Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleep Well Sweet Brie

Things took a sad turn for us earlier this week.  Shortly before midnight on Monday, my little hammie sister Brie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She had been showing signs of old age for quite some time. She slept a lot and was only ever up long enough to display spurts of energy as she scurried around on the bed playing with Mom and Dad. As her time wound down, she didn't eat much so Mom and Dad would make her strawberry oatmeal and hand feed her twice a day.  She loved it and always ate it with gusto, even up to one hour before she passed.

She had a special relationship with Dad.  She would always freeze in her tracks when she would hear his voice and scurry over to him when he entered the room. In the last few weeks, her favorite place was snuggled in his t-shirt.

Little Brie was very gentle and personable and was accustomed to kisses, strokes and raspberries blown on her belly. She had a beautiful golden coat that fluffed up as she played, but would turn into long strands of golden silk if you stroked her long enough. She survived her heating duct adventure with nothing more than dust on her whiskers and a great story to tell. In her wake, she leaves behind 17 plastic exercise balls, each one no match for her determination to escape.

We are all going to miss her more than anyone can know. Mom and Dad are so very grateful to have spent her last hours with her, surrounding her with love and kisses. The last thing she felt was Mommy's finger stroking her head, letting her know about the great adventures that awaited her at the Rainbow Bridge. We know she was met by  our other hammies Boo, Lucky, Timmy, her mommy Saffron and her brother Sage and I know that right now she is rolling top speed in her beautiful new hammy ball, leading the pack towards the big plate of oatmeal that awaits her.....

We love you Brie Hamster. Always.....


Thursday, December 15, 2011

The List

Christmas 2011 card ver. 1

Dear Santa Paws,

It's Fluffy McFluffersons here sending you a list of the things I would like for Christmas.  Despite anything Mom or Dad may have told you, I have been a very good little bunny this year and am most deserving of the following gifts as my reward.

Firstly, I think an upgrade to our current stroller would be nice.  The one we have now is pink and I would prefer one in a Tough Lop shade of blue.  This one looks perfect, except of course for the two cats sitting inside.  Scat cats!  That's my stroller!  Ahem, as you can see, there is plenty of room for Miss Binks and I to sprawl out to relax and it's nice and high off the ground to keep yippy dogs at bay and to give us a great view of our surroundings.

Next, Miss Binks and I would like a really nice bed to snorgle in.  But it has to be special.  Binky likes red and she likes to be comfortable.  Me?  I like my privacy so something a little more intimate would be prefered.  Dad always gets annoyed when Binks and I get frisky while he is watching the hockey game so a bed like this one, that has curtains you can draw closed, would be ideal!  Is this available with a memory foam matress?

Binky and I like to stretch our legs outside in the summertime so perhaps some fun things for the backyard would be nice.  Nothing too complicated, but we think a set up just like this one would be perfect.  Slides, shelters, fences to jump - what more could we want? 
Well, how about this.....

Finally, I think it's time for a nice little retirement place for Miss Binks and I.  It doesn't need to be big and fancy....okay, maybe it does.  How awesome is this?!  So many places for Binky and I to run, hide and cuddle!  And here is the link for directions on how to build it.  Seems simple enough - easy peasey lemon squeezy!

So as you can see, my list is pretty short.  Binks and I aren't asking for a lot but simply giving you some ideas on what we would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning.  Hopefully it won't be a problem fitting this stuff into your sleigh.  If it is, I am sure you can rent a truck or something.

Sincerely yours,

Fluffy McFluffersons

Christmas 2011 card ver. 2