Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The New Pink Stroller

This is SO humiliating!

We used to have a red stroller, but it got busted. Remember my game of hide and seek when Mom and Dad didn't know where I was and they frantically searched the storage area for me? They tossed everything out to find me and that is how the stroller got broken. I wasn't even in there. I was trapped in a cupboard.

So I guess this is my punishment. Mom bought a new stroller. It's PINK.

"Fluffy, that was the only colour they had. Don't worry....it's really nice! It matches Binky's pink eye." Okay, it does. And I must say, Miss Binks in her pure white fur (she prefers to call it her Dolce & Gabunny tracksuit) looks absolutely adorable in it but I am not sure Mom read my last blog entry - I am a big tough lop and big tough lops don't get pushed around in a pink stroller!

"Fluffy, don't be silly! It's just a colour! Besides, remember how much fun you had last summer going for rides in the stroller? You got a lot of attention and I know you like that." Yeah, I guess that's true. Nothing makes people stop and stare like a stroller with bunnies in it. Sometimes Mom gets funny looks but she doesn't care. She knows how much Binks and I love getting some fresh air and sunshine. Dad even takes us out and I'll tell you, no one messes with a Dad pushing a stroller full of bunnies. He's a very proud bunny Dad and we love him especially because of it.

Binks and I like to cuddle in the stroller as it makes it's way down the sidewalk. The rhythm and movement makes us squish up to each other for extra stability and comfort. Okay, who am I kidding? Sometimes I'm a scaredy-pants - the birds overhead make me nervous and I cuddle with Binks because I know she will protect me. And Mom will protect me, too. Plus Mom says not to worry, they are only robins and they can't hurt me. Now, trust me, I am still a big tough lop, but I think a bird must have done me wrong in a previous bunny life or something because I sure don't like them!

Stroller rides really are fun. I like the fresh air and the warm sun poking through our protective screen. Sometimes Mom will open it up so we can poke our little heads out and say hi to people as we pass by them - they love that! And I always get people telling me how cute I am as I chin their petting hand. What can I say? I'm a pretty adorable little guy!

"But Mom, big tough lops just don't look all that big and tough in a pink stroller!" I plead with whiny eyes. "Okay, Fluffy. I get it. How about this? How about I throw a nice big blue blanket inside for you to be all tough with? That way, when people look inside and see you with a big blue blanket riddled with holes, they will know not to mess with you! They will know you are one big tough lop!" Hey, I like that! "Yeah, Mom! A nice big blue blanket! Thanks Mom, you really do understand! Now, can we get this show on the road and go through the park again? There's a robin out there I need to show off to......"



FrecklesandDeb said...

I really like your pink stroller, Fluffy. Of course, being a girl, I am partial to pink. However, I think you will look very big and tough with a blue blanket inside -- especially if it has holes in it!

Amy-and-Fez said...

HAHAHAHA you have a pink stroller! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Don't beat me up... ;)

Amy-and-Fez said...


Hey Buddy I tagged you for a name meme! Check out my blog for the rules!