Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dr. Deb!

It's a new year and that means it's time for our yearly check ups.  We were very excited to see our favourite vet again, Dr. Deb!  We love Dr. Deb but she was MIA for a while after leaving the Acton Clinic but the good news is, she has opened her own clinic, Black Creek Animal Hospital in Acton, ON.  YAY for Dr. Deb!

It's not too far from us so that's good and it's big and new and super-cool.  Us bunnies don't like vets poking and prodding and stuff but at least we are used to Dr. Deb and her soft hands and gentle handling.

Everything was good for me!  I am still the nice lean bunny I have always been.  Dr. Deb did prescribe panacur for me though - I take a 30-day regime once a year to keep my EC at bay.  I had head tilt four years ago and panacur helps to keep everything in check.  It doesn't taste that bad and I am a good boy at taking my meds.

Here is Miss Binks getting her check up.  She has always been very healthy.  She eats well, loves her hay and poops like a machine.  Although she has been known as "Stinky Binky" from time to time when her anal glands get a bit out of control but she gets those cleaned.  Don't tell her I posted this because she would be mad at me - she thinks her bum smells like roses......

Scooter also go the all-clear which is really good.  Scooter goes to the vet twice a year because sometimes he needs to get his teeth filed, but Dr. Deb said they looked great so no filing was needed - YAY!  Scooter really hates being put under and it often takes him a week to get back on track after he gets his teeth done. 
Dr. Deb was very sad to hear that we lost little Ella in June.  Dr. Deb really loved Ella and Ella was very kind to her - except once when she showed Dr. Deb how good she could growl and box!  But other than that one time, feisty Ella was always sweet with Dr. Deb.

So we all got treats when we got home which we gladly accepted, and then gave Mom and Dad the customary thumps and foot flicks of disapproval despite our rewards.  We followed that with some ignoring and Stink Eyes.  After all, we have to keep things dramatic so that Mom and Dad are constantly asking for forgiveness and offering treats as peace offerings....

Happy and healthy bunns - that's just the way we like it around here!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post Christmas Report

A willow flower I got in my stocking.  And an edible hand-made Christmas card - the green tree is made of parsley!
 Well I hope everybun had a very Merry Christmas and Hoppy New Year!  I guess I can't complain about the holidays much.  I did get some awesome stuff, but let's look back at my list to Santa Paws and what he actually delivered....

1) A nanner. One whole nanner, perfectly ripe and peeled, all for myself!

Well, technically I got a nanner, but mom said I wasn't allowed to eat it all at once - instead I would get a pinch of it a day.  Well that's exactly what I get every day anyhow so I don't see the difference.  For this reason, I give this gift one THUMP.

My 2 new Stupid Blankets
2) A new Stupid Blanket.
Not only did I get a new Stupid Blanket, I got TWO of them!  How awesome is that?!  I was sooooo ready to sink my chompers into them but Mom says I have to wait until I completely ruin the two that are currently on the couch.  This gift gets two BINKIES, but I am taking half a binky away because I have to wait to use them.....humph!
3) A seagrass mat.
I got one!  And I love it!  I am going to make this one last so I am just gingerly chewing the perimeter first, then I will get down to business!  A big BINKY for this gift!
4) A flap for the door to the storage area.
Well, as you can guess, no door flap for me.  Two THUMPS!

5) Treats. Any kind, any flavour, any brand. Treats. And more treats.

Major score in this department!  We got all kinds of new yummy treats to try!  They came from the Bunspace store and they are sooooooooo yummy!  We got cranberry and timothy cupcakes, banana bites, persimmon slices and dried pineapple - the pineapple is my favourite!  So yummy!  And they are all-natural with no chemicals or preservatives, yay!  Thank you Bunspace for making such healthy treats for us bunnies!  5 BINKIES!

Binky in her new Coach Scarf
And of course, Daddy had to spoil Binky again this year - she got Coach scarf #2.  I mean seriously, another Coach scarf?  We really need to go to more fancy shindigs so that Binky can wear her wardrobe.  "Isn't it be-yoo-ti-ful Fluffy?  Look how nice it goes with my white Dolce & Gabunny tracksuit!"

"Yes, Binks, it looks very pretty on you.  But then again, anything would look pretty on you because you are so pretty to begin with..."

"Awww, Fluffy!  I love you!"

Like Dad always says, "Happy wife, happy life...."