Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Kissing Bandit

I've been called worse.  But every once in a while I like to remind Mom of how soft and warm my kisses are :)

She smelled really good that day.  A mixture of hay, banana and raisins.  And perhaps I was feeling kinda smoochy myself, having just filled my belly with choice selections from the Evening Salad.  I had assumed the "loaf position" when Mom decided to lay on the floor with me for some one-on-bun time.

"Who's my Little Man?  Oh, I'm sorry, I mean my Big Tough Lop?  It's Fluffy!  Yes it is, Mr. McFluffersons..........*gasp*.....kisses!  Mama LOVES kisses!  Thank you my Little Man!  Mama wuv you sooooooo much!"

I love when she pets me, but only when I get to keep all four paws on the floor.  Then she can rub my head all she wants.  I especially like it when she comes really close and nuzzles my neck.  She makes these "nom nom nom" sounds and it gets all warm with her breath.  Then she will sniff me and snorgle my ears - I REALLY like that!  And then if she stops too soon, I might give her a little nip to remind her she is not done - hee hee!

So Peeps, it's always a good idea to remind your 2-foot how adorable and loving you really are.  Have you snorgled your human today?

Fluffy McFluffersons

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Say Cheese

We're a pretty photogenic bunch, us bunnies, especially me.  Now I don't mean to toot my own horn, but seriously, I'm a pretty good lookin' Big Tough Lop wouldn't you say?

Mom and Dad recently went away and we all stayed at our friend Jessica's house.  Jessica loves us bunnies as if we were her own - and she has 5 of her own :).  Jessica is also a great photographer and while we were there, Mom arranged for us to have our pictures taken.  Again.

We all know Binky is beautiful, and the funny thing is is that she knows it.  She will wear just about anything and hold her head up high because she knows she's pretty.  She has even been known to sit completely still until she hears the click of a camera, and then she will move.  Here she is wearing one of her Coach scarves as well as her Tiffany scarf (her Dada loves to spoil her!).  Mom and Dad swears she is actually smiling in the last picture!

Here are Scooter MaGoo and Ana Banana.  Scooter is always weary of the camera, as his eyesight is fading with his old age and it makes him nervous, but he takes such great pictures!  He's a nervous guy in general but he can also be really sucky when he wants to.  And he is also impossible to turn away for treats.  Ana is wearing a Coach scarf in her picture, but unlike Binky, there is no hint of a smile here!  Perhaps it's the Rex face that always looks so disapproving, but she is definitely not impressed with her own adorableness.

And even Louise Hamster go in on the photoshoot!  I know, how many of you have ever seen a hamster glamour shot?  Well, here you go!  Louise is so full of personality and humour.  She is a very friendly girl and has no problem with being handled, carried around and having raspberries blown onto her belly.  Yes, Mom and dad do that.....

And of course, this post would not be complete without a completely self-indulgent inclusion of myself.  After all, I am the most handsome Big Tough Lop of them all.  So to all my peeps out there.....