house.  We have TWO plush houses.  We have a tunnel.  And we have a coffee table. 

Now we also have a stupid purple igloo.

Wish she would have spent the money on bananas instead.....


Monday, August 1, 2011

Keeping Cool

Ugh.  The heat.......the heat is unbearable!  I flop all day.  Sometimes I can't even lift my head to get a drink of water......parched, overcome.......

"Fluffy, you live in an air conditioned basement."  Mom!  I'm trying to be dramatic!

Mom says it's way too hot out for any of us bunns to go outside so I pretty much spend the entire day looking out the patio doors watching the grass continue to turn yellow.  Nutters and Butters, the neighbourhood squirrels, haven't been around for days and even the birds are too hot to chirp.  You know it's hot when the sea gulls at the local Tim Hortons walk around with their beaks wide open.  Why do they continue to sit atop lampposts in the glaring heat?  They're birds.  They're seagulls.  Go fly to some water and go for a swim!  There must be a Tim Hortons somewhere along the lake.....

Yeah, Binks and I are pretty lucky to have the air conditioning.  Not a lot of snorgling is going on though - too much body heat.  "Fluffy, my whiskers are curling.  Let's cuddle later...."

So Mom decided to spoil us with a perfect summer treat - watermelon!  Now, it's been a year since we had watermelon so I think I forgot how good it is, as you can see in the video above.  Miss Binks pretty much turned up her nose at it, she says it makes her whiskers sticky.  Me?  I don't care.  Nothing a good face wash won't take care of.  And by the time morning rolled around, that watermelon was pretty much gone.

So here's to watermelon, yellow grass, parched seagulls and ridiculous humidex readings.  And of course, to the air conditioner that makes it all survivable.....


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strolling Along

Yup, the weather is nice, the birds are singing, the trees are green I am in a pink stroller.  How am I supposed to live this down?  "Fluffy, why would you want to live it down?  It's adorable!"  Mom, I'm supposed to be a Big Tough Lop - how do I maintain any sort of tough-bunny dignity when, not only am I being pushed around in a pink stroller, but you are filming it, posting it on YouTube and on my blog?! "Well, I don't want anyone to miss it....."

Thanks Mom.

So here I am with the lovely Miss Binks, taking a stroll around the neighbourhood with Dad pushing us.  Yup, that's my Dad.  He loves us just as much as Mom does and he has no qualms about being a grown man pushing a pink stroller with bunnies in it in public.  And trust me, when people see him, they either squeal with delight because we are so cute, or they give him a wide berth because "something's not right with this picture...."  Like I said, my Dad doesn't care and he is very proud to be seen with us and to answer any questions people might have.

Okay, so the ride wasn't that bad.  I did get to snuggle with my Best Girl and the fresh air is nice.  I haven't been outside much since the Mad Dash of '09, so it was nice to feel the breeze on my whiskers and hear the birds chirping.  It's been really hot lately but the evenings have been cooling off splendidly, just perfect for two bunnies to go for a ride.  Mom is hoping to set up the xpen outside this weekend and let us have a proper romp in the grass.  Miss Binks loves being outside and I like it when she's happy so I am more than willing to flop out on the lawn if it means she will snorgle with me and snore the sweet afternoon away.....

Before I sign off for today, I just want to update my peeps on the big rescue Rabbit Rescue did.  Two weeks ago, we took in 103 rabbits - no, that's not a typo - one hundred and three rabbits - from the Sudbury OSPCA.  They were all health checked and will be spayed and neutered.  Some of them have health issues (abscesses, dental disease, bad eye, respiratory issues) and they are all getting the treatment they need.  Rabbit Rescue could really use foster homes, because some moms with babies will need to be weaned and separated soon so we will need the space.  And if you don't have room for a bunny, please consider making a donation.  We have massive medical costs that are mounting every day (one day alone cost us over $6000!) and we could really use some funds to help pay for everything.  If you want to help, just visit for more info.

Here is a video of what Rabbit Rescue is doing to help these bunnies....

Hug your bunns and tell them you love them....


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Massive Rescue Underway!

These are the faces of rabbits that need help.  Rabbit Rescue is currently undergoing their biggest rescue in history.  400 lops and dwarfs were seized by the Sudbury OSPCA from a horrible situation.  200 had to be euthanized.  200 are left.

