Monday, November 17, 2008

My New Little Sister!

"Fluffy! Come meet your new little sister!"

Huh? When did I get a new little sister? Pretty recently, I suppose. And very much like my little brother Boo, she is a hamster as well. "Isn't she darling? Come give her a sniff!" Yeah, she smells like a hamster all right. Her name is Lucky. "Mom, why did you name her Lucky?" I asked. And here is the story mom told me...

3 weeks ago, two cages of hamsters were abandoned at a flea market. Luckily, a nice lady who is a friend of mom's found them and Rabbit Rescue decided to take them in and find them all new homes. Mom and Dad are still pretty sad about Boo leaving us, but they had both decided that when the call came in that a hamster needed a home, they would take one in - this way they left it to fate to decide.

Well, that call came in - 9 hamsters all needing homes. Mom and Dad knew they had the space, in their home and their hearts, so they decided to take one. Mom went to her friend's house to pick a hamster to take home and when she got there, she was told a tale of how, as the hamsters were being transported, one of them managed to escape it's cage and get lost inside the van they were travelling in! The search went on for over half an hour until the little rascal was found wedged in a corner of a drawer and a straw was used to spook it out so they could catch it. Mom said "Wow! Which hamster was that?" and her friend said "This one..." and Mom said, "Well, that is the one I will take!"

"...and that is why we named her Lucky. She is lucky to have been saved by Rabbit Rescue and lucky to have survived her escape in the van. She is so sweet, isn't she Fluffy?"

And she actually is. She still has some growing to do and doesn't quite have the hang of the exercise ball yet, but hopefully she will get better at it. And when she does, I will make sure I teach her how to park the ball against my forehead and groom me through the air vents, just like Boo used to do.

I miss Boo. He was my special friend. But I know Boo would have liked Lucky. She is pretty and soft and cute. And she is a rescue just like Boo was. We all know that Lucky can never replace Boo, but slowly she is worming her way into all of our hearts and making her own space in this crazy place we all call home.



FrecklesandDeb said...

Lucky is very lucky indeed! How cool that you got a new sister. And what a great story! We're sure you will teach her all the things a little hamster needs to know -- the grooming thing through the ball is pretty clever!

The Bunns said...

Fluffy and Lucky! Sweet. We have a Lucky .. he is a rabbit with a story just about like your Lucky!

nerq said...

Awwww! That's so sweet!