Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Beautiful Things In Life.....

Here is a nice picture of me and Miss Binks enjoying a sunset - well, she's enjoying it - I'm busy looking for food. Mom and Dad took the whole lot of us up to the cottage last weekend where we got to see sunsets like this every day.

It was nice and relaxing up there. Things seem to flow at a much slower pace and mom says all the fresh air makes her want to nap a whole lot. There are all kinds of other animals that hang out with us when we are up there - Redmond and Reggie the red squirrels, Chippy and Stumpy the chipmunks and too many sea gulls and ravens to mention (who knew ravens liked to eat peanuts?). And mom spent some time screeching at the turkey vultures that would circle above us - those nasty things! We aren't dinner for anyone!

It was nice to be somewhere different and see such beautiful things. Sometimes I don't think I take enough time to appreciate how pretty the world is, how pretty my Binksie is or how lucky we are to have the life we do. It was a very special time to sit back and reflect on the gifts that life gives us and how we shouldn't take them for granted.

Part of our appreciation was all because of a very special bunny friend of ours named Trinket. Trinket was a very special little girl who recently passed away after a series of long illnesses. She was such a special girl, very strong and determined as well as wise and beautiful. She had a spirit that was larger than life and a heart so big her little body was simply too small for it. She had a mommy and a daddy who adored her and who are now very lost with her gone.

But Trinket always had such a positive outlook on life. She fought her illnesses with a strong and fierce will to survive. She enjoyed her adventures of going into town and meeting people. And she was loved by so many that it really does seem like the days are just a bit darker with her gone. But that's okay, because at night, up in the sky, Trinket's star shines brightly over all of us. Her love, inspiration and wisdom will never fade and she will always be kept in our hearts. This post is dedicated to the beautiful things in life, to pretty sunsets, snorgles and smooches, bites of banana and our precious friend Trinket.

Rest in peace little T, we love you.


(See the bottom of my blog for some sweet videos featuring Trinket....)


Carmen C. said...

What a lovely, heartfelt post Fluffy:) Glad you had a good time at the cottage!

d. moll, said...

Yes, rest peacefully little Trinket. What a nice get-a-way for you and Miss Binks; enjoy!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Nicely done Fluffer ... yes, we lose so many good ones. Nice place there too .. got a couple extra bunks and about 10 spare bunny condos??????

janet2buns said...

Wow, nice view, you guys! The Drizz and Queen P are jealous! It was nice to meet Trinket's mom at BunFest on Sunday. She has a long road ahead of her, learning to live without little Trinket. Mom believes it's hardest for those left behind. But life is like the seasons, forever in cycles. Binky free, little Trinket.

artdeva said...

Fluffy! I just found this post, Oh my goodness, how sweet, Thank YOU so much!! I love that photo of you two at the cottage, what a wonderful place, Mama says she could spends hours just looking out over that water. Enjoy the Bliss Sweetie!! xo T (all the way from the bridge)