Monday, March 19, 2012

Pellets, Poops and Critical Care

Hey, Peeps!  I've gotta say, I have some of the sweetest bunny friends in the world!  Mommy posted a video of me eating Critical Care and many of you emailed wondering what was wrong.  No worries my friends, I'm doing okay!

Mom had noticed that I wasn't interested in eating all that much and she wasn't too sure about my pooping either (hard to tell when Binks and I share a litter bin).  I wasn't interested in my treats much either, not even banana, so that's when Mom knew something was up.  She gave me some Critical Care which I gobbled up, so Mom was thinking I might be having some dental issues, which is weird because I have NEVER had dental issues before in my life, so off to the vet we went.

The vet scoped my mouth but didn't find anything concerning.  She said that my tummy was empty and not gassy at all so there was no blockage or stasis going on.  It was recommended that I be separated so that Mom and Dad could properly monitor my food intake and poop output.

"What?!  Separated from Binks?!  Oh, I don't think so!"

"Fluffy, I'm sorry but that's what the vet said.  We need to make sure that you are eating and pooping and we can't do that if you an Binks share everything.  We don't want to do it, but we have to."

So up went the fencing and I was placed on one side, with Miss Binks on the other.  I had my own litter bin, pellet and water bowl and evening salad.  In the video you can see Binky on the other side of the fence, sitting in her house.

After two days of missing my girl, Mom and Dad saw that I was eating good and pooping okay enough to be back with Binky.  My poops still aren't that great but Mom and Dad are just happy that I am indeed eating and eliminating.  They will keep watching me to make sure I get better, not worse, and they will take me back to the vet if anything changes.  "Fluffy, I missed you!" said Binks as we flopped out together under the coffee table.  "I missed you too, Binks.  I don't like not being able to snorgle with you whenever I want."

"Me either.  Please make sure you eat and poop so Mom and Dad don't have to separate us again.  Being away from you makes me lonely, and even though you were just on the other side of those bars, it's not the same as having you right by my side." she said as she gave me a good eyeball wash.  Man, I love my girl.

All of this has made Mom kinda sad.  I know she worries about us bunnies a LOT, especially since we are all getting up there in age.  She laid down on the floor with me last night and her eyes were leaking.  I hopped over to her face to bonk her and tell her I was okay.  "Oh Fluffy, you're my Little Man.  I makes me so sad to know that you aren't feeling well.  I love you so much and I just want you to be happy and healthy." she said as she stroked my head.  "I'll be okay Mom.  It's just sometimes I don't feel like eating all that much, and my tummy wants to rest.  I don't mean to make you worry."

"I know Little Man.  But even though you are a Big Tough Lop, at only 2.9 pounds, you need to keep eating to stay strong.  Mom can see that you are slowing down a bit, and that makes me sad.  I just want to make sure you are comfortable and healthy and happy, my boy."  She leaned in and planted a kiss on my head.  "I promise to do my best to eat more Mom." I said as I gave her some licks.  "Thanks my little McFluffersons."