Saturday, September 25, 2010

BunFest 2010

Oh, it's close alright, it's tomorrow!

No, that's not me, that's Hattie - isn't she cute?  And BunFest is a really big convention that Mom organizes every year for Rabbit Rescue.  It raises a lot of money for all of the bunnies who need it.

Mom has been working on BunFest since about June and these last few weeks have been very busy.  "Mom!  It's time you updated my blog!" I reminded her.  "I know, I know, I'm sorry.  I've just been so busy with all this BunFest stuff lately I just haven't had time..."

"Well, you can't keep my peeps waiting!"

The summer has come to an end and the humid days are moving off into the sunset, although a few of them still hang around.  The patio door is open more and Miss Binks and I like to sniff the cool, fall air.  Nutters and Butters are packing their cheeks with nuts for the winter even though it's quite a ways off.  And as the leaves begin to change colour, it's a reminder that it's BunFest time!

BunFest is a lot of fun and Mom works really hard gathering all the volunteers together for one common cause - to help Rabbit Rescue raise money!  It's become quite the event and it's grown in so many ways.  We get to educate people about proper bunny care like diet, housing, spaying and neutering and people can come and bring their bunnies and meet other bunny parents too.  It's so important that there be a great support system of pet rabbit owners and BunFest is a great way to nurture that. 

There are all kinds of things for bunnies to do there as well.  There is a BunSpa, Glamour Shots, a Cafe and Lounge and you can even make your own bunny toy to take home!  Not to mention all the toys, treats and merchandise there is to buy.

Where else can you get a free consultation with a rabbit-savvy vet?  Fresh farm grown hay, bagged on the spot?  AND get a loot bag?  Hey, it's not a party without loot bags!

It's tons of fun and if there are any bunnies in the southern Ontario region, please come out and check it out!  Click here for all the details.

Once BunFest is over, Mom says she is going to take a really long nap, like, REALLY long. But until then, the next 24 hours are going to be crazy busy!  "Hey Mom!!"

"Yes, Fluffy?"

"Don't forget to bring home all kinds of presents for us okay?"

"Oh yes, Fluffy, presents for everybunny!!!"



Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh Bunfest sounds wonderful, hope it goes well!

Lisa said...

Sounds like SO much fun!! I might consider a road trip to Canada if I wasn't stuck in stupid school :(

The Fab Furs said...

Sounds like fun for everybun and a good cause too!