This is why Mom has been unable to update my blog properly - she's been really busy.  Mom and Dad both volunteer for Rabbit Rescue and when the call came on for help, Rabbit Rescue sprung into action.  Our Executive Director and Adoption Co-ordinators have been working non-stop for almost two weeks organizing this mission. 

Through massive Facebooking, Tweeting and press, we are doing all we can to get the word out about this dire situation, and Mom thought perhaps she could hijack my blog to spread the news even further.  How could I say no?  It's so important that people know about this rescue effort because the more foster homes we can get, the more of these rabbits we can save.  I know many of you who read this will want to know how you can help.  Well, here's how....

Rabbit Rescue needs foster homes.  The more space we have, the more rabbits we can save.  If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and can foster for us, please do!  You can send an email to  Perhaps you are ready to adopt?  Well, don't hesitate to send an email to the same address!  We also desperately need supplies - dog crates, xpens, creative cubes, litterbins, woodstove pellets - again if you are in the GTA and are able to donate any of these things, send an email!

I know a lot of my peeps don't live nearby, but there is a way you can all still help.  Rabbit Rescue is going to be treating all of these bunnies for whatever issues they may have and they will also all be spayed and neutered.  We all know that stuff doesn't come cheap and we estimate that our bills are going to be anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000.  As a rescue we are always prepared but in this case, there is no way we can afford to do all of this, so we DESPERATELY need your donations.  Mom never likes asking people for money, but I told her, this is a special case and the bunnies really need it!  If anybun out there is in a position to make a donation, even if it is only $5, it will be greatly appreciated!  To make a secure online donation, click here.

Are you a shelter or rescue within driving distance of Toronto that is able to take in some bunnies?  Are you able to share this story with as many animal lovers as you can?  Are you ready to be a part of Rabbit Rescue history?  We really need you!

Mom and Rabbit Rescue would also like to take this opportunity to thank so many of our friends who have already done so much.  We have managed to recruit an incredible number of new foster homes and we want to thank them, along with our own network of foster parents, for opening their hearts and homes to these bunnies.  We also want to thank Martin Mills who is donating a free bag of food to every single bunny!  We want to thank Greenwood Park and Campus Estates Animal Hospitals for offering even more discounts on spays, neuters and treatments.  Thank you also to everyone who has donated money, supplies and time to make this rescue a reality.  And most of all, thank you to the Sudbury OSPCA for saving these innocent souls from such deplorable conditions.

Because of our efforts, we have been able to either take in or place with other shelters and rescues, a total of 140 rabbits.  There are still 60 left.  Sixty souls that still need our help - YOUR help.  We will not stop until all of them are safe.  Please help make this a reality.  Do it for them.....

Do it for me, 


Monday, June 13, 2011

I Disapprove Of This Sad News

A very special bunny has left us today - Cinnamon. Cinnamon was the inspiration for and graced it's pages many times with her very unique and and darling scowl of disapproval. Many bunnies have grouched their way to fame in homage of dear Cinnamon and many of us have laughed and smiled at all of the wonderful pictures. We say thank you to Cinnamon for being such an inspiration and to her family for creating the blog in her honour - she leaves behind an incredible legacy. Today truly is a day of disapproval, but we shall keep our fond memories of her alive in all our hearts.

I shall continue to disapprove in your honour Cinnamon.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Bunnies!

Things have been really busy around here.....

Mom and Dad both volunteer for Rabbit Rescue Inc. and recently got word of a hoarding situation where a lady released a bunch of rabbits on the front lawn of her condo.  Many of our volunteers went out to help round them up and we were able to rescue all 16 of them!  Two of them were wee babies but unfortunately a third was found dead.  They were very skinny - momma probably didn't survive out there for long and either got hit by a car or attacked by a predator.  Luckily we got there soon enough to save the two babies that survived.  Here is a picture of how small they were when they were first rescued.....

The babies went to a friend of ours who is a great foster mom!  She nursed them around the clock and made sure their bellies were nice and full.  Thankfully they gained weight fast and are well on their way to growing up to be big, strong bunnies!  The video above is of the little grey one (boy) running through their play tunnel.  They are so full of energy!

Our friend also took in a female bunny.  Much to her surprise, a few days later, she found a nest with four babies!  Oh my goodness, imagine if she wasn't rescued in time - she would have given birth out on the streets and her babies would not have made it.  Thanks to the safe and secure environment she is now in, Momma Bunny has been nursing the babies and taking very good care of them!

