Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okay, Now Back To Me....

Okay, so do you think we can get back to talking about me again?  I mean, this IS my blog after all.  Enough about Dad and how wonderful he is, enough about Brie and how crazy she is - let's talk about me!

Hmmm, well maybe I don't really have that much new or exciting stuff to share, except for the fact that Mom has a new iPhone.  This means more silly nonsense videos like the one above.  She never goes anywhere without that thing.  She is constantly using it for emails, texts, and games, games, games!  Even Dad is getting a little annoyed with her.  He said to her the other night "So if you divorce that iPhone, does it get half your stuff?"  Mom just sneered at him and said he was just jealous because he couldn't play "Angry Birds" on his new Blackberry.

Anyway, back to me.  So the dreaded Halloween season is upon us and Mom has asked me what I'd like to be.  "Mom, I am NOT dressing up this year!"

"Oh but Fluffy, you were so cute last year when you were a dragon!  And the year before?  When you were Super Bunny?  Don't tell me you didn't like running around with that red cape billowing out behind you...I know you did..."

"I did not!"  Okay, maybe I did just a little, but I am certainly not going to tell her that!  "Why can't I just be a bunny?!"

"Because you already ARE a bunny!  The whole idea is to dress up as something you're not!"

"So I wasn't really a Super Hero two years ago?!  You said I was!  You said I was a REAL Super Hero!"

"Um, well, yes!  Yes you were!  What I mean is, for Halloween we get to dress up in clothes we don't normally get to wear....yes, that's what I meant.  How about being a pumpkin?"


"A pirate?"


"How about a goblin?"

Oh hey, that's kinda cool, but no.  "NO Mom!  I just want to be me!"

*sigh* "Whatever.  Binky, would you like to be a sweet little angel for Halloween?"

"Yes please...."

"See Fluffy?  Binky likes Halloween!"

"Binks!  You're not helping my case!"

"But I like dressing up.  I was a Princess one year.  I'd like to be an angel.  With pretty wings."

"You got it Binks!"

So much for sticking together.  Well, Binky is already an angel in my eyes anyway.  I just hope Mom finds something cool for me.  Something that represents who I really am, a Big Tough Lop, an adventure-seeker, a daring, brave and devilishly handsome rabbit.  I wonder if they make James Bond costumes in my size....?



Tamsin said...

How about going as a carrot, that's like a pumpkin only tastier. Obviously you'd have to go with real carrot leaves for the costume so it was authentic ;)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Yes, it is all about you! We can see you as a dashing super spy.

Jade said...

You could indeed be James Bond, Fluffy; all you'd need is a bowtie (you're already wearing a dashing suit), a carrotini (shaken, not stirred) and a gorgeous girl by your side (Miss Binks, of course).

Christina said...

Fluffy I can tell your mom loves you by her voice. Lucky Lucky buns.

Amy said...

Bond... FLUFFY Bond.... Agent 00Carrot!

Lisa said...

Fluffy is a big tough lop. Big tough lops don't dress up. Binky can dress as an angel or a princess, because she IS both an angel AND a princess.

Indydisplays said...
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