Friday, March 27, 2009

All Hail The New Squirrel Feeder!

Finally! The new squirrel feeder has arrived! Here is a picture of Butters discovering a big new stash of peanuts just waiting to be gobbled up! I tell you, the return of the squirrel feeder has made things a bit crazy around here. Nutters and Butters and all of the other neighbourhood squirrels are squaring off in various "squirrel matches" to see who gets the next run at the buffet.

There's been a lot of screeching, circling, chasing and tail flicking going on. Two squirrels will eye each other, chatter out a few taunts and then end up rolling around in the yard in a big squirrel ball. They will be so into it that neither of them will notice the third squirrel who has jumped on the opportunity to raid the feeder while they are going at it. Oh but then the fourth squirrel enters the picture, riling up squirrel number three and then they end up chasing each other up a tree.

Binks and I have a jolly old time watching the shenanigans. I will bring over a nice big mouthful of hay to the patio doors where Binks joins me for a snack to watch the morning and afternoon shows. "They're so silly, Fluffy! Why do they fight like that?"

"They are just hungry, Binks, and excited that there are peanuts in the feeder again. I guess they need to learn how to share like we do." I told her as I munched on my timothy. "I guess so Fluffy. But they sure are funny, aren't they?"

"They sure are Binks!"

Thankfully, none of the squirrels ever get hurt. They seem to know how to run just a little bit faster, how to jump a little bit higher and how to chase just far enough. Then they all stop and their little bellies pant for air, they rest their little bodies, give themselves a little scratch behind the neck and eventually everyone gets a peanut. Then Shannon, the dog from next door, comes out to play and they all run away.

"Hi Shannon!" we yell through the glass at her. I don't think she can hear us, but she can see us. It's too bad she doesn't have another doggie friend to romp and play with, although she does have fun when her human comes out to toss the ball. Hopefully one day she will know the joys of having a friend to cuddle up with and give ear licks to. Which reminds me, I'd better get to work - Miss Binks is waiting...



FrecklesandDeb said...

What a great show you have from the safety of your window! And refreshment besides.

Fez and the Gang said...

Haha! Silly squirrels. You better get to work Fluffy, I don't think Binks likes to wait!