Monday, May 3, 2010

The Art Of Being On Time - THUMP!

Punc·tu·al·i·ty - noun, 1.the quality or state of being punctual. 2.strict observance in keeping engagements; promptness.

This is a word that Mom and Dad need to have explained to them because as of late, they have been sorely lacking in the Punctuality Department! 

Let's just start with this weekend.  On Saturday, we went to the vet's for a check up and our appointment was for 11:30 am.  Well, Mom and Dad didn't get out of bed until just before then, so when they came downstairs to pack us up in our carrier, they didn't even give us time to have breakfast!  Usually we get our pellets at about 10 am with lots of fresh hay - oh, we got that alright but we got scooted into our carrier before we could eat anything!  THUMP!

Well, the vet visit went well and everything is good.  But by the time we got home it was 112:30 pm and we were hungry!  And we didn't get our nanners until then too!  What the heck?!

Then Mom and Dad went out Saturday night and didn't get home until 11 pm.  HELLO?!  We eat dinner at 8:30 pm incase you all forgot!  Sheesh!  By the time our plates of salad arrived, we had forgotten what food even looked like.

Then, like Saturday wasn't enough of an insult, they slept in on Sunday!  Dad managed to get downstairs to give us breakfast before high noon, but Mom didn't make the Nanner Delivery until 7:30 pm!  7:30 pm for crying out loud!

Is there a toll-free number I can call?  Some sort of hotline?!  Because this is just unacceptable!  Us bunnies, we like to follow specific schedules and this past weekend was just an insult to bunny time management!  And if there isn't a toll-free number, maybe I will start one!  1-888-FEED-MEE! or 1-800-I-HUNGRY!  Who's with me?!



Lisa said...

Ugh. Don't even get us started on late breakfasts. These people sleep all morning every chance they get. How hard is it to give us our breakfast at 7:30 am, dinner at 7:30 pm, and a treat at 10:30 pm?

When our breakfast is late we just jump on them until they feed us. They're very well trained, one of them gets up, feeds us, and then lays back down.

Christina said...

No No NO, this is terrible. You must start that hotline. There has to be an outlet for bunnies to report their humans.

Gaina said...

Disgraceful. They can't watch their slippers 24/7, they have to sleep sometime - that's all I'm saying ;-).

Crafty Green Poet said...

shocking, you need to set up that helpline now!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Maybe they need a few hundred alarm clocks to keep them in line!

Jade said...

It must be a spring thing, Fluffy--my Mum has been feeding me late a lot lately. She claims it's because she's been busy cleaning the house and stuff--I say she needs to forget about cleaning (especially my cage) and focus on feeding...and petting...and treats...and snuggling...and treats...and more feeding...and more treats...


The Bunns said...

Bite their ankles .. a lot.