It makes me sad to know that someone abandoned these bunnies.  I wish all bunnies could live the kind of life that Miss Binks and I live, in a cozy house with people who love them, who feed them and care for them.  Every bunny (and every pet) deserves the best life possible. 

Sadly, all of the shelters and rescues are full but Mom's friend is going to make sure that all of these babies and Momma Bunny find really good homes.  They all may have had a rough start in life, but we are all going to work together to make sure they have happy endings.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking Pretty Buff

Here is the lovely Miss Binks in her brand new Survivor Buff.  "Doesn't it go perfect with my white Dolce & Gabunny track suit?"  Yes, it certainly does!

Mom and Dad were on vacation in Los Angeles recently and one of the things they did was attend a taping of the Price Is Right at CBS Television City.  There is also a gift shop there and dad bought Binky a Survivor buff because he always likes to buy his little girl something when he goes away.

Mom tried to put that thing on me but there was no way I was having any of that!  Besides, it was way too big for me and I just kept running out of it.  I wanted to chew it up....."Take THAT you Stupid Buff!".....but mom wouldn't let me.

They also took a drive up to Pasadena and visited Candace Frazee of the Bunny Museum.  The Bunny Museum is in the Guiness Book of World Records as containing the largest collection of rabbit items, currently standing at over 28,000!  Pasadena is also home to the Rose Bowl Parade and whenever they have a float with a bunny on it, Candace gets it for her collection.  Here is a picture of one in her front lawn - 12 feet high!
She had so much stuff, mom and dad didn't know where to look!  Some may think that many items borders on hoarding, but her house was very organized and you could easily walk around the place.  She hopes to move to a much bigger place so she can have a proper museum rather than having it in her home.  That's going to be a lot of packing!

So if you have any rabbit items - toys, books, figurines, ornaments, towels, plates, glasses, whatever - that you no longer want, mail them to Candace, she'd love to have them!  You can get her address from their website.  And if you are ever in Pasadena, pay her a visit!


Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Can't I just sleep, Mom?
"Bunnies!!!!  Wake up!  Wake up, bunnies!  It's time for the Royal Wedding!!"  Yup, that was Mom at about 10 minutes to 6 this morning, all hoppy and excited about some sort of big wedding that was happening over in England.  Seeing as Binky is already a princess, she was up and excited too.  Me on the other hand?  As you can tell from the picture, I was still sleepy....

"Oh look!  Isn't Catherine's dress just splendid?  She looks incredible!" Mom said as she made herself comfortable on the couch.  Hey Mom, so long as you are down here, why not fill the pellet bowl....?

"Fluffy, this wedding is so exciting!" said Binky.  I had no idea she was even into this sort of stuff.  "Well of course I am!  I am a bunny princess after all...." So together we snuggled from the safety of under the coffee table to watch the events unfold.  "Look at all the hats people are wearing.  If I were at the wedding, I would wear a hat.  A pink hat.  With feathers!" Binky said.  "What would you wear Fluffy?"

"Well, I guess I would have to dress up too.  Perhaps I would don a jaunty chapeau, like a top hat!  Top hats are very sophisticated you know."

"Oh Fluffy, you would look dashing in a top hat!  Hey, where is her bouquet of carrots?  Her bouquet is just flowers.  That's so ordinary.  If I were her, I would have chosen a bouquet of carrots."

"No way, she needs a bouquet of bananas, that's what she needs!  Bananas!"

"Oh Fluffy, you're so silly.  Who wants a bouquet of bananas?  Every girl bunny knows that carrots are the hottest trend right now...."

"But bananas are timeless.  They will never go out of style."

So as we watched the Royal Wedding taking place across the Pond, we thought to ourselves how exciting it would be to actually be there, waving from the crowds, maybe even taking a ride in an open carriage while people cheered us on.  I'd be cuddling with my Binky, eating carrots.  And bananas.  She in her pretty pink hat with feathers and me in my jaunty chapeau.....

I guess this picture is as close as we'll get......


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Will The Real Fluffy McFluffersons Please Stand Up

Yes, indeed.  This IS the real Fluffy McFluffersons.

My adorableness is not in question.  Neither are my strikingly handsome good looks.  And any one of my peeps who read my blog can attest to the fact I have a pretty adventurous and fortunate life.  But no one before has ever called me........FAKE!  Until now that is.

Yes, once again, Mom's iPhone is involved.  She downloaded an app called iRate Bunnies.  Now don't think it's about bunnies who are irate because it's not.  What it is is simple, you post a picture of your bunny and others "rate" your bunny on a scale of 1 - 5.  You can also give bunnies trophies and stuff and you can also leave comments about the bunny you see.

