Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well it might still be two more sleeps before Santa Paws comes but Binky and I got to open some presents early. Yes that's right! Our Secret Santa presents from Bunspace!

I got lots of really cool stuff in my present - a jingle straw ball, a stocking with my name on it, a nice christmas ornament, a chewy baseball and tons of treats! Thanks go to my Secret Santas Sunki-Tiponi and Velvet! Binky's Secret Santa was Molly from Niagara Falls. Binks got a carrot-shaped mineral stone, bunny rattle and Veggie Puffs! I hope she shares those with me....

It's been snowing a lot lately making everything nice and white just in time for Christmas! Mom says she will take us out one day but it has also been dreadfully cold so she wants to wait until it's a little less arctic out there. We put peanuts out for Nutters and Butters and they have a jolly good time pouncing around in the snow, digging holes and burying their stash. Sometimes they get excited and scuffle a bit with each other, especially when they both want inside the squirrel feeder. That's when I holler through the patio door glass, "Nutters and Butters! Behave yourselves! Don't you know Santa Paws is watching you?!" That usually gets their attention and then they behave themselves. I wonder what Santa Paws brings for squirrels?

Mom and Dad are all ready for Christmas. There are all kinds of presents under the tree and I KNOW there is a huge one for Binks and I! I can't wait to see what is inside! And I was sniffing my stocking today and it smelled SO GOOD! Mom said, "Fluffy McFluffersons! Get your nose out of your stocking! It's not Christmas yet!"

So in two days Christmas will be here. In all honesty, there isn't much I really want. I have a wonderful home with humans who love me, all the food I could ever want and the companionship of my sweet, darling Miss Binks. So as she and I cuddle by the fireplace exchanging ear licks and snorgles, I contemplate Santa Paws coming down the chimney...."Hello Fluffy McFluffersons! And what would you like this year for Christmas? " he asks in his jolly voice. "A few presents, I suppose?"

"Actually Santa Paws, I'm good, thanks. I've got everthing I could ever want right here..."

Merry Christmas Everyone.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please Help Katanga

This is a picture of Thistle (on the left) and Katanga (on the right). They are bonded and very much in love, kinda like Miss Binks and I. Unfortunately, Katanga is sick and needs some very expensive medical treatment to help him.

Katanga's mommy is named Haviva and she just happens to be the Founder and Executive Director for Rabbit Rescue. Haviva is very sad right now because Katanga has issues with his spine from a long time ago when he was dumped on the street and hit by a car. He has lost the ability to walk and needs urgent back surgery before his spine deteriorates beyond repair. And his poor mommy is very worried about him, and about how she will pay over $5000 for his treatment.

Haviva is such a wonderful person. She created Rabbit Rescue Inc. ( http://www.rabbitrescue.ca/ ) many years ago,worked day and night and gave everything she had to keep it afloat. She has personally saved hundreds of rabbits from being euthanized, spayed and neutered them, and found each and every one a new forever home. She has devoted her life to helping bunnies just like Binks and I, by creating a wonderful and safe haven for those who are abused, abandoned and neglected. She is always there to offer support to anybun who needs it. You may remember her from my post about my bunny misadventure in the paint tray - it was Haviva who shaved my toes with those clippers when Mom and Dad didn't know what else to do. And when I had head tilt, Haviva was the one Mom and Dad called at all hours of the night when things got really hard - she is always there to help us and make us feel better.

Haviva is special because she has opened her home to many unadoptable "special needs" bunns and has never asked for any sort of financial help for them. She refuses to take Rabbit Rescue funds to help her pay Katanga's bills, opting instead to sell her own belongings to raise money. That is why all of her Rabbit Rescue Friends decided to make a website for her and Katanga to help raise funds and support. Haviva has always been there for us in our time of need and we want to be there for her too.

I think about what would happen if I ever loss Miss Binks. It makes me so sad that I can't think about it for long before my floppy ears puddle to the ground. Katanga and Thistle are like me and Binks and I sure hope they remain together and happy for a long time to come.

So if you have some time, please visit the website. Read Katanga's story, look at the pictures, check out what she has for sale and if you can, donate some money. Katanga, Haviva and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Secret Santa

I have a Secret Santa! I don't know who it is - that's why it's called a "Secret" Santa. Mommy signed all of us bunns up for a Secret Santa gift exchange on Bunspace. Each of us bunns has a bunny pal that we are buying gifts for and somewhere out there is a secret bunny who has bought stuff for ME! It's SO exciting!

Mom mailed out our Secret Santa gifts today so some special bunnies will be getting their gifts really soon. My head is about to explode just thinking of what might be in my package! Maybe some treats? Or something to chew on? Or a fun toy to toss around? The possibilities are endless! I can't wait for it to arrive!

As you can see from our picture, Miss Binks and I are ready for Christmas! Mom put the tree up about three weeks ago - she loves Christmas so she got it done early this year. Our stockings are sitting under the tree upstairs just waiting for Santa Paws to come and fill them with all kinds of goodies! Our stockings used to hang by the fireplace in our room but then Mom noticed that somebunny chewed the glitter-glued names off the front - I have no idea who that could have been *ahem*, probably the Stupid Blankets, up to no good for sure!

Sometimes at night I dream that the mailman knocks on my door to deliver a huge box with "Fluffy" written on it! It's my package! And I get all excited and I run around and I binky all over the room! Then I attack it and chew it and try to get it open and then just as I am about to open it - I wake up. BAH!

So here I wait - waiting for my Secret Santa to deliver my package. I hope it arrives soon! I will keep you all posted!