Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What I Want For Christmas

Yup, it's that time of year.  That time of year where you think back and hope that Santa Paws wasn't watching you as closely as he may have been.  Not that I'm a bad bunny or anything....but I have had some Bunny Misadventures that could be categorized as being on the naughty side.  I simply chalk that up to suppressed wild rabbit instinct and a strong and brave sense of adventure.

So without further ado, my letter to Santa Paws.....

Dear Santa Paws,

I have been a very good bunny this year despite what Mommy may say or any incriminating evidence she may have captured on that stupid phone of hers.  I eat all my salad and lots of hay and (most of the time) always poop in the litterbin.  Except for that one time Mom found a poop 5 feet up on the wall.  But I digress...

I always give Binky ear licks and loving snorgles and I never get mad when she steals my carrot from me - that is because I love her and there is nothing she can do to upset me.  So considering all of my Good Bunny Deeds, here is my list of what I would like for Christmas:

1) A nanner.  One whole nanner, perfectly ripe and peeled, all for myself!  Mom keeps saying that's too much sugar for one bunny to eat but I promise I will eat it slowly and even share some with Miss Binks. If I have to.

2) A new Stupid Blanket.  My current ones are getting pretty chewed up and I am always in need of having one on back-up, ready to go at a moments notice should any of the present blankets be deemed too holey for me to play with.....I mean, savagely dig, chew and shred.

3) A seagrass mat - I love chewing on those!  They are so crunchy and tasty!  Plus they are easy to toss around and fling into the air....

4) A flap for the door to the storage area, so I can still sneak inside even when the door is closed and rummage through those boxes, suitcases and Rubbermaid containers!

5) Treats.  Any kind, any flavour, any brand.  Treats.  And more treats.

So Santa Paws, as you can see, I am not asking for a whole lot.  Hopefully this list will be a good starting point - feel free to expand on my ideas.

In return, I will continue to be a good bunny and love Miss Binks with all my heart.  In fact, she is calling me over for ear licks right now so I had better get busy.  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I promise to remember to leave out some carrots and water for you on Christmas Eve.

Thank you!


So that's my letter - what do you think?  Too much?  Not enough?  Well, I guess we will have to wait and see...

Until then, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my Peeps a very Merry Christmas, Hoppy Holiday, Festive Season and a wonderful and prosperous new year!  Thanks for reading my blog - see you in 2011!

Lots of Bunny Love,

Fluffy and Binky

P.S. Here's our Christmas Card - I'm the handsome dude in the middle.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear iPhone People.....

Dear iPhone People,

It is with dire need that I request that you STOP making products that are so easy to use that even my technically inept Mom can figure them out.  Thanks to the iPhone 4, she has turned into a Paparazzi-wannabe, following me all over the place and recording my every move.

Due to my utter and complete adorableness, I am now the subject of constant documentation.  I have been photographed or filmed doing just about everything a bunny does:  sleeping, eating, pooping (yes, pooping!  Who the heck wants to watch that? "I do!" Be quiet Mom!), running, hiding, exploring and most of all, chewing my Stupid Blankets.

I have been followed into the depths of the storage area, been spotlighted in the darkest of areas, had close up after close up of everything from my nose to my bald ears to my bum! "But it's so cute Fluffy!  Your bum is my favourite part!"

*sigh*  Please.  Isn't there a switch somewhere you can flip that will make my Mom's iPhone not work anymore?  Certainly you have the power to perform such a task.  I remember a day when phones were just phones, used for the sole purpose of talking to one another.  Not filming, editing and posting on to youtube in one easy step.....

Why must I be so adorable?


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Binky The Carrot Thief

Have a look at this video.  This is what I have to deal with every single night.  Binky, stealing my carrots.

It's no secret that carrots are her favourite.  When mom or dad put the dinner plate down, they always hand deliver one baby carrot right to Miss Binks.  "Special delivery for Miss Binky Binkowski!  Are you Miss Binky Binkowski?"

"Why yes, I am!"

"Then this is for you!"

Then she proceeds to hide under the coffee table to eat it.  No special delivery for me.  I have to get up and hop over to the plate. *sigh*

Usually I start with parsley if there is any.  Then I go for the dill.  I used to love kale but Mom says my pee is a little sludgy so kale is officially off the menu.  Next I'll sniff around the romaine and eventually find my own baby carrot.  I start to nibble.  As soon as this happens, Binky's ears perk up.  Usually by this time she has finished her carrot and has a hankering for another, so over she hops.  She will sniff the plate and even if she smells another carrot, she won't go for that one.  Oh no.  She has to go for MY carrot.  Watch the video again......see?  She comes up to the plate, almost touches her nose to another carrot, but doesn't take it.  She wants MINE.

"Fluffy, what do you have?"

chompchompchomp "Nuffin'" chompchompchomp....

"It sounds like a carrot.  Can I have it?"  And before I even get a chance to answer, POOF, it's gone.  That's okay Binks.  Not like I was in the middle of eating that or anything.  Sure, go ahead.  Take it from right under my nose......

You owe me ear licks.....


P.S. Hoppy Thanksgiving to all my American Peeps out there!

P.P.S Thanks to Jade for the fix tip for the video!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buns Just Wanna Have Fun

You know, sometimes us rabbits just want to have a little fun.  Then Mommies have to come and spoil everything.

Yup, she left to door to the storage closet open again and we all know I am not one to pass up a good misadventure!  First I had to weave my way around a step ladder.  Second, I had to climb over a mountain of shoes in a cardboard box.  That got me to the luggage, so I hopped on top of that and that took me way to the back where the other boxes and Rubbermaid totes are - I like jumping across the tops of those!  Mom must've heard me because she started calling my name. 

I was back on the luggage trying to figure out how I got in there in the first place and then here comes Mom with her silly iPhone deciding to catch me in the act!  It was pretty dark in there but Mom had a flashlight she kept shining on me.  Thanks for blinding me with that light, Mom.  You know I can't see a thing when you shine it on me right?

"McFluffersons!  You GIT outta there!"

I couldn't see a darn thing.  She was waving that torch around - on me, on the floor, back on me, on the ceiling - geez Mom!  That's not helping!  She kept trying to reach for me but a big bag of pillows blocked her way and her fingertips could only barely touch me.  Finally she got so annoyed, she put the flashlight and iPhone down, leaned really far in and managed to scoop me with one hand - darn I hate being so light!  It's too easy for her to pick me up singlehandedly!

Yeah, so I was busted, but it was still fun.  And of course I had to make a big deal of it by thumping her once I got back into our room.  It's so annoying when I am trying to pretend that I am in the depths of the Amazon Jungle searching for wild carrots and being all stealth and fierce.  Then here comes Mom wielding her silly flashlight trying to ruin everything.  *SIGH*  Can't a bunny have a misadventure in peace?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Despite What She Thinks, Mom Is Not Funny.


