Thursday, November 25, 2010

Binky The Carrot Thief

Have a look at this video.  This is what I have to deal with every single night.  Binky, stealing my carrots.

It's no secret that carrots are her favourite.  When mom or dad put the dinner plate down, they always hand deliver one baby carrot right to Miss Binks.  "Special delivery for Miss Binky Binkowski!  Are you Miss Binky Binkowski?"

"Why yes, I am!"

"Then this is for you!"

Then she proceeds to hide under the coffee table to eat it.  No special delivery for me.  I have to get up and hop over to the plate. *sigh*

Usually I start with parsley if there is any.  Then I go for the dill.  I used to love kale but Mom says my pee is a little sludgy so kale is officially off the menu.  Next I'll sniff around the romaine and eventually find my own baby carrot.  I start to nibble.  As soon as this happens, Binky's ears perk up.  Usually by this time she has finished her carrot and has a hankering for another, so over she hops.  She will sniff the plate and even if she smells another carrot, she won't go for that one.  Oh no.  She has to go for MY carrot.  Watch the video again......see?  She comes up to the plate, almost touches her nose to another carrot, but doesn't take it.  She wants MINE.

"Fluffy, what do you have?"

chompchompchomp "Nuffin'" chompchompchomp....

"It sounds like a carrot.  Can I have it?"  And before I even get a chance to answer, POOF, it's gone.  That's okay Binks.  Not like I was in the middle of eating that or anything.  Sure, go ahead.  Take it from right under my nose......

You owe me ear licks.....


P.S. Hoppy Thanksgiving to all my American Peeps out there!

P.P.S Thanks to Jade for the fix tip for the video!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buns Just Wanna Have Fun

You know, sometimes us rabbits just want to have a little fun.  Then Mommies have to come and spoil everything.

Yup, she left to door to the storage closet open again and we all know I am not one to pass up a good misadventure!  First I had to weave my way around a step ladder.  Second, I had to climb over a mountain of shoes in a cardboard box.  That got me to the luggage, so I hopped on top of that and that took me way to the back where the other boxes and Rubbermaid totes are - I like jumping across the tops of those!  Mom must've heard me because she started calling my name. 

I was back on the luggage trying to figure out how I got in there in the first place and then here comes Mom with her silly iPhone deciding to catch me in the act!  It was pretty dark in there but Mom had a flashlight she kept shining on me.  Thanks for blinding me with that light, Mom.  You know I can't see a thing when you shine it on me right?

"McFluffersons!  You GIT outta there!"

I couldn't see a darn thing.  She was waving that torch around - on me, on the floor, back on me, on the ceiling - geez Mom!  That's not helping!  She kept trying to reach for me but a big bag of pillows blocked her way and her fingertips could only barely touch me.  Finally she got so annoyed, she put the flashlight and iPhone down, leaned really far in and managed to scoop me with one hand - darn I hate being so light!  It's too easy for her to pick me up singlehandedly!

Yeah, so I was busted, but it was still fun.  And of course I had to make a big deal of it by thumping her once I got back into our room.  It's so annoying when I am trying to pretend that I am in the depths of the Amazon Jungle searching for wild carrots and being all stealth and fierce.  Then here comes Mom wielding her silly flashlight trying to ruin everything.  *SIGH*  Can't a bunny have a misadventure in peace?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Despite What She Thinks, Mom Is Not Funny.


"No Fluffy, a LOP-ster!  You're a Big Tough LOP-ster, get it?"

"Oh, I get it alright.  I'm a stupid lobster!  That's not the kind of Halloween costume I wanted!  I wanted something brave, strong and powerful!  Something cool, something hip, something creative!  Not a crustacean!!!!"

But Fluffy, lobsters are tough - they have those claws you can pinch with.  And red is really your colour...."

*siiiggghhhh*  So I was a LOP-ster for Halloween.  How humiliating.  Look at me.  I couldn't even bear to look at the camera - I have completely given up.  I'll bet Mom has never seen a lobster run around at top speed and thump, but that's what she got.  Then she had to parade me around to the kids who came trick or treating.  "Oh look at that funny bunny!  He's a lobster!"

Oh, of course Binky was pretty and precious in her angel wings.  No one laughed at her.  Everyone fawned over her beauty and delicateness.  Gentle pets, ooo's and aaaaaah's for Binks.  Plenty of finger-pointing and laughs for me.  How am I supposed to regain even an ounce of dignity after this degradation?
There is no telling how this may have scarred me for life.  I'm probably going to need therapy.  I'll be featured on that show "What Ever Happened to...?" and they will be like "Hey, remember that Big Tough Lop with the cool blog?  Whatever happened to him?"

"Oh, his Mom dressed him up as a lobster for Halloween one year....he never recovered...."


Scooter was a bumble bee, a very disapproving and depressed bumble bee.  He's one of those bunnies who, when you dress him up, just sits there pathetically, waiting for you to take the picture and hopefully promptly remove it. 

And you know, Halloween only means that Christmas is that much closer.  And what does that mean?  It means stupid red hats with furry trim, velvet collars with bells and scarves with holly!  Bah humbug - somebunny save me!