Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strolling Along

Yup, the weather is nice, the birds are singing, the trees are green I am in a pink stroller.  How am I supposed to live this down?  "Fluffy, why would you want to live it down?  It's adorable!"  Mom, I'm supposed to be a Big Tough Lop - how do I maintain any sort of tough-bunny dignity when, not only am I being pushed around in a pink stroller, but you are filming it, posting it on YouTube and on my blog?! "Well, I don't want anyone to miss it....."

Thanks Mom.

So here I am with the lovely Miss Binks, taking a stroll around the neighbourhood with Dad pushing us.  Yup, that's my Dad.  He loves us just as much as Mom does and he has no qualms about being a grown man pushing a pink stroller with bunnies in it in public.  And trust me, when people see him, they either squeal with delight because we are so cute, or they give him a wide berth because "something's not right with this picture...."  Like I said, my Dad doesn't care and he is very proud to be seen with us and to answer any questions people might have.

Okay, so the ride wasn't that bad.  I did get to snuggle with my Best Girl and the fresh air is nice.  I haven't been outside much since the Mad Dash of '09, so it was nice to feel the breeze on my whiskers and hear the birds chirping.  It's been really hot lately but the evenings have been cooling off splendidly, just perfect for two bunnies to go for a ride.  Mom is hoping to set up the xpen outside this weekend and let us have a proper romp in the grass.  Miss Binks loves being outside and I like it when she's happy so I am more than willing to flop out on the lawn if it means she will snorgle with me and snore the sweet afternoon away.....

Before I sign off for today, I just want to update my peeps on the big rescue Rabbit Rescue did.  Two weeks ago, we took in 103 rabbits - no, that's not a typo - one hundred and three rabbits - from the Sudbury OSPCA.  They were all health checked and will be spayed and neutered.  Some of them have health issues (abscesses, dental disease, bad eye, respiratory issues) and they are all getting the treatment they need.  Rabbit Rescue could really use foster homes, because some moms with babies will need to be weaned and separated soon so we will need the space.  And if you don't have room for a bunny, please consider making a donation.  We have massive medical costs that are mounting every day (one day alone cost us over $6000!) and we could really use some funds to help pay for everything.  If you want to help, just visit for more info.

Here is a video of what Rabbit Rescue is doing to help these bunnies....

Hug your bunns and tell them you love them....