"No Fluffy, a LOP-ster!  You're a Big Tough LOP-ster, get it?"

"Oh, I get it alright.  I'm a stupid lobster!  That's not the kind of Halloween costume I wanted!  I wanted something brave, strong and powerful!  Something cool, something hip, something creative!  Not a crustacean!!!!"

But Fluffy, lobsters are tough - they have those claws you can pinch with.  And red is really your colour...."

*siiiggghhhh*  So I was a LOP-ster for Halloween.  How humiliating.  Look at me.  I couldn't even bear to look at the camera - I have completely given up.  I'll bet Mom has never seen a lobster run around at top speed and thump, but that's what she got.  Then she had to parade me around to the kids who came trick or treating.  "Oh look at that funny bunny!  He's a lobster!"

Oh, of course Binky was pretty and precious in her angel wings.  No one laughed at her.  Everyone fawned over her beauty and delicateness.  Gentle pets, ooo's and aaaaaah's for Binks.  Plenty of finger-pointing and laughs for me.  How am I supposed to regain even an ounce of dignity after this degradation?
There is no telling how this may have scarred me for life.  I'm probably going to need therapy.  I'll be featured on that show "What Ever Happened to...?" and they will be like "Hey, remember that Big Tough Lop with the cool blog?  Whatever happened to him?"

"Oh, his Mom dressed him up as a lobster for Halloween one year....he never recovered...."


Scooter was a bumble bee, a very disapproving and depressed bumble bee.  He's one of those bunnies who, when you dress him up, just sits there pathetically, waiting for you to take the picture and hopefully promptly remove it. 

And you know, Halloween only means that Christmas is that much closer.  And what does that mean?  It means stupid red hats with furry trim, velvet collars with bells and scarves with holly!  Bah humbug - somebunny save me!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay, Now Back To Me....

Okay, so do you think we can get back to talking about me again?  I mean, this IS my blog after all.  Enough about Dad and how wonderful he is, enough about Brie and how crazy she is - let's talk about me!

Hmmm, well maybe I don't really have that much new or exciting stuff to share, except for the fact that Mom has a new iPhone.  This means more silly nonsense videos like the one above.  She never goes anywhere without that thing.  She is constantly using it for emails, texts, and games, games, games!  Even Dad is getting a little annoyed with her.  He said to her the other night "So if you divorce that iPhone, does it get half your stuff?"  Mom just sneered at him and said he was just jealous because he couldn't play "Angry Birds" on his new Blackberry.

Anyway, back to me.  So the dreaded Halloween season is upon us and Mom has asked me what I'd like to be.  "Mom, I am NOT dressing up this year!"

"Oh but Fluffy, you were so cute last year when you were a dragon!  And the year before?  When you were Super Bunny?  Don't tell me you didn't like running around with that red cape billowing out behind you...I know you did..."

"I did not!"  Okay, maybe I did just a little, but I am certainly not going to tell her that!  "Why can't I just be a bunny?!"

"Because you already ARE a bunny!  The whole idea is to dress up as something you're not!"

"So I wasn't really a Super Hero two years ago?!  You said I was!  You said I was a REAL Super Hero!"

"Um, well, yes!  Yes you were!  What I mean is, for Halloween we get to dress up in clothes we don't normally get to wear....yes, that's what I meant.  How about being a pumpkin?"


"A pirate?"


"How about a goblin?"

Oh hey, that's kinda cool, but no.  "NO Mom!  I just want to be me!"

*sigh* "Whatever.  Binky, would you like to be a sweet little angel for Halloween?"

"Yes please...."

"See Fluffy?  Binky likes Halloween!"

"Binks!  You're not helping my case!"

"But I like dressing up.  I was a Princess one year.  I'd like to be an angel.  With pretty wings."

"You got it Binks!"

So much for sticking together.  Well, Binky is already an angel in my eyes anyway.  I just hope Mom finds something cool for me.  Something that represents who I really am, a Big Tough Lop, an adventure-seeker, a daring, brave and devilishly handsome rabbit.  I wonder if they make James Bond costumes in my size....?


Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Hammy Misadventure

Yes, usually it's me, McFluffersons, who gets into bunny misadventures.  But alas, this misadventure is a scary tale (tail?) of a not-so-wee hamster named Brie and her escape-artist ways.  As some of you may recall, Brie is our hammy friend who lives in the living room.  She is tough and hearty, handles well and has no fear.  She also has a penchant for chewing her way out of her exercise balls.  You see, when she is in them rolling around, she will chew off the little notches that twist and hold it shut.  Brie is 10 months old and is on her 10th ball.  That's right, she averages about one ball per month.

So last night she was out in her ball, rolling around and bumping into walls and chair legs and whatnot.  Mom was in the living room watching television.  Mom noticed that she didn't hear the ball any more - she wasn't too panicked as sometimes, Brie just sits for a rest or gets wedged someplace and mom has to go and rescue her.  Well, mom got up to find out where she was and there it was - her ball, on the floor, lid off, hamster gone. 

Mom was immediately on all fours calling out her name.  "Brie!  Brie where are you?"  Then she called for Dad to come upstairs to help look for her.  And then she saw it.  The air vent.  The ball was parked right next to it and the register was one of those old ones with an antique design, plenty of room for a hamster to get through.  Her heart sank... "Oh GOD!  She's in the VENT!!!!!!!!!!"

Mom and Dad made quick work of ripping the register off from the wall and used a flashlight and mirror to see what they could.  The vent reached about a foot under the cabinet and then dropped - to the furnace!  Dad spilled all the pots and pans out from the cupboard and ripped the floor of the cupboard out to get better access, but she was nowhere to be found.  Mom was completely hysterical.  Once Dad was able to get her to be quiet, they heard Brie.  She was scratching somewhere in the bowels of the furnace system.

While Dad tried to devise a plan, mom ran upstairs to the computer to find heating and air conditioning companies - she needed someone to come out ASAP!  She called every single one she could find.  It was 11:15 pm and virtually every one of them was nothing more than an answering machine so she tried desperately to hold back her tears and leave coherent messages for them to call back.  One company did answer but after mom explained the situation, that we had lost a hamster down a vent, he actually laughed at her.  "Sorry, we don't do hamsters."  Mommy's heart sunk a thousand depths.  The next place she called had an operator that put her in touch with a 24-hour on-call person.  She called and explained the situation.  He didn't think he could help but agreed to come out.  Mom thanked him profusely - finally, help was on the way.....

And then she heard Dad from the basement.

"I GOT HER!!!!!"

"WHAT?  Are you sure?!"  Mom screamed.  "YUP!  I've got her in my hands right now!"  Mom burst into tears.

