Monday, May 24, 2010

*sniiiiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffffff* Ahhhhhhhhh!

There is nothing like the smell of a beautiful spring day!  Look at me!  Outside!  For the first time this year!  Of course Mom kept her eagle eye on me because of that mad dash I made last year where I ran around the neighbourhood and almost got hit by a van.  Considering that, I'm lucky to see the blue sky at all...

Miss Binks and I were allowed to frollick in the grass in our pen.  I got busy digging because it's not often my little paws really get to dig in anything substantial.  I ripped through that grass and got down to the dirt.  Then I flopped in it - it was nice and cool!  But Mom had to give me a little brush off before I was allowed back in the house.  Miss Binks decided that every blade of grass needed to be flat rather than upright.  "These grassies are sticking up between my toesies and I don't like that!  Stay flat, you grassies!" and with that she proceeded to flatten out all the grass within her reach.

Miss Binks loves to sniff the air.  "Mmmmm, are those roses?  I do believe they are.  And perhaps some.....lilacs.  Yes, definitely lilacs."

"I smell dirt."

*sigh* "That's because you're lying in it Fluffy!  You'd better clean yourself up before snorgling with me or you will get my white Dolce & Gabunny track suit all dirty...."

It's nice to hear the sounds of spring first-hand - the birds chirping in the trees, the breeze blowing through the green, leafy branches, the buzz of the bees visiting our flowerbed and polinating future generations of flowers.  Of course, it was all interrupted by Nutters and Butters screeching at us from the tree tops.  "Hey!  Fill up that squirrel feeder!  Can't you see we emptied it yesterday?  SHEESH!"  They are so amusing the way they sit on their haunches and click and chatter at us, their tails rippling and vibrating in disgust and anger.  They make Mom laugh, and I think that just angers them more. 

Binks eventually came over and flopped out beside me in the shade.  "Isn't it nice outside today Fluffy?  The sky is so blue and the breeze is so sweet..."

"It sure is Binks, and I'm glad I have you here with me to enjoy it."  And on that note I proceeded to give her some nice ear licks.  She leaned her head into mine and let out a contented sigh.  And I did the same.  Right here, right now, life is perfect.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who Invited The Giant Rabbit?!

Seriously?!  I mean, I know that even though I go by the name Big Tough Lop around here, I am only 3 and  a half pounds.  But that doesn't mean that I don't think I am the biggest rabbit in this house.  Well, not anymore.....

This is Pika.  She is a Flemmish Giant.  She weighs 17 pounds.  That is not a typo.  17 pounds.

We are bunnysitting Pika while her Pappy is in Japan.  She has been here for a while already - I thought I smelled something "funny" coming from upstairs - turns out it was her.  Mom and Dad plopped me down on the little carpet to get a picture of us together.  I wasn't there for long because Mom and Dad didn't want me picking up her scent and taking it back downstairs where it would surely set off fireworks between Miss Binks and I - and not the good ones either.  Binky hates the smell of strange bunnies and if she can smell one and not see one, I'm the one that gets the nips in the bum!

So they plop me down just long enough for me to look up and go "Whoa Nellie!  What the heck is that?  Is that a rabbit?!"  Then I heard "Say Cheese!" and there was a flash and I was whisked off back to the basement where I told Binks of my adventure....

"Binks, you should have seen her - she was huge!"  I told her. "Really?  How huge?  Like salad-plate-huge?"

"No, bigger than that!"

"Like hidey-house-huge?"

"Nope!  Think bigger!"

"Really?!  How about litter-box-huge?"

"Yeah, that's more like it, litter-box-huge!  Her ears were as long as my entire body!  Her feet were like big, fluffy cobs of corn!  And her buntocks - oh my bunn - she was like a beachball!"  I explained.

"Oh Fluffy, are you sure?  I find this hard to believe..." Binks said suspiciously.  "No, really!  I saw it with my own eyes!"

"Fluffy, you really need to stop imagining such silly things!  Honestly....the next thing you know, you'll tell me her poops were the size of meatballs!"

"Well, almost....they were more like chocolate covered almonds...."

"Oh Fluffy, you silly Little Man.  Get over here and give me licks before I start believing you!"  So over I hopped and it wasn't long before we were in a full-on snorgle.  Maybe Binks is right.  Maybe I did imagine it.  It did seem pretty unreal to me when it happened.  I guess for now I will go back to thinking I am the biggest bunny in this house.  Yes, that's much better......


Monday, May 3, 2010

The Art Of Being On Time - THUMP!

Punc·tu·al·i·ty - noun, 1.the quality or state of being punctual. 2.strict observance in keeping engagements; promptness.

This is a word that Mom and Dad need to have explained to them because as of late, they have been sorely lacking in the Punctuality Department! 

Let's just start with this weekend.  On Saturday, we went to the vet's for a check up and our appointment was for 11:30 am.  Well, Mom and Dad didn't get out of bed until just before then, so when they came downstairs to pack us up in our carrier, they didn't even give us time to have breakfast!  Usually we get our pellets at about 10 am with lots of fresh hay - oh, we got that alright but we got scooted into our carrier before we could eat anything!  THUMP!

Well, the vet visit went well and everything is good.  But by the time we got home it was 112:30 pm and we were hungry!  And we didn't get our nanners until then too!  What the heck?!

Then Mom and Dad went out Saturday night and didn't get home until 11 pm.  HELLO?!  We eat dinner at 8:30 pm incase you all forgot!  Sheesh!  By the time our plates of salad arrived, we had forgotten what food even looked like.

Then, like Saturday wasn't enough of an insult, they slept in on Sunday!  Dad managed to get downstairs to give us breakfast before high noon, but Mom didn't make the Nanner Delivery until 7:30 pm!  7:30 pm for crying out loud!

Is there a toll-free number I can call?  Some sort of hotline?!  Because this is just unacceptable!  Us bunnies, we like to follow specific schedules and this past weekend was just an insult to bunny time management!  And if there isn't a toll-free number, maybe I will start one!  1-888-FEED-MEE! or 1-800-I-HUNGRY!  Who's with me?!