Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ants Come Marching In....

"They're baaaaaaaack..." and Mom and Dad aren't happy. Neither are Binks and me for that matter. Mom spotted them the other evening - in our room - and flipped out. We were packed up and taken upstairs to live in the living room until they are "taken care of" (insert maniacal laugh here).

The Bug Man came the very next day and set up ant traps and until they do their job, Binks and I are back to living in the xpen when Mom and Dad are at work and also at night. Mom put down a big carpet so we could have better traction as neither Binks nor I are too partial to tickety-tickety-ing around on the hardwood. It makes it really hard for us to make our escape when we see Mom coming with that goofy "I wanna smooch you!" look on her face.

One evening, I hopped up on the couch with Mom and gave her a good nudge. "Mom, I want to go back downstairs! I don't like it up here...."

"I know, Fluffy, but until those ants are gone, those traps need to stay put and you bunnies need to stay safely away from them. We will give it a week and see how things are."

"Can I ask - will I be getting any sort of compensation for my unfortunate displacement?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know....will I be rewarded with anything for this major inconvenience? I did have plans, you know. Nutters and Butters were going to swing by the patio doors and we were going to watch a movie together..."

"Really. And what sort of compensation do you thing would be appropriate?"

"Hmmmmm, well I am thinking something along the lines of, oh, I don't know, treats? Like maybe some banana? Or raisins? Cookies? Extra veggie puffs?"

"I see. Well, I will give your request some serious consideration, but for now, I think I actually do have something I can offer you...."

"Really?! What?!"

Then she swoops and scoops me up and buries her face in my tummy making all kinds of stupid "nom-nom" noises and kissing me all over! Like right on the nose and lips! And I am only 3 pounds so there was no getting away from her grip of affection - UGH! Kisses all over! YUCK! PITOUEY!!!!!

Finally she put me down on the floor and you better believe I turned to her and gave her a mighty thump and a grunt! She foiled me, lulled me into a false sense of security and took advantage of my vulnerability! I immediately ran to Binks, who was snoring under the end table and shoved my head under hers, demanding licks to remove those sloppy kisses Mom covered me with. Boy, I don't know if there is enough compensation for that! I need to call my lawyer....



Carmen C. said...

Hi Fluffy, I sure hope the ants are gone soon from your territory, pesty invaders!I wish I could kiss my bunns on their BELLIES, now that would be "bunny bliss" for me:) For them, well.... they would consider it torture of the worst kind:)

Lisa said...

Hah! My buns would never let me TOUCH their bellies, much less touch them with my face! Biffy shakes his head and his tail at me if I even PET him without being asked first.

Sunflower said...

Poor Fluffy, Mom does that to me. I sit down beside thinking I'm just going to get a couple of carrot chips, but no. She has to grab me and I get attacked with her "love" ick.