Thursday, November 25, 2010

Binky The Carrot Thief

Have a look at this video.  This is what I have to deal with every single night.  Binky, stealing my carrots.

It's no secret that carrots are her favourite.  When mom or dad put the dinner plate down, they always hand deliver one baby carrot right to Miss Binks.  "Special delivery for Miss Binky Binkowski!  Are you Miss Binky Binkowski?"

"Why yes, I am!"

"Then this is for you!"

Then she proceeds to hide under the coffee table to eat it.  No special delivery for me.  I have to get up and hop over to the plate. *sigh*

Usually I start with parsley if there is any.  Then I go for the dill.  I used to love kale but Mom says my pee is a little sludgy so kale is officially off the menu.  Next I'll sniff around the romaine and eventually find my own baby carrot.  I start to nibble.  As soon as this happens, Binky's ears perk up.  Usually by this time she has finished her carrot and has a hankering for another, so over she hops.  She will sniff the plate and even if she smells another carrot, she won't go for that one.  Oh no.  She has to go for MY carrot.  Watch the video again......see?  She comes up to the plate, almost touches her nose to another carrot, but doesn't take it.  She wants MINE.

"Fluffy, what do you have?"

chompchompchomp "Nuffin'" chompchompchomp....

"It sounds like a carrot.  Can I have it?"  And before I even get a chance to answer, POOF, it's gone.  That's okay Binks.  Not like I was in the middle of eating that or anything.  Sure, go ahead.  Take it from right under my nose......

You owe me ear licks.....


P.S. Hoppy Thanksgiving to all my American Peeps out there!

P.P.S Thanks to Jade for the fix tip for the video!


The Fab Furs said...

Here it is the same tale, but with a reverse gender. Bertie is the carrot thief. Each rabbit gets 1 carrot at mealtimes, Bertie invariably takes one and runs away with it. Then he returns and wrests the other carrot away from Mercedes unless she has managed to stuff the whole thing in her mouth--then he tries to nibble her to get her to drop it. There seems to be no solution other than to give up carrot feeding or to install barriers and feed carrots separately. But there is a slight trade-off---Mercedes does use Bertie as a pillow and he evidently is a good groomer. Oh well, I suppose they could have worse issues. Good luck with the ear licks Fluffy!

Jade said...

Fluffy, you are to be commended for such gallantry. That's what we call earning good husbun points. :)

As to your video size, that's easily fixed. If you click on "embed" under your video on YouTube and scroll down past where it shows the code, there is a section for editing the code so the video displays in a smaller size. In the box marked "Custom", enter 295 for height and 480 for width and that will change the embed code, which you can then copy and paste in your blog entry. I find that size works best for videos on Blogger. If you need more help doing that, email me and let me know.

d. moll, said...

We have a rule here: if a bun can take it a bun can have it. It's the law of the warren. You are so handsome and gallant Fluffy, no wonder Miss Binks adores you so and takes your carrots too.

Lisa said...

We didn't get to watch the video yet, but we have the reverse gender issue like TFF.

Biff steals ANYTHING out of Sogna's mouth. One time I gave them each a small piece of Broccoli, and spent 5 minutes switching his and hers until they were gone! (he would take hers and leave his, so I would take his discarded broccl and give it to Sogna, then he'd take it, repeat whole process).

Sometime I think he's too lazy to choose the "good" pieces out of the salad, so he lets her do it and then, gank!

Corynn faith said...

I love your bunnies! I have six and two Chewed the double cage and "got together" So now we have seaven more. But i just loved this video. We used to have these baby bunnies from a passed litter and they always fought for the bananas!