Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Secret Santa

I have a Secret Santa! I don't know who it is - that's why it's called a "Secret" Santa. Mommy signed all of us bunns up for a Secret Santa gift exchange on Bunspace. Each of us bunns has a bunny pal that we are buying gifts for and somewhere out there is a secret bunny who has bought stuff for ME! It's SO exciting!

Mom mailed out our Secret Santa gifts today so some special bunnies will be getting their gifts really soon. My head is about to explode just thinking of what might be in my package! Maybe some treats? Or something to chew on? Or a fun toy to toss around? The possibilities are endless! I can't wait for it to arrive!

As you can see from our picture, Miss Binks and I are ready for Christmas! Mom put the tree up about three weeks ago - she loves Christmas so she got it done early this year. Our stockings are sitting under the tree upstairs just waiting for Santa Paws to come and fill them with all kinds of goodies! Our stockings used to hang by the fireplace in our room but then Mom noticed that somebunny chewed the glitter-glued names off the front - I have no idea who that could have been *ahem*, probably the Stupid Blankets, up to no good for sure!

Sometimes at night I dream that the mailman knocks on my door to deliver a huge box with "Fluffy" written on it! It's my package! And I get all excited and I run around and I binky all over the room! Then I attack it and chew it and try to get it open and then just as I am about to open it - I wake up. BAH!

So here I wait - waiting for my Secret Santa to deliver my package. I hope it arrives soon! I will keep you all posted!



The Bunns said...

You have gotten into the holiday spirit just right B.

YowlYY said...

Secret Santa at bunspace? We must have missed this, but maybe it is just for the VIP buns like you guys :) Now just a bit of patience...

FrecklesandDeb said...

That is pretty exciting! We love secrets -- can't wait to find out what you get!

nerq said...

yeah.. we also cant wait to find out what u get..