Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking Pretty Buff

Here is the lovely Miss Binks in her brand new Survivor Buff.  "Doesn't it go perfect with my white Dolce & Gabunny track suit?"  Yes, it certainly does!

Mom and Dad were on vacation in Los Angeles recently and one of the things they did was attend a taping of the Price Is Right at CBS Television City.  There is also a gift shop there and dad bought Binky a Survivor buff because he always likes to buy his little girl something when he goes away.

Mom tried to put that thing on me but there was no way I was having any of that!  Besides, it was way too big for me and I just kept running out of it.  I wanted to chew it up....."Take THAT you Stupid Buff!".....but mom wouldn't let me.

They also took a drive up to Pasadena and visited Candace Frazee of the Bunny Museum.  The Bunny Museum is in the Guiness Book of World Records as containing the largest collection of rabbit items, currently standing at over 28,000!  Pasadena is also home to the Rose Bowl Parade and whenever they have a float with a bunny on it, Candace gets it for her collection.  Here is a picture of one in her front lawn - 12 feet high!
She had so much stuff, mom and dad didn't know where to look!  Some may think that many items borders on hoarding, but her house was very organized and you could easily walk around the place.  She hopes to move to a much bigger place so she can have a proper museum rather than having it in her home.  That's going to be a lot of packing!

So if you have any rabbit items - toys, books, figurines, ornaments, towels, plates, glasses, whatever - that you no longer want, mail them to Candace, she'd love to have them!  You can get her address from their website.  And if you are ever in Pasadena, pay her a visit!


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The Fab Furs said...

Miss Binks is stunning as always. We had no idea there was a Bunny Museum in Pasadena, thanks for the tip.