Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ana Banana

Ana Banana
There is a new bunny in town and her name is Ana Banana.  Her original name was Anastasia but Mom and Dad shortened it to Ana, and somehow Banana seemed to be a logical tag-along.  She was originally dumped at a shelter but due to her extremely aggressive nature, was immediately put on the euthanasia list.  A good soul who works there managed to get her into Rabbit Rescue and from there, she came to live with us.  Mom and Dad are hoping that she will bond to Scooter MaGoo who lives upstairs.  He has been alone since his bonded mate Ella crossed the Bridge in June of 2010.

She's one angry bunny.  She has a tattoo in her ear so this most likely means she was from a breeder and may have been used to breed.  She is more vocal than Angry Ella ever was, grunting, boxing and biting on a whim.  But it's this sort of behaviour that Mom and Dad find endearing.  It's like a challenge to get Ana to learn that she is in a safe and loving home now, and she doesn't need to fight or be afraid anymore.

She's a bit of a destroyer - baseboards, foam squares, willow toys, futons - she finds them mighty tasty.  Well, she doesn't eat them, just likes keeping her scissor teeth in tip-top shape shredding them.  Bonding has been going very slowly as Ana is very defensive and Scooter gets freaked out by her tantrums.  But progress is being made - licks have even been exchanged!  Why can't all bunnies fall in love overnight like Miss Binks and I did?  Such a waste of snorgle time.....

So here is a little video of what it's like every morning when Mom goes in to feed Ana.  As lethal as she seems, she really is a sweet girl with the softest, velvetiest fur imaginable.

Welcome home Ana.....<3




Tamsin said...

Aww, bless,what a beautiful rexy bun. I've noticed that often buns with shaded colouring have slightly red-brown eyes and sometimes their vision is bad like those with pink eyes. Just a thought, as lack of vision can make a bun defensive - plus of course rex = useless whiskers so that's another sense down.

I think you're very brave feeding with bare feet!

tamara said...

OK, I love that video. Especially your reaction...the 'thhppttht!' laugh is one I know very very well...I developed it when I started sharing my own home with bunnies. So great! Thanks for giving a loving home to her...one where her ridiculousness is met with being laughed at vs. being mistreated. :)

Christina said...

THANK GOODNESS Ana is in your home. It takes a lot of time and love to help a bunny like her and most folks dont want to mess with it.

Yep agree with Tamsin....an eye check might be in order here but it may be that it is just a natural reaction to being treated like garbage.

Jade said...

I go through that with Mr. Mick and his oats--Mick doesn't growl, but he will climb all over me trying to get at that spoonful of oats as I'm trying to put it in his pellet dish.

Congratulations on finding such a gorgeous girl--we will be thinking good thoughts for successful bonding and a calmer, gentler Ana. :)

P.S. I third the idea of a checkup to rule out any medical issues being the reason for her aggression. Bunnehs hide illness or disability so easily, it's always better to rule it out completely than to possibly regret time wasted.

Krystle said...

What a wonderful person you are to give this rabbit another chance - especially since she seems so intimidating! I bet once you guys become buds she'll just melt for snuggles and rubs! Hahaha. In the mean time, good luck, I would have dropped the food too - eeeek a wittle scary! Silly Ana!