She ran downstairs to find Dad holding one very dusty, dirty and aluminum-smelling hamster.  She scooped her in her hands and kissed her all over.  "How did you get her out?"

"I went to the furnace room and listened for her.  I followed the sound and started pulling metal tubes out from the furnace.  I found her at the bottom of one......"  Mom cried on Dad's shoulder as she gave him a big hug.  Daddy saved Brie's life.  Mommy called the heating guy back and told him that Brie was safe so he didn't need to make the trip.  All was well and she was safe.

Upon later inspection, Mom and Dad can't seem to figure out how Brie ended up where she did.  They followed the vent from below the kitchen counter and it led right to the top of the furnace.  Somehow, Brie managed to bypass dropping directly down into it and continued down another vent that later dropped another 6 feet to almost floor level.  And there she stayed until Dad rescued her.  Mom and Dad both believe a very special angel was watching over her last night.

The above picture was taken right after she was put back in her cage.  You can't quite tell but her nose, mouth and ear tips are all dirty.  She spent the night giving herself a good groom and is almost back to normal.

Mom and Dad are so thankful that she is safe and sound.  Little Brie, even though she is so small, is still a very big part of our family.  And that was one serious Hamster Misadventure.....


Saturday, September 25, 2010

BunFest 2010

Oh, it's close alright, it's tomorrow!

No, that's not me, that's Hattie - isn't she cute?  And BunFest is a really big convention that Mom organizes every year for Rabbit Rescue.  It raises a lot of money for all of the bunnies who need it.

Mom has been working on BunFest since about June and these last few weeks have been very busy.  "Mom!  It's time you updated my blog!" I reminded her.  "I know, I know, I'm sorry.  I've just been so busy with all this BunFest stuff lately I just haven't had time..."

"Well, you can't keep my peeps waiting!"

The summer has come to an end and the humid days are moving off into the sunset, although a few of them still hang around.  The patio door is open more and Miss Binks and I like to sniff the cool, fall air.  Nutters and Butters are packing their cheeks with nuts for the winter even though it's quite a ways off.  And as the leaves begin to change colour, it's a reminder that it's BunFest time!

BunFest is a lot of fun and Mom works really hard gathering all the volunteers together for one common cause - to help Rabbit Rescue raise money!  It's become quite the event and it's grown in so many ways.  We get to educate people about proper bunny care like diet, housing, spaying and neutering and people can come and bring their bunnies and meet other bunny parents too.  It's so important that there be a great support system of pet rabbit owners and BunFest is a great way to nurture that. 

There are all kinds of things for bunnies to do there as well.  There is a BunSpa, Glamour Shots, a Cafe and Lounge and you can even make your own bunny toy to take home!  Not to mention all the toys, treats and merchandise there is to buy.

Where else can you get a free consultation with a rabbit-savvy vet?  Fresh farm grown hay, bagged on the spot?  AND get a loot bag?  Hey, it's not a party without loot bags!

It's tons of fun and if there are any bunnies in the southern Ontario region, please come out and check it out!  Click here for all the details.

Once BunFest is over, Mom says she is going to take a really long nap, like, REALLY long. But until then, the next 24 hours are going to be crazy busy!  "Hey Mom!!"

"Yes, Fluffy?"

"Don't forget to bring home all kinds of presents for us okay?"

"Oh yes, Fluffy, presents for everybunny!!!"


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Little Blue Box

Well, if there was any doubt before about whether or not Binky is a spoiled bunny, this picture should confirm it.

This post is pretty much a continuation of how awesome my Dad is.  Even though I didn't get anything from Tiffany's - harumph.

Mom just celebrated a milestone birthday - the BIG 4-0.  "Fluffy!  Don't post to the world how old I am!!!"

"Oh Mom, relax, it's just a number....."

Anyway, Dad took her to New York City for the weekend and also took her to Tiffany's on 5th Avenue to pick out something for herself.  Mom chose a charm bracelet and some charms - very nice indeed.  Everything was beautifully wrapped in a blue Tiffany box and tied with a white fabric ribbon.

So according to Mom, there is something about Tiffany's that is special.  Something about an incredible feeling that rushes over your body when someone hands you that blue Tiffany box with the white ribbon.  Apparently, women all over the world swoon over the scenario of receiving such a gift, and Mom is no exception.  "It's just so very special!  Tiffany's is very special.  You know Mom isn't really into brand names and fancy-shmancy stuff, but Coach and Tiffany's are her only exceptions.  And did you know that at Tiffany's they learn how to tie the ribbon in a very special way so that all you have to do is tug on one loose end and it will automatically unravel and fall open?  That's dreamy......"


Okay, so anyway, Dad is awesome for taking Mom to Tiffany's but he is also awesome because he bought something for Binky too!  Her very own Tiffany scarf.  That's her in the picture wearing it, posing next to her blue Tiffany box.  "Binky's my girl...." he told Mom that day, "...and she deserves something special, too."

"Fluffy, don't I look pretty?  Doesn't this scarf look beautiful against my white Dolce & GaBunny track suit?" she asked.  "You're always pretty, Binks.  It's really nice with your pink eye too!"

So there you have it.  Mom and Binky, two very spoiled ladies!  But I guess they deserve it.  Miss Binks keeps her scarf in her little blue box on her wardrobe shelf,  right next to the box with her Coach scarf.  She might just very well be the best dressed bunny in town....


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes It's Not All About Me

Sure, this blog may be about me, Fluffy McFluffersons, Big Tough Lop Extraordinaire and all of my bunny misadventures.  But sometimes someone else steals the show and I feel compelled to step back and let them get all the attention.  And this is one of those times.

There is no doubt I am a very lucky bunny to have the family that I do.  And this week I am very proud of someone very special to me.  My Dad.  Not only does my Dad let me chew all his cotton shirts beyond recognition, but he also loves bunnies to an amazing degree.  Two weeks ago, a friend of his at work brought in three baby cottontails that he found huddled under his truck in a parking lot.  Knowing my dad loves bunnies, he figured he'd know what to do.  Dad brought them home and after one night with us, took them to a wildlife rehabber.  She took them in, fed them well and kept them safe until they were old enough and strong enough to be on their own.  Then Dad (with Mom in tow) picked them up and released them back into the wild.

Although Mom and Dad would LOVE to have a cottontail as a pet, they know the best thing for them is to live their life as the wild animal they are.  So they felt very lucky to have been able to help these bunnies and set them free, back to Mother Nature and a happy cottontail life!  We introduce to you Winken, Blinken and Nod....

My Dad is the best.  He has the biggest heart, and the best cotton shirts to chew.  I love you Dad!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Two Foot Rule

Okay, every bunny owner knows there is a rule.  It's called the Two Foot Rule.  It's a simple way of maintaining order and preventing the world as you know it from being completely destroyed.  The Two Foot Rule is quite simple.  If you don't want it chewed, keep it at least two feet off the ground. 

