Friday, September 23, 2011

BunFest 2011

It's that time of year again - BunFest time!  Every year my mom spearheads Rabbit Rescue's biggest event of the year and this year is going to be super big and exciting!

It's been incredible watching BunFest grow since 2008.  We had no idea if anyone would even show up that first year we had it, but show up they did!  And word has been spreading - so every year it gets bigger and better.  It's so wonderful to see so many Bunny Slaves turn out to do some shopping, do some learning and having fun, all for the sake of bunnies.  And we have heard year after year how thankful they all are to have such a great event geared towards bunnies.  It's a great place for bunny people to meet other bunny people, to find all kinds of great resources like bunny savvy vets and products specifically for bunnies and a great place to shop for all kinds of unique bunny items.

Mom's been sick for the last week and is only now starting to feel better, just in time to get this show on the road.  For the first time, she has a BunFest Committee because the job just got to be too big for her to do on her own, and they have been so incredibly helpful, especially when mom was too sick to do much.

But one of the best things is watching BunFest grow - to other parts of the world!  Mom helped get MidWest BunFest (Ohio) off the ground and their first BunFest is in October!  Mom knows there is also another BunFest in Florida and someone in Maryland also emailed about wanting to have one there.  It would be mom's dream to see BunFest's pop up all over the place!  But mom can't take all the credit - mom based BunFest on San Dieog's Bunnyfest, so they are really the ones that deserve all the credit.

So if you are not in Toronto this Sunday (visit if you are!), think of us and of all the fun things we will be doing.  Get together with your humans and other bunny friends and celebrate the joys of bunny guardianship!  And tell those humans to put their heads together and organize a BunFest in your area!

And check out our first ever commercial above!


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Christina said...

My friend at Fort Knox attended the Ohio Bunfest. She said got to hear/see some great stuff including listen to a terrific vet speak on caring for elderly and disabled rabbits.