Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where For Art Thou?

I like to hide.  It's like an adventure.  I feel like Christobun Columbus, exploring and investigating hidden passageways to far-off depths of the basement.  Here is a picture of me hiding behind the dryer.....

"Fluffy!  Git out from behind there!"  Mom screeches.  I look at her, then I look away, like I didn't hear what she just said.  "McFluffersons.......OUT!  It's too dangerous back there!"

No it's not!  It's cool!  There are all these tubes winding in and out of places, huge dust bunnies that float in the air when I walk by, dark, mysterious corners of cold tile and battered drywall.  It's an adventurous bunny's dream come true!  What was that sound?!  The Raisin Box?  Oh no, I'm not falling for that one....I'm staying right here.....

I've found many places to hide in this basement.  When I am not hanging behind the dryer, chances are, if the door has been left open, I am in the storage area, weaving in and out of a maze of Rubbermaid bins, cardboard boxes, Christmas decorations and luggage sets - plenty to chew on!  And it's really dark in there - Mom has to come in with a flashlight to look for me.  Usually I see the beam of light flickering about and that is my cue to bolt it out of there.  One time I bolted so fast past Mom, she got startled and hit her head on the low ceiling.

Then there is the furnace room.  The door is almost always closed but every once in a while, Mom has to go in there to get something and off I go, following right behind her.  *sigh*  "Fluffy......you know you aren't supposed to be in here......"  What's this? "It's a furnace....now git!"  What's this?  "It's the old toy box filled with bunny stuff....."  And this?  "The central vac hose......McFluffersons!  No chewing on that!  Stop it!"  That's when I take off like a shot of lightning and beeline it back to the bunny room and flop out beside Miss Binks, my little tummy rising and falling at a rapid pace.

"Fluffy, your whiskers are dusty....."

"That's because I am a brave Bunny Explorer, conquering new lands and discovering hidden treasures!"

"That's nice..." and with that, she begins to groom my dusty whiskers.....



Carmen C. said...

Awww, you sure have some fun adventures Fluffy, and I bet your just as cute with dust on your whiskers:)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Dusty whiskers are a great price to pay for such excellent fun! Plus, the dust helps to disguise you! That's why they call us dust bunnies!

Lisa said...

Christobun Columbus, Hah! We hear ya.

Our washer dryer is in a closet, but mom has to keep the door open otherwise it gets too hot and the clothes don't dry. for awhile biff was obsessed with these tiny little tunnels of mischief and fun, and best of all Mom couldn't fit! But mom said Biff couldn't go back there because she couldnt afford to replace such expensive machinery.

But as always, if it's off limits, its that much more fun! So Biff and Mom would race every day.