Us bunnies can tell a quality item from an inferior item.  For example, I never chew on Mom's Payless Shoes, but I love a good chow down on her Birkenstocks!  Another example is Mom's Coach purse.  Mom loves Coach.  And so do I!  The leather is so soft and supple and a dream to snack on.  It's not very often I get the opportunity to sink my teeth into something so premium, but recently, the opportunity presented itself.

All I had to do was hop over to it sitting on the floor and Mom was on me like stink.  "McFlufferson!  Get away from Mommy's Coach purse right now!"  She got up and ran over to it, only to discover that she was too late - I had already indulged!  Check out the close-up of my handy work - matching notches on the trim and the strap, along with a scratch for good measure.  "BAH!!!!!!"  she raged as she shook her fist at me.  "FLUFFY!  How could you?!  Mommy's best purse!" she whined.  "Come on Mom.  The Two Foot Rule.  You know it and I know it.  The second you put that thing on the floor and walked away, it was fair game!"  She sighed and conceded defeat.  "Yes Fluffs, you're right.  Mom should have known better...."

Check out some more examples of my handy work.  These are the baseboards in our room.  Pretty impressive, huh?  And just so you know, this work of art extends around the entire perimeter of the room, exactly even too!  Of course, some areas, like behind the TV cabinet and behind the couch are not quite complete, but work has begun.  In fact, when we got the new carpet, Mom and Dad had to move the couch, and couldn't figure out how Binky and I got to the back of it to start some chewing.  Clearly we are proving ourselves to be quite the unpredictable pair.

And here is a shot of Miss Binks taking credit for the coffee table legs - notice how she has delicately chewed around ever corner.  Every leg looks like this.  You can even see work has begun on the part above the shelf as well.  This is a work in progress - we are aiming for a completion date of early 2012.

So there you have it folks.  If you've never heard of the Two Foot Rule, consider yourselves warned.  If you want it kept in pristine condition, keep it two feet off the ground.  Otherwise - CHOMP!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ahhh, The Glamorous Life.....

Aren't we cute?  Seriously...isn't Miss Binks just the prettiest little thing you've ever seen?  It's no wonder I am so in love with her....

Mom and Dad went on vacation last week and all of us got to visit our Auntie Jessica.  She is a great photographer - bunnies are her muses and she takes great pictures of them.  She made us look like movie bunns!  To see more of her work, click here.  Jessica has five bunnies of her own as well as a foster hamster named Mocha.  She recently bought Mocha a brand new Habitrail set up so we pretty much consider that an adoption.  She is still in denial, but Mom and Dad know from experience that it's just a matter of time.....:)

Here's a shot of Brie. Jessica had to give her craisins to snack on to get her to stay still. She is a wily little hamster who is always on the move.  She loves rolling in her exercise ball but she has a habit of nibbling the little notches off while she is inside, thus escaping from her ball and scaring the bejesus out of Mom and Dad as they search high and low for her.  Does anyone know if they make screw-top hamster balls?  Brie is only 8 months old and she is currently on her ninth ball.  Please let Mom know if you do.

And her is a shot of Scooter (right) and Jessica's bunny Hot Dog (left).  Hot Dog is a rex bunny - you can almost see how super soft he is!  Don't they look handsome together?  Their fur is the exact same colour!  Scooter is very photogenic - he has this whole Derek Zoolander thing going on that makes Mom giggle and give him extra smooches.

So, now that we are home, Binks and I are also back in the family room downstairs.  And yes, the brand new carpet is down as well.  Binks wasn't too impressed.  "All that hard work I did shredding up the edges behind the TV, gone to waste!  It took me YEARS to do that!"  I tried to reassure her.  "Don't worry Binks, we can shred the new carpet just as nice, maybe even nicer!  Look over there - the corner is sticking up!  Let's go to town!"  and with that we headed off to the corner of the room to begin work on our latest bunstruction project.....


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Temporary Digs

There's water in the basement.  Well, the was water in the basement.

The furnace started leaking water every time the air conditioner went on, and with the crazy hot summer we've been having, it was on a lot.  The water trickled over to the wall where it seeped under the floor and on over to the next room, which is our room.  Then it came up through the laminate floors, the underpadding and the carpet.  Mom realized the problem when she walked into our room and her feet left wet footprints - yuck! 

She called a plumber, who cleaned out a hose and said that the problem was solved.  One week later, more water.  She called him back and he then insisted the water was coming in from outside when it rained.  Mommy looked at him funny and insisted that wasn't the issue.  He insisted it was.  Mommy hates it when service people come over and think that just because she is a lady that she doesn't know anything.  But she knows more than a thing or two.

She tried calling other plumbers but all were very busy and the wait would be very long.  Then one plumber, upon listening to the problem, said he knew exactly what it was and told her how to fix it herself.  So she did, with the help of a co-worker who can fix anything with a pipe wrench and a can of WD40.  Turns out that plumber guy cleaned out the wrong hose.  The basement has been dry ever since.  Where was Dad in all this?  Well, let's just say it's better if Daddy stays away from the tools, for everyone's sake. 

Needless to say, with all of this going on, Binks and I were moved upstairs to the main floor.  We like it up there - all new places to explore!  Here is a picture of me guarding the DVDs. 

Binky likes hiding under the couch.  She has to flatten herself out like a pancake to slide under there but she can do it.  Despite having no carpet, we both do pretty well and Binks is able to get up to a good trott when that box of raisins is given a good shake.  She also likes ripping up the flyers in the magazine rack.  Here is a shot of her proudly running around with a piece of paper in her mouth...silly girl.

So Mom and Dad ripped up the carpet and underpadding and the garbage men took it away yesterday. A brand new carpet has been ordered and should arrive any day. Then we will get all set up back in our brand new room!  Personally I can't wait to get started nibbling on the new carpet edges - hee hee!

Before I sign off, I would like to acknowledge the fact that my little bunny blog has reached over 10,000 hits!  Mommy is really proud of me and I am feeling pretty proud myself!  Who knew three years ago when I first started posting, that this fun little world that I share with you would gain so much interest?  Thanks goes out to all my peeps for reading the redonculousness that I write - and of course, thanks to Mom who takes my dictation and types it all out.  It's hard to type when you don't have opposing thumbs to hit that spacebar......


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Away From It All And Trying To Heal

Every summer Mom and Dad take us all up to the cottage for a weekend of relaxation.  We really like it up there because the air smells clean and fresh and different.  We live in our expens and it's like camping for us, but indoors.

