Wednesday, June 16, 2010

THUMPS for Southwest Airlines!

THUMP!  Well aparently, Southwest Airlines not only doesn't want bunnies as passengers in their airplanes, they don't know SQUAT about bunnies either!

It all started off innocently enough when a Bunspace peep of mine decided to write a letter to Southwest Airlines asking them if they would consider allowing pet rabbits to ride in the cabins of their airplanes, just like they allow dogs and cats.  She created a petition and worked very hard to gather over 500 signatures of people who also wanted to have the option of taking their pet bunnies up into the air with them when they travel.  Here is the letter that was sent....

December 8, 2009

Dear Southwest Airlines, Customer Relations,

I was pleased to see on your website that you are now accepting dogs and cats in-cabin on your airlines. I am writing to request that you consider adding domestic rabbits to the pets that you accept. Domestic rabbits are the third largest pet in the U.S. Bunny owners have had difficulty finding air transportation when travelling with their pets. Continental Airlines and Alaska Airlines saw the need, and they have responded by including rabbits along with dogs and cats as allowable pets in-cabin with their owners.

Domestic rabbits are very well behaved travelling pets. They make little noise, unlike a dog or cat. They are generally litter-trained, and they are comfortable travelling in small confined areas, such as a carry-on pet carrier. They are typically smaller than dogs and cats, and people tend to have fewer allergies to them.

We are a substantially large part of the travelling population, and we have been forced to travel on a select one or two airlines, or travel by car with our pets. I, for one, much prefer Southwest Airlines to most airlines I have travelled on, and would very much appreciate the opportunity to increase my travels with your company.

To educate yourselves on domestic rabbits as pets, I invite you to visit these websites: and You will see that adding rabbits to your acceptable pets would be a rewarding endeavor for you to consider.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Sounds nice and respectful to me, right?  Well, the response she got was, let's say, not so much....

I don't know about you, but it seems to me this Adrienne lady has her facts all wrong!  Plus, Mom thinks her sarcasm is tactless, not to mention weak at best.  "Hare Jordans"?  "Carrotblanca"?  And where are we supposed to be chewing these wires on an airplane?!  Are they stuffed in the carriers with us?  And Bugs Bunny isn't even real - boy, she's in for some disappointment.

Don't get us wrong - each airline has a right to refuse bunnies if they want, but to take a request that someone worked very hard to compile and turn it in to such a's just not cool.

The House Rabbit Society has also weighed here.

Mommy and Daddy will most certainly NOT be flying Southwest Airlines anytime soon.  We hope that all you rabbit-lovers out there who share our same disappointment and disgust will agree.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and send a polite letter or phone call to:

Jim Ruppel
Vice President Customer Relations and Rapid Rewards
P.O. Box 36647
Dallas, TX 75235-1647
Phone: 214-792-4223 during business hours

E-mail: feedback form

You can also go to Southwest's Facebook profile and leave a message for them on their wall.
I think bunnies around the world deserve an apology.

As well as First Class accomodations and all-you-can-eat carrots.



Jeni Burns said...

I am absolutely appalled that the letter even made it off Ms. Browne's desk, let alone mailed to Ms. Huffman!!!
I sent an email, and posted it on my blog.
I really hope they apologize, at least to her!!

Hef's Mom said...

WOW! I can not believe how rude, not to mention unrealisitc,that letter is! No SOuthwest Airlines for us!

FrecklesandDeb said...

That is a rude response to a reasonable request. We hate that pushing/shoving cattle call that SW Airlines calls "Boarding" anyway. Guess this gives us a new excuse not to fly with them.

Lisa said...

UGH!!! That is obnoxious and condescending, and I really can't believe any company would respond to a customer like that. I'm actually horrified. Like you said, it's not that they refused the request, it's the completely disrespectful tone of the response... Why not just refuse to respond at all? I think THAT would actually be less rude.

Christina said...

This is completely ridiculous. You sent a thoughtful and polite letter and her response to you was a big joke. She sounded like an idiot. I will be making a phone call or sending a letter as well. What does she think? Someone is going to let their bunny out to bite the ankles of the passengers?

Crafty Green Poet said...

what an appalling reply!

Jade said...

Sadly, this does not surprise me; SW has shown blatant disregard for their human passengers (the Kevin Smith incident, for example), so why would they show respect for animal passengers? I cannot imagine why anyone would ever want to fly with them.

Gaina said...

They sound liked they may be twinned with 'Ryan Air' in the UK because they treat their customers abominably too!

What a rude, unprofessional response! Maybe you should forward your letter, and the reply to their managing director?