Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome To The BunnyDome

"Forget it!  I'm not getting in that thing!"
"But Fluffy, I got it for you and Binks!  It's a cool house to sleep in!"
"It's a cat litter bin!"
"Well, technically yes, but that's not to say it doesn't make an awesome place to hide!  Look, there's no litter in there, I put your nice soft bed in there!  It's like a bunny palace, with steps and everything!"

It's a litter bin for cats and I'm not going in.

Even though Miss Binks is blind, she is still always the first to explore something new that is placed in our playroom.  So of course, I let her check it out first.  Watch the video.  See her reaction?  That was a definite no.  No for her means no for me (unless it's treats, then no for her means more for me).

We have so much stuff.  Seriously.  We have so many places to hide, I don't know why Mom thought another place would be good.  "But it's nice and purple and stylish!  Just try it - I swear you will like it....."

We have a Maze Haven (well only half of one now.  Binky recently took it upon herself to demolish the lower level so Mom cut it down to just one level instead of two).  We have a willow tent.  We have a stuffed tree house.  We have TWO plush houses.  We have a tunnel.  And we have a coffee table. 

Now we also have a stupid purple igloo.

Wish she would have spent the money on bananas instead.....



The Fab Furs said...

Maybe it's too modern for Miss Binks. Perhaps a pink castle with a turret is more her style.

Hef's Mom said...

Prehaps its the slippery steps?

Lisa said...

We have a lot of the same stuff! Including the surviving half of a maze haven ;)

Sarah Jane said...

Just discovered your blog, its ace!

Love Domino,


Digdug said...

Its the same here, I sometimes bring home something that i know my bun would look in or on,.. and no dice

Digdug said...
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