Here is a goofy shot of Mom snorgling Binks and I on the deck and trying to take a picture at the same time.  We got to see all kinds of animals too.  There were two families of ducks - mommies with babies - that were swimming around our beach (you can see them in the background of the above pic of me lounging on the deck).  And one day, a whole army of Canada Geese, adults and babies, hung out nearby.  Chippy and Redmond (the chipmunk and squirrel) were nowhere to be found - probably because there has been some construction lately and the blasting of rocks.  And of course, lots of seagulls just waiting for bread.

During his out-of-cage time, Scooter came over to sniff us.  He really wanted to hang out and he danced around our expen and did head shakes and binkies!  This made Mom and Dad laugh - they were happy to see him so happy, but also still sad that he is obviously lonely and missing Ella.  Miss Binks was not impressed though.  She and Scooter have a shady past and she did NOT appreciate him hanging around our pen.  In fact, at one point she had him pinned between the pen and the couch and gave him a good box until Mommy came to break it up.  Then she sniffed the chunk of Scooter fur that landed in the pen and did a victory flop, obviously very pleased with herself.

So Scooter learned to stay away from her and only came up to where he could see me at the pen.  "Hi Fluffy."

"Hi Scooter.  How are you?"

"I'm doing okay.  I'm pretty lonely though.  It's nice to see other bunnies, even if Binky hates me."

"Awww, don't worry about her.  She's just a tough gal.  I am sorry you are lonely."

"I miss Ella so much.  She was my sweet little girl.  Everything I do just isn't as fun as it was when she was by my side.  You are lucky to have Binky."  Scooter smooshed his nose through the bars of the expen.  "Yes, I am."  I said.  "I'll bet you miss Ella lots - she was a special little bunny.  But she wouldn't want you to be sad.  You will see her again one day, but until then, you gotta keep your chin up..."

"I try.  I just miss having her cuddle up next to me.  I miss her smell, her soft fur, her tiny little face....and her licks.  I miss her licks most of all.  I would give anything to have her give me just one more lick..."  Scooter's big, brown eyes blinked slowly with the memory.  I hopped up to his face and said "Well, I can give you a few licks.  They might not be as good as Ella's, but they are licks just the same."  And I proceeded to lick his nose through the bars.  Scooter closed his eyes and rested his head to the floor.  "That's nice.  That's very nice indeed.  Thank you Fluffy, I do feel better.  You are a nice friend to comfort me like that."

"No problem buddy.  But you'd better get out of here before Binky catches a whiff of you and returns with a vengence!"

And with that, he hopped away to his expen and flopped out in the cool breeze of the open window, eyes softly shut, with memories of his sweet little Ella dancing in his head....


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When A Heart Is Broken

When a heart is broken, there is a pain that cannot be described.  When a loved one leaves you, the grief can silence the world around you, yet scream inside your soul.  Our family is very sad right now.  We have lost our dear little friend Ella.

This is a picture of Ella and I together.  You see, when Mom and Dad first got her, they tried to bond her to Binky and I, but Miss Binks would not have it.  And little Ella would not have it either.  So for a while, I shared my time with each of them - separately of course - until Mom and Dad adopted Scooter exclusively for Ella.

And so the two of them bonded strong and lived happily, until last Saturday.  Little Ella was not eating with her usual gusto, so Mom and Dad took her to the vet.  An xray revealed a severe kidney infection and they were told that little Ella had weeks, maybe even only days, left to live.  There was no way Mom and Dad could ever have been prepared to hear that news.  Ella was taken to the back room to begin aggressive treatment and Mom and Dad went home, fully intending to return later in the afternoon with Scooter so they could be together.  An hour later, they received a phone call.  As they tried to hook Ella up to the I.V.'s, she went into cardiac arrest.  They tried CPR but could not bring her back.  She was gone.

I can't recall a sadness like this ever being in our house.  Mom and Dad are grieving hard - not having a chance to say goodbye to Ella devastated them.  Mommy is full of "what-if's" and keeps reliving the memory of that morning while Dad does his best to take care of her and deal with his own grief. 

And then there is Scooter.  Mom and Dad made sure he had time with Ella after she passed so that he could try to understand for himself what had happened.  But he is clearly lonely, missing her, looking for her.  At night, he has taken to sitting in the hallway infront of Mom and Dad's bedroom, looking for company perhaps, or maybe just making sure they don't disappear too.  He is getting smothered with extra love and attention from Mom and Dad though and they hope that he is able to understand what has happened to his precious Ella.

 Ella was a firecracker.  A three-legged bunny with attitude to spare.  Ella from the House of Monster was one of her many nicknames.  Mommy called her her Little Star and she and Ella had a very special bond.  Ella filled our lives with love, friendship, humour and top-notch amusement.  She had a devoted following and was loved beyond measure.  We imagine that she is at the Rainbow Bridge, running through the fields of clover - on four legs, not three! - towards the strawberry patch that is always in season.  She is making many new friends and watches over us all while grooming her little angel wings.

I'm a sad bunny.  Not just because Ella is gone, but because one day, I might be left alone too.  I can't imagine not having my Binks with me.  So I send a big hug to my buddy Scooter and to all of the other bunnies out there who are missing somebunny special.

Give all your bunnies extra snorgles today.  Because you just don't know if there will be a chance to tomorrow....


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

THUMPS for Southwest Airlines!

THUMP!  Well aparently, Southwest Airlines not only doesn't want bunnies as passengers in their airplanes, they don't know SQUAT about bunnies either!

It all started off innocently enough when a Bunspace peep of mine decided to write a letter to Southwest Airlines asking them if they would consider allowing pet rabbits to ride in the cabins of their airplanes, just like they allow dogs and cats.  She created a petition and worked very hard to gather over 500 signatures of people who also wanted to have the option of taking their pet bunnies up into the air with them when they travel.  Here is the letter that was sent....

December 8, 2009

Dear Southwest Airlines, Customer Relations,

I was pleased to see on your website that you are now accepting dogs and cats in-cabin on your airlines. I am writing to request that you consider adding domestic rabbits to the pets that you accept. Domestic rabbits are the third largest pet in the U.S. Bunny owners have had difficulty finding air transportation when travelling with their pets. Continental Airlines and Alaska Airlines saw the need, and they have responded by including rabbits along with dogs and cats as allowable pets in-cabin with their owners.

Domestic rabbits are very well behaved travelling pets. They make little noise, unlike a dog or cat. They are generally litter-trained, and they are comfortable travelling in small confined areas, such as a carry-on pet carrier. They are typically smaller than dogs and cats, and people tend to have fewer allergies to them.

We are a substantially large part of the travelling population, and we have been forced to travel on a select one or two airlines, or travel by car with our pets. I, for one, much prefer Southwest Airlines to most airlines I have travelled on, and would very much appreciate the opportunity to increase my travels with your company.

