Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hoppy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and I love my girlfriend Binky. This is my favourite picture of us - it's one of the first ones ever taken of us after we bonded. It was just after Binky had her eye removed and half her face was shaved. She was just as pretty then as she is now with all her fur grown back.

Binky and I have been together for 3 years. I still remember our first date - it was in the bathroom. It was the very first day that Mom and Dad brought me home from the shelter. I was all happy to finally be out of that tiny cage and run around in a brand new home with real parents who loved me. And then when I caught a whiff of Miss Binks, I was in love!

Mom and Dad didn't know much about bonding bunnies back then, so we had our first date that very night. We were both kind of nervous because the bathroom tiles were very slippery and we were still strangers. I hopped up to her and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Binks didn't seem to mind. "Yes sir, and who might you be?" she asked all matter-of-factly. "Hi! I'm Fluffy and I'm new here. You sure are pretty!" If bunnies could blush, she would have. She batted her eyelashes at me, "Why thank you.....".

She presented herself for grooming and well, I was just so excited, I obliged. And then I did what every unneutered bunny does when he is in love - I mounted her. And she didn't seem to mind. We've been together ever the way, I'm neutered now.

Binky and I have been through a lot together. Like a year ago when I had head tilt. That was a very scary time for me, and Binky gave me so much extra love and support, I really don't know what I would have done without her. She has the prettiest pink eye and beautiful, soft white fur. And she gives the best ear licks in the world. One of my favourite things is when I hear her snore. It's this soft little wheeze that progressively gets louder until she snores herself awake. It's the most sweetest sound in the world. I love her so much it sometimes makes my little heart ache.

I can't think of a better thing to talk about on Valentine's day than my love for Binks. I love Mommy and Daddy, too, but my love for her is super-special. Binks is my bunny soulmate. I will love her forever.

To everyone who reads my silly blog - I hope you had a wonderful day full of love, whether it be with a significant other, your kids, your friends or your pets. Or even just yourself. Love is the most precious gift anyone can give or receive, and I send much of it out to you!


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FrecklesandDeb said...

That is such a wonderful story of how you two got together! It made our Valentine's Day special to know about such a special couple!
Freckles and Deb