Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Check Up Time!

Well, it's a brand new year and time for all of us bunnies (and hamsters) to get our annual check ups! Mom takes us to the Acton Veterinary clinic ( to see Dr. Deb and she picks us up, feels our tummies, checks our ears, eyes and teeth and gives is a weigh.

Dr. Deb says that other than my eyes getting a wee bit cloudy (which comes with my -ahem - maturity), I am nice and lean and in perfect health! She gave me my yearly dose of panacur to help keep my E.C. in check so I don't get head tilt again like I had two years ago. Dr. Deb also noticed my two bald spots on my ears and asked about it, but Mom reassured her that it was a result of Miss Binks' extreme lovin' ear licks. Miss Binks got an A+ for making them so symmetrical.

Miss Binks is in good health too. Her one good eye is doing well and she has the most perfectly clean ears! But she was really nervous when Dr. Deb was handling her - her one eyeball was bulging out! That's how we know Miss Binks is stressed, so Dr. Deb put her back down and Mom gave her a treat.

Ella and Scooter, the *other* two bunnies that live upstairs, all checked out healthy as well and my little sister Lucky the hamster was officially declared a girl (Mom and Dad weren't quite sure) and also received a clean bill of health! YAY! This made Mom and Dad very happy indeed!

But it seems nothing can improve the mood that Nutters and Butters have been in lately. Somehow, last week, the squirrel feeder got busted and now it doesn't hold nuts properly. Mom has been unable to fill it and as a result, Nutters and Butters are none too impressed. Every morning and afternoon they come and sit at the patio doors and screech at me to tell Mom that they are hungry. "Hey! Fluffy! Go tell your Mom to put out more peanuts! We're starving!"

"But the squirrel feeder is broken - it can't hold any nuts!" I try to explain. "Well, tell her to get another one! Our tummies are a-rumblin'!"

Mom has been looking everywhere for a squirrel feeder - I hope she finds one soon. She thinks she might have to order one of off eBay. Until then, Nutters and Butters will just have to wait and make do with whatever bird seeds the chickadees scatter from the bird feeder....



FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, my poor squirrels! They need their nuts. Hope your mom gets the feeder situation straightened out soon!

We're glad that you are all healthy. YAY! Nothing could be better news!

Rabbits' Guy said...

You are a great reporter Fluffie! Good to hear things are pretty OK, with just a few minor issues and 2 hungry squirrels ...

nerq & thefluffies said...

Hope the hungry squirrels get their nuts soon :(

YowlYY said...

Hooray for a clean bill of health for all the fluffies :)
We used to have a squirrel that came to feed on the seeds and nuts on the bird table, we called him Oi and he got so tame that he ate from Mr. D's hand - sadly, he no longer comes to our garden :(