To educate yourselves on domestic rabbits as pets, I invite you to visit these websites:

www.rabbit.org and www.bunspace.com. You will see that adding rabbits to your acceptable pets would be a rewarding endeavor for you to consider.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Sounds nice and respectful to me, right?  Well, the response she got was, let's say, not so much....

I don't know about you, but it seems to me this Adrienne lady has her facts all wrong!  Plus, Mom thinks her sarcasm is tactless, not to mention weak at best.  "Hare Jordans"?  "Carrotblanca"?  And where are we supposed to be chewing these wires on an airplane?!  Are they stuffed in the carriers with us?  And Bugs Bunny isn't even real - boy, she's in for some disappointment.

Don't get us wrong - each airline has a right to refuse bunnies if they want, but to take a request that someone worked very hard to compile and turn it in to such a JOKE.......it's just not cool.

The House Rabbit Society has also weighed in.....read here.

Mommy and Daddy will most certainly NOT be flying Southwest Airlines anytime soon.  We hope that all you rabbit-lovers out there who share our same disappointment and disgust will agree.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and send a polite letter or phone call to:

Jim Ruppel
Vice President Customer Relations and Rapid Rewards
P.O. Box 36647
Dallas, TX 75235-1647
Phone: 214-792-4223 during business hours

E-mail: feedback form

You can also go to Southwest's Facebook profile and leave a message for them on their wall.
I think bunnies around the world deserve an apology.

As well as First Class accomodations and all-you-can-eat carrots.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where For Art Thou?

I like to hide.  It's like an adventure.  I feel like Christobun Columbus, exploring and investigating hidden passageways to far-off depths of the basement.  Here is a picture of me hiding behind the dryer.....

"Fluffy!  Git out from behind there!"  Mom screeches.  I look at her, then I look away, like I didn't hear what she just said.  "McFluffersons.......OUT!  It's too dangerous back there!"

No it's not!  It's cool!  There are all these tubes winding in and out of places, huge dust bunnies that float in the air when I walk by, dark, mysterious corners of cold tile and battered drywall.  It's an adventurous bunny's dream come true!  What was that sound?!  The Raisin Box?  Oh no, I'm not falling for that one....I'm staying right here.....

I've found many places to hide in this basement.  When I am not hanging behind the dryer, chances are, if the door has been left open, I am in the storage area, weaving in and out of a maze of Rubbermaid bins, cardboard boxes, Christmas decorations and luggage sets - plenty to chew on!  And it's really dark in there - Mom has to come in with a flashlight to look for me.  Usually I see the beam of light flickering about and that is my cue to bolt it out of there.  One time I bolted so fast past Mom, she got startled and hit her head on the low ceiling.

Then there is the furnace room.  The door is almost always closed but every once in a while, Mom has to go in there to get something and off I go, following right behind her.  *sigh*  "Fluffy......you know you aren't supposed to be in here......"  What's this? "It's a furnace....now git!"  What's this?  "It's the old toy box filled with bunny stuff....."  And this?  "The central vac hose......McFluffersons!  No chewing on that!  Stop it!"  That's when I take off like a shot of lightning and beeline it back to the bunny room and flop out beside Miss Binks, my little tummy rising and falling at a rapid pace.

"Fluffy, your whiskers are dusty....."

"That's because I am a brave Bunny Explorer, conquering new lands and discovering hidden treasures!"

"That's nice..." and with that, she begins to groom my dusty whiskers.....


Monday, May 24, 2010

*sniiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffff* Ahhhhhhhhh!

There is nothing like the smell of a beautiful spring day!  Look at me!  Outside!  For the first time this year!  Of course Mom kept her eagle eye on me because of that mad dash I made last year where I ran around the neighbourhood and almost got hit by a van.  Considering that, I'm lucky to see the blue sky at all...

Miss Binks and I were allowed to frollick in the grass in our pen.  I got busy digging because it's not often my little paws really get to dig in anything substantial.  I ripped through that grass and got down to the dirt.  Then I flopped in it - it was nice and cool!  But Mom had to give me a little brush off before I was allowed back in the house.  Miss Binks decided that every blade of grass needed to be flat rather than upright.  "These grassies are sticking up between my toesies and I don't like that!  Stay flat, you grassies!" and with that she proceeded to flatten out all the grass within her reach.

Miss Binks loves to sniff the air.  "Mmmmm, are those roses?  I do believe they are.  And perhaps some.....lilacs.  Yes, definitely lilacs."

"I smell dirt."

*sigh* "That's because you're lying in it Fluffy!  You'd better clean yourself up before snorgling with me or you will get my white Dolce & Gabunny track suit all dirty...."

It's nice to hear the sounds of spring first-hand - the birds chirping in the trees, the breeze blowing through the green, leafy branches, the buzz of the bees visiting our flowerbed and polinating future generations of flowers.  Of course, it was all interrupted by Nutters and Butters screeching at us from the tree tops.  "Hey!  Fill up that squirrel feeder!  Can't you see we emptied it yesterday?  SHEESH!"  They are so amusing the way they sit on their haunches and click and chatter at us, their tails rippling and vibrating in disgust and anger.  They make Mom laugh, and I think that just angers them more. 

Binks eventually came over and flopped out beside me in the shade.  "Isn't it nice outside today Fluffy?  The sky is so blue and the breeze is so sweet..."

"It sure is Binks, and I'm glad I have you here with me to enjoy it."  And on that note I proceeded to give her some nice ear licks.  She leaned her head into mine and let out a contented sigh.  And I did the same.  Right here, right now, life is perfect.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who Invited The Giant Rabbit?!

Seriously?!  I mean, I know that even though I go by the name Big Tough Lop around here, I am only 3 and  a half pounds.  But that doesn't mean that I don't think I am the biggest rabbit in this house.  Well, not anymore.....

This is Pika.  She is a Flemmish Giant.  She weighs 17 pounds.  That is not a typo.  17 pounds.

We are bunnysitting Pika while her Pappy is in Japan.  She has been here for a while already - I thought I smelled something "funny" coming from upstairs - turns out it was her.  Mom and Dad plopped me down on the little carpet to get a picture of us together.  I wasn't there for long because Mom and Dad didn't want me picking up her scent and taking it back downstairs where it would surely set off fireworks between Miss Binks and I - and not the good ones either.  Binky hates the smell of strange bunnies and if she can smell one and not see one, I'm the one that gets the nips in the bum!

So they plop me down just long enough for me to look up and go "Whoa Nellie!  What the heck is that?  Is that a rabbit?!"  Then I heard "Say Cheese!" and there was a flash and I was whisked off back to the basement where I told Binks of my adventure....

"Binks, you should have seen her - she was huge!"  I told her. "Really?  How huge?  Like salad-plate-huge?"

"No, bigger than that!"

"Like hidey-house-huge?"

"Nope!  Think bigger!"

"Really?!  How about litter-box-huge?"

