Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Little Blue Box

Well, if there was any doubt before about whether or not Binky is a spoiled bunny, this picture should confirm it.

This post is pretty much a continuation of how awesome my Dad is.  Even though I didn't get anything from Tiffany's - harumph.

Mom just celebrated a milestone birthday - the BIG 4-0.  "Fluffy!  Don't post to the world how old I am!!!"

"Oh Mom, relax, it's just a number....."

Anyway, Dad took her to New York City for the weekend and also took her to Tiffany's on 5th Avenue to pick out something for herself.  Mom chose a charm bracelet and some charms - very nice indeed.  Everything was beautifully wrapped in a blue Tiffany box and tied with a white fabric ribbon.

So according to Mom, there is something about Tiffany's that is special.  Something about an incredible feeling that rushes over your body when someone hands you that blue Tiffany box with the white ribbon.  Apparently, women all over the world swoon over the scenario of receiving such a gift, and Mom is no exception.  "It's just so very special!  Tiffany's is very special.  You know Mom isn't really into brand names and fancy-shmancy stuff, but Coach and Tiffany's are her only exceptions.  And did you know that at Tiffany's they learn how to tie the ribbon in a very special way so that all you have to do is tug on one loose end and it will automatically unravel and fall open?  That's dreamy......"


Okay, so anyway, Dad is awesome for taking Mom to Tiffany's but he is also awesome because he bought something for Binky too!  Her very own Tiffany scarf.  That's her in the picture wearing it, posing next to her blue Tiffany box.  "Binky's my girl...." he told Mom that day, "...and she deserves something special, too."

"Fluffy, don't I look pretty?  Doesn't this scarf look beautiful against my white Dolce & GaBunny track suit?" she asked.  "You're always pretty, Binks.  It's really nice with your pink eye too!"

So there you have it.  Mom and Binky, two very spoiled ladies!  But I guess they deserve it.  Miss Binks keeps her scarf in her little blue box on her wardrobe shelf,  right next to the box with her Coach scarf.  She might just very well be the best dressed bunny in town....



Hef's Mom said...

Well what a spoiled bunch of ladies! I am jealous and I love Tiffany and Coach too! Those are my brands otherwise not so much! When we went to New York I went to BOTH Tiffanys, too lovely!

The Fab Furs said...

Spoiled? Or merely being treated in the manner they deserve? Certainly Miss Binks brings her own je ne sais quoi to the wearing of a Tiffany scarf.

Enjoy your Tiffany treats, ladies.

Is there a picture of Miss Binks in her Coach scarf?

Christina said...

Okay I dont have anything from Tiffanys.

Lisa said...

Oh how lovely you look Miss Binks!!! Mom is pretty lucky too. You are some very lucky buns to have such a great mom and dad.