Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Reprieve!

*SNIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFF* Ahhhhhhhh - fresh summertime air! Yes Folks, it's true! I was outside again! But of course, I was under strict supervision and every time I periscoped over the top of the pen, Mom shot me a look and muttered "McFluffersons!"

It was such a nice day, not too hot, not to cool, the kind of day where sitting in the shade truly is the most blessed spot in the world (other than snuggled up to Miss Binks of course). There was a shifty breeze that kept the leaves in motion, the birds were a-chirp with happiness and even Nutters and Butters watched us lazily from the branches above.

Binky adores being outside - she lifts her little head up into the air and closes her eye as she smells the air around her. Then she likes to dig in the grass and hop and binky. I like to follow her and nibble on what I can find and we usually end up snorgling together in a nice shady spot. This summer hasn't been the best - too much rain and clouds, not enough sun. But this day was perfect.

And this summer marks my second anniversary writing my blog - in fact, it'll be two years this month! Who knew a little bunny like me would have so much to say? And who knew so many people would even care to read about it? I'm pretty proud of myself I must say - mommy says she has friends who have blogs and they don't have nearly as many hits or followers as I do. I'm pretty darned proud of myself!

So I would like to thank all of my peeps who check me out - my regular friends and faithful followers and all of the random visitors who stop in to say hi - thanks for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts.

And a special thanks to Trudi who send me her awesome video - it's at the bottom of this page - check it out, it's really spectacular! Mommy says she gets all teary-eyed at the part where Feivel gives Trudi the ring.....she says it's so bunny-romantic.....Mom is weird.

Snorgles to you all!


P.S. Here are the words to Trudi's song, you need to read them to really appreciate how special this video really is.....

We were so tense when I first smelled you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
Im sitting there on a sunny flowery meadow
See the sun, see the bees and the clover
See you make your hops through the grass
You look at me
Little did I know

That you were FeivelBoy, you were living next door
But the door was always locked I couldnt reach you
And I was wandering on the bridgework wishing you would find me

And I sniffed
Feivelboy take me somewhere we could be alone
Ill be waiting all theres left to do is hop
Youll be the prince and Ill be the princess
Its a love story, bunny just sniff yes

So I sneak out to your castle to smell you
We keep quiet cause were split if they knew
So close your eyes, escape this cage for a little while ile ohoh
Cause youre untouchable, I was timid Trudi
And the door was always locked I couldnt reach you
But you were everything to me I was wishing you would meet me


Feivelboy save me
theyre tryin to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult but it is real
Dont be afraid well make it out of this mess
Its a love story, bunny just sniff yes

I got tired of waiting
wondering if youll will ever coming around
my faith in you was fading
When I met you on the outskirts of field
And I sniffed, Feivelboy save me, Ive been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head I dont know what to think
He hopped down a stair and pulled out a ring and said
Marry me Trudigirl, youll never have to be alone,
I love you and thats all I really know. they opened the door,
Go pick out a white dress, its a love story bunny just sniff yes

Oh oh

Cause we were so cute when I first sniffed you


Lisa said...

Wow it's so nice to finally see the famous Miss Binks! (I only started following you guys about 6 weeks ago).

Congrats on your anniversary!

Fluffy, we don't have as many followers because no one writes buns as well as you do! The first time I read your blog I thought "Did my bunny hijack my computer and start a blog?" My boy Biffy is just like McFluffersons and my girl Sogna is just like Miss Binks! Thank you for inspiring us to start our own blog.

d. moll, said...

Enjoy the day, Fluffy, you famous bun, you.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary! You must have gotten all of our rain -- We think we have your sun. Been really, really hot for too long now!

The Bunns said...

Well way to go Fluffer Noodle ... 2 years - my oh my ... here's to 2 more!

That was a great song .. somebody di a lot of nice work there!