Now the majority of these comments are typical and sweet: "You're bunny is so cute!", "I love your bunny!", "Awwww look at that face!"  Then there are the expected trolls that leave nasty comments - but we won't even give them the time of day.  Then there are the ones who Mom refers to as the "iRate Bunnies Police".  These posters accuse others of using web pics of adorable bunnies and passing them off as there own.  In many cases, this is true (Mom has seen these pictures before on the internet), but Mom is of the feeling "Who cares?".  It's iRate Bunnies, so look at the bunny and rate it.  Who cares where the picture came from, right?

ANYWAY, so this is where the problem comes in.  Mom posted pictures of all of us, even Ella who is at the Bridge, and someone, we don't know who, took a look at the picture above and called me......FAKE!!!!!  And someone else called Mom a liar!!!!!!!  Well, I can assure you all that I am not fake and my mom is not a liar - I am real in every sense of the word!  I jump in paint trays, I lurk in cabinets, I go closet spelunking, I run around the neighbourhood and I have been accused of flinging poo, although that has yet to be proven in court.....

Mom figures it's because the picture is so awesome.  Our friend Jessica took it - she knows what she's doing - and that's why it looks as great as it does.  Mom guesses they think there is no way anyone can take a picture like that of their bunnies but obviously people can, based solely on the fact that the picture exists.  Mom calls them all jealous trolls, but these haters keep hating and it's sucking all the fun out of an otherwise sweet and adorable app.

Binky and Scooter and Ella have all received similar comments.  So to the haters out there, our bunnies are very much real.  Yes, the pictures are professional but the bunnies are real and we all belong to Mom!  So quit being so nasty and just rate bunnies.

That being said, if any of my peeps here are on iRate Bunnies, let me know and we will vote high for you!  Even though, regardless of the picture, Mom always rates every bunny with 5 hearts, because every bunny in the world is adorable!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Poo Flinging

Actual crime scene photograph.
She can't prove it was me.  And just because I am in the picture, that doesn't mean it was me either.  Look very closely at the wall.  Beside the t.v..  About 5 feet up from the ground.  See that tiny black dot?  It's bunny poo.

"What the heck is THIS?!"  Mom screeched when she walked in and saw it.  Her face was all screwed up and she kept trying to sniff it.  "Is this...POO?!"  Immediately she looked at me because I was the closest one in the vicinity.  Binky was hiding under the coffee table where she always sits.  "Don't look at me!" I said.  "How on Earth does bunny poo get all the way up here?!  It's like 4 feet away from the litter bin!  And 5 feet up the wall!"  Again she looked to me for an explanation.  "Hey, it wasn't me!  Why do you assume it's automatically me?!"

"It's bunny poo.  So it's either yours or Binky's.  And Binky's poos are round and solid.  Her poo would bounce off the wall.  You on the other hand, your poos are sometimes sticky!  AND, you like to flick your feet behind you when you jump out of the litter bin!" She was all matter-of-fact about it, like she was some kind of Poo Lawyer who certainly wasn't new in town.  She reached a finger out to touch it, but it didn't move.  Then she tried to use a stalk of hay to scrape it off, but it snapped in two.  "Oh MAN!  It's dried and stuck to the wall!!!!"

Close up picture of offending poo.
"Listen Mom, there is no way it could have been me!  Yeah, I like to flick my feet, but, like you said, I do it when I hop OUT of the litter bin.  So clearly, if that's the case, it would make sense that the poo would fling backwards, right?  And hit the wall against the litter bin, right?  And that is clearly NOT where this poo is.  It's to the front and right of the litter bin."  She stood with her hands on her hips looking at me with a raised eyebrow.  "So even if, by some freak accident, I flung a poo, it would have to have hit a wall and bounced off, changing the trajectory of the poo and re-directing it to the wall it landed on, right?  But you, in your own words, said my poos were sometimes "sticky".  And if so, they would have stuck to the first wall they hit instead of ricocheting off Wall #1 to finally rest on Wall #2."  Ha!  Take that Mom!  "PLUS, it's five feet up the wall.  And I am only 18 inches tall, and that's when I'm periscoping......" 

Mom looked at me, tapping her foot.  Defeat was in her eyes.  Then she threw her arms up in the air and let out a growly "AAAAAARGH!", spun around and left the room.

