Thursday, January 29, 2009

Binky The Wild Snow Bunny

Well, we certainly have been receiving our fair share of snow around here - I guess it's to be expected, living in Canada and all. We have had some very nice snowfalls lately - the ones that make all the tree branches marshmallowy and droopy. Mom says that's the best kind of snow to make snowbunnies with, not the heavy, slushy kind that makes shovelling hard and curse words come out of Mommy's mouth. We haven't heard many of those lately, largely because Mom and Dad hired the kid across the street to do the shovelling for them. Now he mostly says the curse words instead. Hey, it's a living.

Mom took us out in the snow one mild and blue-sky day. Miss Binks took a particular liking to it. I really didn't think she would - you know, with her being all diva-ish and all. She never likes getting her white Dolce & Gabunny track suit all wet, but I think the fresh air brought out the "wild bunn" in her. "Look at me Fluffy! I'm a wild snow bunny!" she said as she hopped about and sniffed whatever was still peeking above the snow. "It's so nice and white out here! I can dig and dig and dig....."

I decided to hop on over to the neighbours yard, of course with Mom right behind me. "Fluffy, you don't live there! Get back over to your own yard!" So off I scampered and hid under the bar-b-que. Mom tried to scoot me out and I took off again, but not too far as the snow was just deep enough that I couldn't get a full out run going, just some big, frisky hops. I wiggled my little butt in the air and it made Mom laugh.

Nutters and Butters were screeching at us from the treetops. They are still cranky that the squirrel feeder is broken. Mom got outbid on the one she saw on eBay, but she is still looking. Apparently finding a squirrel feeder in the middle of winter is a pretty tall order. She still tries to put some peanuts out but it seems like it's never enough. Good thing the chickadees toss a lot of seeds out of the bird feeder - Nutters and Butters have been nibbling under it daily.

We got back inside and Binks and I got to work on grooming each other dry. "Did you see me out there Fluffy? I was a wild snow bunny!"

"Yes, Binks, the prettiest wild snow bunny there is!" I declared. "Awww, Fluffy, you're so sweet..." she said as she flipped one of my floppy ears over and began licking the inside. I love it when she does that. It makes my bum twitch. That and bananas.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Check Up Time!

Well, it's a brand new year and time for all of us bunnies (and hamsters) to get our annual check ups! Mom takes us to the Acton Veterinary clinic ( to see Dr. Deb and she picks us up, feels our tummies, checks our ears, eyes and teeth and gives is a weigh.

Dr. Deb says that other than my eyes getting a wee bit cloudy (which comes with my -ahem - maturity), I am nice and lean and in perfect health! She gave me my yearly dose of panacur to help keep my E.C. in check so I don't get head tilt again like I had two years ago. Dr. Deb also noticed my two bald spots on my ears and asked about it, but Mom reassured her that it was a result of Miss Binks' extreme lovin' ear licks. Miss Binks got an A+ for making them so symmetrical.

Miss Binks is in good health too. Her one good eye is doing well and she has the most perfectly clean ears! But she was really nervous when Dr. Deb was handling her - her one eyeball was bulging out! That's how we know Miss Binks is stressed, so Dr. Deb put her back down and Mom gave her a treat.

Ella and Scooter, the *other* two bunnies that live upstairs, all checked out healthy as well and my little sister Lucky the hamster was officially declared a girl (Mom and Dad weren't quite sure) and also received a clean bill of health! YAY! This made Mom and Dad very happy indeed!

But it seems nothing can improve the mood that Nutters and Butters have been in lately. Somehow, last week, the squirrel feeder got busted and now it doesn't hold nuts properly. Mom has been unable to fill it and as a result, Nutters and Butters are none too impressed. Every morning and afternoon they come and sit at the patio doors and screech at me to tell Mom that they are hungry. "Hey! Fluffy! Go tell your Mom to put out more peanuts! We're starving!"

"But the squirrel feeder is broken - it can't hold any nuts!" I try to explain. "Well, tell her to get another one! Our tummies are a-rumblin'!"

Mom has been looking everywhere for a squirrel feeder - I hope she finds one soon. She thinks she might have to order one of off eBay. Until then, Nutters and Butters will just have to wait and make do with whatever bird seeds the chickadees scatter from the bird feeder....


Monday, January 5, 2009

Hoppy Holidays!

Well, I must say, Santa Paws surely was generous this year! Of course, that's because Binky and I had been very well behaved all year long! Check out the picture of Miss Binks raiding my Christmas stocking - she's always gotta see what I have first, just in case it's something better than she already has.

Our stockings were stuffed with treats - dehydrated apple, pear and mango - de-LISH! We also each got a straw ball with a bell inside. I like to toss mine around and tell it who's boss. I will fling it in the air and chase it where it lands. "That's right you stupid ball! I'm a Big Tough Lop and I rule the roost around here!"

Then we got to open our gifts! Check out the other picture - that blue and yellow thing is our new crinkle cat tunnel! It's really long and neat looking inside! I like to run through it because it makes this funny crinkly noise when my feet gallop across it. It took Binks a while to get used to it - I think she found the noise sort of strange at first, but now she likes to run through it too.

We also got an edible timothy hay tunnel from Oxbow and it's really awesome! Binks and I did a fine job unravelling it. Mom wasn't too impressed though. Apparently we are supposed to eat it bit by bit and make it smaller and smaller. But instead we unravelled half of it so there was about 24 feet of hay rope all over the floor! Binks and I thought it was kinda neat, but mom took what was left of the tunnel and hid it away, saying we could get it back once we ate all the hay rope off the floor. What a scrooge! Well, we are actually doing a pretty good job eating it up. Hopefully we will be done by Friday. Then we will get the tunnel back and we will unravel the rest of it! Tee hee!

Between the gifts we got from Mom and Dad, Santa Paws and our Bunspace Secret Santas, it's been a banner year for presents! Miss Binks and I spent New Years Eve huddled together in front of the fireplace, our bellies full from all of the treats we had. Mom and Dad came down after midnight to give us a New Year's snorgle and wish us well. I made a few resolutions for this year: to eat more raisins, to give Binks more ear licks and eyeball washes, to try and stay out of trouble (notice how I said "try") and to keep those Stupid Blankets in line. Because I am one Big Tough Lop.....

Happy New Year everyone!