Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Softer Side Of A Big Tough Lop

Yeah, we all know that when I am on the couch terrorizing my Stupid Blankets, I am one Big Tough Lop.  There is no petting or snorgling allowed unless you would like an impromptu toss-of-the-hand with my chompers.  But yes, even I, Fluffy McFluffersons, like the occasional cuddle.  It doesn't happen that often so when Binks and I were being snorgled to within an inch of our lives the other night, Mom had to whip out that iPhone and film it.

There's Binky wrapped up in a blanket - she loves the warmth and the kisses and the head pats she gets.  Then there's me - Dad is giving me head rubs and I am all squished down enjoying them while I dream of a land where everything is banana flavoured.  Sometimes I just don't feel like being tough.  Sometimes I just want to be sucky and let Mommy or Daddy do all the work to pet me and love on me.  I will admit, it's nice!  And it's super nice when Binky and I can get the royal treatment in tandem so neither of us has to do all the work!  We sure are lucky bunns.  I wish everybunny was as lucky as we are.....

So hug your bunny today.  Cuddle them, snorgle them, love on them like it's the last day of your life.  Let them know how much they are loved.  Give them treats.  Lots of treats.  Buy them toys.  Let them rule the household and resign yourself to the fact that you are a bunny slave.......

"Okay Fluffy, now you are getting carried away...."

*sigh* Thanks Mom.


1 comment:

Jade said...

Mickey says,

"Dude, I live to be snuggled and petted. That's pretty much all these human slaves are good for; they never feed you the good stuff you want when you want it, they insist on cleaning your cage just when you get it how you want it and they never let you do anything you want to do. I love my humans, but honestly, they are so hard to train."