Feel free to message me if you need any Legal Poo Advice.  I am at your service.

Fluffy McFluffersons
Poo Defence Attorney

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Honk Shoooo Honk Shoooo

I've always told you how sweet it is when Miss Binks snores - now it's been captured on film!  Turn up your speakers and have a listen - she really gets going at about the 45 second mark....

Binky has always been a snorer.  Mom and Dad had her checked out just to make sure there was nothing wrong but apparently that's "just the way she is."  When Mom and Dad first got her, that first night they heard her out in the living room.  They thought she was having a bad dream but once they realized she did this every night, they quickly realized that she was snoring.  And if she was snoring, it meant she was relaxed, happy and felt safe.  And that made Mom and Dad very happy!

She usually snores herself awake.  Sometimes she will even snore with her one eye open.  Sometimes it's a soft drone and other times it builds and builds until she snorts and wakes up thinking "What the heck was that?"

Just listen to her.............isn't it precious?  There is nothing better in the world than curling up with her and hearing her snore, feeling her breathe in and out all relaxed and content, dreaming of endless fields of hay and strawberry patches that are always in season.  She lulls me to sleep with her sweetness.  I love her so much.....

We recently celebrated our birthdays!  Binky turned 8 years old and I turned 7.  We celebrated with servings of our favourite baby food - banana for me and strawberry/apple for Binks.  We got treats from the Bunspace store and 2 new blankets!  Mom and Dad gave us lots of ridiculous attention like smooches and snorgles - UGH.  Why can't they just give us treats and presents and leave it at that?  Humans are so needy....


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Softer Side Of A Big Tough Lop

Yeah, we all know that when I am on the couch terrorizing my Stupid Blankets, I am one Big Tough Lop.  There is no petting or snorgling allowed unless you would like an impromptu toss-of-the-hand with my chompers.  But yes, even I, Fluffy McFluffersons, like the occasional cuddle.  It doesn't happen that often so when Binks and I were being snorgled to within an inch of our lives the other night, Mom had to whip out that iPhone and film it.

There's Binky wrapped up in a blanket - she loves the warmth and the kisses and the head pats she gets.  Then there's me - Dad is giving me head rubs and I am all squished down enjoying them while I dream of a land where everything is banana flavoured.  Sometimes I just don't feel like being tough.  Sometimes I just want to be sucky and let Mommy or Daddy do all the work to pet me and love on me.  I will admit, it's nice!  And it's super nice when Binky and I can get the royal treatment in tandem so neither of us has to do all the work!  We sure are lucky bunns.  I wish everybunny was as lucky as we are.....

So hug your bunny today.  Cuddle them, snorgle them, love on them like it's the last day of your life.  Let them know how much they are loved.  Give them treats.  Lots of treats.  Buy them toys.  Let them rule the household and resign yourself to the fact that you are a bunny slave.......

"Okay Fluffy, now you are getting carried away...."

*sigh* Thanks Mom.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day

I'm just going to apologize right now for these videos.  Of course, Mom is recording them and yammering in her silly voice being all cute and narrative.  She really needs to learn more about the art of editing....

"Fluffy, you KNOW I am an editor, right?"

Then why are these videos so long?!

"They're not THAT long.  Besides, you're adorable!  I could never let any footage of you end up on the cutting room floor....."

Anyway, as you can see, we've had a lot of snow here over the last couple of days.  Even though we live in Canada, we don't usually get this much snow all at once but I guess this year is special.  Last year, we never touched our shovel....

I love the snow!  I love to hop hop hop and sink in it!  And run like a real wild bunny does!  But of course, Mom had to make sure I didn't go anywhere so she stuck me in the alley along the side of the house that goes to the garage, then blocked off the other end with an xpen. 

But that's okay, I had fun!  I'm not all that used to the snow but it's like a soft, cold treat under my feet.

And of course, Miss Binks got in on the action too!  Binky has an inner Wild Snow Bunny she likes to unleash at least once a winter.  She's pretty good out there too, considering she is blind and has no idea where she is.  She likes to dig in it.  And she likes being outside in general, listening to the birds and sniffing the air, although there probably isn't much to sniff in the middle of winter.

Mom brought some snow inside in a big litter bin but Binky and I were pretty much done with it at that point.  We were warming up our nosies and tosies in front of the heater.  "That was fun, wasn't it Fluffy?"

"Sure was, Binky.  But now my ear tips are cold and wet...."  Then she leaned in and started licking them.  "Here, let me get that for you...."



Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dr. Deb!

It's a new year and that means it's time for our yearly check ups.  We were very excited to see our favourite vet again, Dr. Deb!  We love Dr. Deb but she was MIA for a while after leaving the Acton Clinic but the good news is, she has opened her own clinic, Black Creek Animal Hospital in Acton, ON.  YAY for Dr. Deb!

It's not too far from us so that's good and it's big and new and super-cool.  Us bunnies don't like vets poking and prodding and stuff but at least we are used to Dr. Deb and her soft hands and gentle handling.

Everything was good for me!  I am still the nice lean bunny I have always been.  Dr. Deb did prescribe panacur for me though - I take a 30-day regime once a year to keep my EC at bay.  I had head tilt four years ago and panacur helps to keep everything in check.  It doesn't taste that bad and I am a good boy at taking my meds.

Here is Miss Binks getting her check up.  She has always been very healthy.  She eats well, loves her hay and poops like a machine.  Although she has been known as "Stinky Binky" from time to time when her anal glands get a bit out of control but she gets those cleaned.  Don't tell her I posted this because she would be mad at me - she thinks her bum smells like roses......

Scooter also go the all-clear which is really good.  Scooter goes to the vet twice a year because sometimes he needs to get his teeth filed, but Dr. Deb said they looked great so no filing was needed - YAY!  Scooter really hates being put under and it often takes him a week to get back on track after he gets his teeth done. 
Dr. Deb was very sad to hear that we lost little Ella in June.  Dr. Deb really loved Ella and Ella was very kind to her - except once when she showed Dr. Deb how good she could growl and box!  But other than that one time, feisty Ella was always sweet with Dr. Deb.

So we all got treats when we got home which we gladly accepted, and then gave Mom and Dad the customary thumps and foot flicks of disapproval despite our rewards.  We followed that with some ignoring and Stink Eyes.  After all, we have to keep things dramatic so that Mom and Dad are constantly asking for forgiveness and offering treats as peace offerings....

Happy and healthy bunns - that's just the way we like it around here!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post Christmas Report

A willow flower I got in my stocking.  And an edible hand-made Christmas card - the green tree is made of parsley!
 Well I hope everybun had a very Merry Christmas and Hoppy New Year!  I guess I can't complain about the holidays much.  I did get some awesome stuff, but let's look back at my list to Santa Paws and what he actually delivered....

1) A nanner. One whole nanner, perfectly ripe and peeled, all for myself!

Well, technically I got a nanner, but mom said I wasn't allowed to eat it all at once - instead I would get a pinch of it a day.  Well that's exactly what I get every day anyhow so I don't see the difference.  For this reason, I give this gift one THUMP.

My 2 new Stupid Blankets
2) A new Stupid Blanket.
Not only did I get a new Stupid Blanket, I got TWO of them!  How awesome is that?!  I was sooooo ready to sink my chompers into them but Mom says I have to wait until I completely ruin the two that are currently on the couch.  This gift gets two BINKIES, but I am taking half a binky away because I have to wait to use them.....humph!
3) A seagrass mat.
I got one!  And I love it!  I am going to make this one last so I am just gingerly chewing the perimeter first, then I will get down to business!  A big BINKY for this gift!
4) A flap for the door to the storage area.
Well, as you can guess, no door flap for me.  Two THUMPS!

5) Treats. Any kind, any flavour, any brand. Treats. And more treats.

Major score in this department!  We got all kinds of new yummy treats to try!  They came from the Bunspace store and they are sooooooooo yummy!  We got cranberry and timothy cupcakes, banana bites, persimmon slices and dried pineapple - the pineapple is my favourite!  So yummy!  And they are all-natural with no chemicals or preservatives, yay!  Thank you Bunspace for making such healthy treats for us bunnies!  5 BINKIES!

Binky in her new Coach Scarf
And of course, Daddy had to spoil Binky again this year - she got Coach scarf #2.  I mean seriously, another Coach scarf?  We really need to go to more fancy shindigs so that Binky can wear her wardrobe.  "Isn't it be-yoo-ti-ful Fluffy?  Look how nice it goes with my white Dolce & Gabunny tracksuit!"

"Yes, Binks, it looks very pretty on you.  But then again, anything would look pretty on you because you are so pretty to begin with..."

"Awww, Fluffy!  I love you!"

Like Dad always says, "Happy wife, happy life...."