Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Evil Cat!

Finally - sunshine! The weather this weekend was absolutely stupendous and all of us bunnies, and Boo, too, got to go outside and play in the grass - supervised of course. It was just like I had dreamed in winter - nice soft grass, leafy branches swaying in the breeze and me and my Binks cuddling in the shade under the flickering rays of the sun. It was dreamy!

Mom had us out in our pen so we don't get lost. Binky likes to hop around, nibble in the grass and dig to China - I wonder if she knows how long that is going to take her? I prefer to sniff the air and follow Binks around. Mom sat nearby with a book and chatted with us in between paragraphs. "Bunnies! Are you having fun? Isn't it nice out here? This is much better than our one-bedroom apartment six floors up, isn't it?"

Mom knows those robins make me nervous, so after about an hour, she brought me inside. Then Dad came out and they spent some time with Binks. Binky was still in the yard and Mom removed the pen so that Binks could hop around and explore more. Binky can be a Nervous Nelly - she takes very tentative steps so Mom had no reason to worry about her running off, unlike me who would bolt across the grass if given the chance! Miss Binks hopped around and had quite the grand time running back and forth the patch of grass she felt safe in. "Look at Miss Binks! Dada, isn't she sweet?"

Just then, Dad leaped from his chair, ran straight towards Binky and swooped her up into his arms. "What's the matter?!" Mom asked with fear in her voice. "Get away, CAT!" Dad yelled, and only then did Mom turn around and see a big fluffy cat stalking Binks from around the fence, crouched and ready to pounce! "I said GIT!!!!" Dad yelled and Mom yelled, too, stomping her feet as she ran towards the cat. Well, Mr. Cat didn't seem too worried because all he did was stand up and rub himself all over Mom's legs, meowing all innocent-like. She tried to chase it away, but it wasn't afraid and just looked at her with a funny face as it continued on it's merry way through the yard. Mom and Dad kept an eye on it until it was gone.

Dad hugged Binks very tightly. Other than me, Binks loves Dad best, they have a very special bond. I sure am glad he was there to see the cat because with Mom facing the other way, and the cat sneaking up on Binks' blind side, I shudder to think about what might have happened.

I don't even like telling the story - just the thought of having something bad happen to my Binky makes me all sad and hurt inside. Binky didn't even know what had happened until Dad brought her back inside and I told her about what I saw through the patio window. I gave her plenty of ear licks and snuggles.

Binky is my girl. She makes my heart feel all nice and happy. She is the reason I bunny flop, the reason I binky and the reason I am the happy bunny I am. I love Binky, and if that cat comes around again, it will be time for him to meet a Big Tough Lop, that's for sure!



YowlYY said...

Hello there, we're Hugo and Miss Eve and came visiting following Fez's link...nice to meet you! Man, that's quite an adventure you've just told, and we're happy to see you like your Binky :) Now we know why our mum doesn't like to let us out without her nearby...she says that our neighbour has too many cats and most of them are naughty to birdies, so they would be naughty to us too!!
Take care and we shall add your link to mum's blog so we can visit again :)
- Hugo and Miss Eve

FrecklesandDeb said...

Going outside is lots of fun, but that sure wa a scary adventure for Binky (and for you watching through the patio!) Glad everyone is safe now!