"Yeah, that's more like it, litter-box-huge!  Her ears were as long as my entire body!  Her feet were like big, fluffy cobs of corn!  And her buntocks - oh my bunn - she was like a beachball!"  I explained.

"Oh Fluffy, are you sure?  I find this hard to believe..." Binks said suspiciously.  "No, really!  I saw it with my own eyes!"

"Fluffy, you really need to stop imagining such silly things!  Honestly....the next thing you know, you'll tell me her poops were the size of meatballs!"

"Well, almost....they were more like chocolate covered almonds...."

"Oh Fluffy, you silly Little Man.  Get over here and give me licks before I start believing you!"  So over I hopped and it wasn't long before we were in a full-on snorgle.  Maybe Binks is right.  Maybe I did imagine it.  It did seem pretty unreal to me when it happened.  I guess for now I will go back to thinking I am the biggest bunny in this house.  Yes, that's much better......


Monday, May 3, 2010

The Art Of Being On Time - THUMP!

Punc·tu·al·i·ty - noun, 1.the quality or state of being punctual. 2.strict observance in keeping engagements; promptness.

This is a word that Mom and Dad need to have explained to them because as of late, they have been sorely lacking in the Punctuality Department! 

Let's just start with this weekend.  On Saturday, we went to the vet's for a check up and our appointment was for 11:30 am.  Well, Mom and Dad didn't get out of bed until just before then, so when they came downstairs to pack us up in our carrier, they didn't even give us time to have breakfast!  Usually we get our pellets at about 10 am with lots of fresh hay - oh, we got that alright but we got scooted into our carrier before we could eat anything!  THUMP!

Well, the vet visit went well and everything is good.  But by the time we got home it was 112:30 pm and we were hungry!  And we didn't get our nanners until then too!  What the heck?!

Then Mom and Dad went out Saturday night and didn't get home until 11 pm.  HELLO?!  We eat dinner at 8:30 pm incase you all forgot!  Sheesh!  By the time our plates of salad arrived, we had forgotten what food even looked like.

Then, like Saturday wasn't enough of an insult, they slept in on Sunday!  Dad managed to get downstairs to give us breakfast before high noon, but Mom didn't make the Nanner Delivery until 7:30 pm!  7:30 pm for crying out loud!

Is there a toll-free number I can call?  Some sort of hotline?!  Because this is just unacceptable!  Us bunnies, we like to follow specific schedules and this past weekend was just an insult to bunny time management!  And if there isn't a toll-free number, maybe I will start one!  1-888-FEED-MEE! or 1-800-I-HUNGRY!  Who's with me?!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung!  Here is a nice picture of me sniffing some flowers in our garden.  Okay, not really.  This is a weak photoshop attempt by my mom - this is the garden she wishes she had but with not having a green thumb and not liking getting dirty, pictures of flowers are all she has....

But spring is definitely here.  On the nicer days Mom opens the patio doors to let the sweet, fresh air waift in.  The birds are chirping their sweet little songs and Nutters and Butters are bouncier than ever!  "Hey, Fluffy!  Tell your mom we're starving!"  Yes, Mom has been slacking of on refilling the squirrel feeder but she promises to fill it soon.  Even the Big Fat Cat has resumed his neighbourhood rounds....

So in honour of a fresh new season, Mom has a fresh, new look for my blog.  Don't worry my peeps!  It is still me, Fluffy McFluffersons!  And I will still be filling it with my usual bunny nonsense and misadventures.  Mom felt the need to make everything clean and white but she's not sure if she will keep it this way or not.  But for now, it's here to stay.

Binks and I want to share a really important event coming up - it's a webinar hosted by two very rabbit-savvy vets from the Ontario Veterinary College here in Canada.  They are donating their time to discuss important issues like rabbit care, health, emergencies and lots of other topics.  The cost is $10 US and the best part is that all funds will be donated to a very special bunny friend of ours named Rocky.

Rocky is a Bunspacer who has a tumor next to his heart.  Specialists at the Ontario Veterinary College have seen his records and case file and are sure they can help him - the only issue is, Rocky lives in Athens, Greece.  Bunnies In Need - a wonderful charitable group of Bunspacers - is trying to raise money to fly Rocky out here to Canada so he can get the medical help he needs.  All of the money from this upcoming Webinar will go to Rocky's plight.

The Webinar is Thursday, Aprill 22nd, 2010, from 7 pm to 9 pm eastern standard time.  For more information on Rocky and the webinar, click here.  If you would like to attend the webinar, click here to go directly to paypal and login information will be sent to you once it's available.

Rocky is a really special friend and Binks and I would appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers for him and his family.  I will keep you posted on his situation - thanks peeps!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Hate Cotton

Holy Cow!  Can my mom slack off any more?  It's been like forever since my last blog - all because mom is *busy* - what-EVER!

Well, actually she has been busy - busy at work and busy with Rabbit Rescue (that's where mom and dad volunteer).  And with Easter on the doorstep, there are all kinds of Easter-ish things to do as well.  Rabbit Rescue has a booth at the All About Pets Show which is happening all this weekend in Mississauga (near Toronto) so they have been working there.  They have also been doing some bunny runs too, picking up bunnies from shelters and taking them to their foster homes.  Being "bunny people" keeps them hopping, that's for sure.  But I told mom, "Mom!  I got my peeps out there who want to know what I am up to, so sit down on that computer and type this up for me......!"

So the video I am sharing with you this week features me, of course.  It is a good demonstration of my hatred for cotton.  Most of you are aware that I have a Stupid Blanket.  It's "stupid" because all it does is make smarty-pants comments to me all day so I need to jump up onto the couch where it is and dig and chew it and tell it who's boss (ahem, that would be me BTW).  Well, that blanket is made of cotton and I chew it to bits!  I pretty much chew anything that is cotton.  Including daddy's t-shirts. 

Daddy has special "Fluffy shirts" that he wears when he comes downstairs to watch t.v. with me and Binks.  I like to hop up onto the couch, jump on his chest and teach those shirts a thing or two.  I like to dig at them, chew big holes in them and rip them!  Sometimes I accidentally bite right through to daddy's chest, making him screech in pain, but he never chases me away.  He has quite a collection of little bunny-bite bruises under those t-shirts.

So enjoy the show!  And, on behalf of Miss Binks and myself, I'd like to wish everyone a Hoppy Easter!  Enjoy your chocolate Easter eggs, but remember - the ones in the litterbin are not chocolate!  Hee hee...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Hammy In The House

This is Brie and she is our new hammy sister.  She is named after Mom's favourite cheese.

Her mommy and siblings were dumped at a shelter when they were just born.  Rabbit Rescue took them in.  After we lost Timmy just before Christmas, Mom and Dad kinda knew they would want another hamster, but they weren't ready just yet.  A few months later Mom found she was really missing the sound of the wheel spinning at night so her and Dad when to their friend Lisa's house.  Lisa was fostering mommy hamster and a few of the babies - Mom and Dad picked a wee girl named Clove to come home with them, and they renamed her Brie.

Brie has already doubled in size from this picture.  She is almost 4 months old.  She is super fluffy and looks like she has this big poofy skirt that she drags along with her everywhere she goes.  She even has two little long tufts of fur that stick out from behind her ears.  She is super-sweet and doesn't mind all of the smooches that mom gives or the raspberries that Dad insists on blowing in her belly!  She loves to climb the cage walls, dig in her hammy hammock and spin her wheel like a rubber-burning tire!  And of course, she loves her ball!

She got the hang of that ball pretty darned fast and by the time her first session in it was over, she was rolling at top speed across the floor.  Not even banging into walls could slow her down - she would just shift her bodyweight and head off in a new direction.  She can fly right through our dinner plate too.  "She's annoying!  Evertime I try to settle down to eat, there she is, running right into me!"  says Binks.  "Awwww, she's still getting the hang of things...she loves running in that ball!" Mom says.  Then Brie will come bowling-ball-ing from across the room and bop Binks in the bum.  "Stop it you crazy hamster!" and that's when Mom picks up Brie, ball and all, and places her in the hallway so as not to upset Her Royal Highness any further.

I've had a few head meetings with Brie in that ball - parked my head right up to the vents for her to sniff.  "Groom me, Brie, groom me!" but she doesn't seem to get it.  SHEESH!  Boo and Lucky knew what to do.  Timmy never did learn but I am determined to teach Brie that grooming my fur through the air vents is fun.  *sigh*  She's just too busy flying around the room....

It's nice having a hammy in the house again.  Mom and Dad always have a smile on their face and they love cuddling her and letting her crawl around on the couch.  Mom and Dad say it's unfortunate that hammies don't live for very long - it always breaks their hearts when they lose one.  But Brie is still a baby who has a lot of growing to do and hopefully she will be with us for a very long time....


P.S. I just want to thank all of my peeps for checking out Pancakes' story and offering their support to his family.  Little Pancakey crossed the Rainbow Bridge a week ago today, but he leaves behind a legacy of love and hope that his parents are determined to transform into something very special to help many more bunnies who need it.  He was loved by many and has left a mark on all of our lives - but he also took a wee bit of our hearts with him when he left.  Binky free Pancakey....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Okay, I'm not sticking my tongue out because I don't like what I am eating - on the contrary - I  LOVE babyfood, especially when it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Mom prefers to call this an "action shot".

Yes, last weekend was the big bunny birthday weekend.  Binky turned 7 on February 26th and I turned 6 on February 28th.  We always have a party on the day in between. 

Mom bought 5 different flavours of babyfood to see if she can find one that Binky likes.  Binky is always nervous she is going to get it all over her white Dolce & Gabunny track suit so she never partakes.  Mom served up carrot, banana, applesauce, pear/raspberries and apple/blueberries.  Miss Binks refused all 5.  I approved four - I passed on the carrots.  Mom and Dad played with us lots and we got extra snuggles because we are such good bunnies.  She says not all bunnies are as lucky as we are.

Binks and I were also on a new website called Buntocks!  Well, actually all four of us bunns were.  It's this awesome new blog that posts nothing but bunny bums!  Click on the link and look for the four of us on March 3rd - that's Binky, Ella, Scooter and me from left to right.  You can send in your bunny bum shots too!  Mommy loves bunny bums and says she fancies to snack on any 'tocks she can get her hands on.  She's given mine a good nom from time to time.  *sigh*  SO unnecessary.....

I also want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new friend of ours.  His name is Pancakes and he is a little dwarf bunny who lives in London, ON, Canada.  We met him on Bunspace and read his story about how sick he is and how his new parents are doing everything they can to help him.  He has been through so much in the last month and everything has been very expensive and overwhelming for his Mom and Dad who love him to bits.  His Dad has set up a great website to get the word out about Pancakes and it would really mean a lot to me and Binks if everyone could please go and check out his story.  You can learn more about him and how to help by clicking here, and then clicking on "Saving Pancakes" (warning, graphic pictures) or you can read his Bunspace profile here.  I know times are tough and not everyone is in a position to help financially but even sending some words of support would be a great help.  And please pass the link on to anyone else who you think would be interested.  Pancakes deserves a fighting chance and together we can give him one!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

This picture was taken on Freemont Street in Las Vegas.  Daddy took Mommy there for Valentine's Day.  Of course, us bunnies had to stay home.

Well, not exactly.  We spent the weekend at Auntie Kim's house!  She has a big basement that she doesn't use all that much so we had our two xpens set up down there.  Binky and I haven't seen or smelled Ella and Scooter since the cottage last summer, but there they were, right across from us, looking at us the whole time.

Ella and Binky have a deep-set hatred for each other.  "I see you there, you little brown bunny!" Binky would snarl.  "Yeah?  Well I see you too!"  Ella would growl back.  There was a lot of posturing and ignoring for the most part seeing as neither one could actually get at the other.

Scooter would come over to our cage during his out time.  He's a friendly guy but I'm not too keen on another boy being around my girl.  And he seems to have completely forgotten about the time Binky attacked him and bit his you-know-what.  I have no idea how you could ever forget THAT but he sure was skipping around our xpen like he had no recollection of it. 

Mom and Dad think it's a shame that the four of us were never able to bond, not even when we moved into our new house and had all neutral territory.  But that's the way the bunny bounces right?  Miss Binks and Ella are just two girls who will NEVER get along and well, Scooter and I can't seem to figure out who's boss either.  So there we were, two bonded pairs spenting five days looking across at each other, reminded of the fact that the other two exist.

Auntie Kim is really nice.  She has a lot of animals at her house - a foster bunny, two foster hamsters and 7 degus of her own.  She gave us nice treat hay for snacking and would sit down with us and read us stories.  That was really nice.  And she doesn't just "read" them either - she gets right into it and makes them sound exciting!  I hope we get to stay at her house again one day.

But low and behold, Mom and Dad did return from Vegas and they came to pick us up.  Our little holiday was nice but there really is no place like home.  As soon as Binks and I hopped out of our carrier, we hid under the coffee table and flopped out next to each other.  Miss Binks groomed my ear.  "Thank goodness I don't have to stare at those two any more!  They make my whiskers curl!"

"Oh Binks!  Just remember, I think we make their whiskers curl, too!" I said.  "Really?  Do you think so?  Well then....GOOD!" And with that she hunkered down next to me with her eye half closed as I reciprocated with the licks.  "Don't worry my Girl..." I reassured her, "I'll uncurl those whiskers for you!"