Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No One Told Me Snow Was Cold

Okay, so ever since Mom promised me a romp in the snow on just the perfect day, that perfect day came! "Do you want to go out in the snow Fluffy?" Mom asked as she opened the patio doors and cold air breezed in the room. I though why the heck not?

She picked me up and took me outside. It was pretty cold, the air was nice and fresh and the pretty white snow looked like marshmallows on the branches of the trees. Everything was so peaceful and quiet. Then, down I went, toes first, into the white mass that seemed to cover everything.

Yowza!!!! That's cold! I mean, that's COLD! I jumped around a bit but it didn't seem to get any warmer. It's a good thing my fur has grown back on my feet (after that unfortunate bunny misadventure in the paint tray...) because I needed all the insulation I could get! Hey! No one said ANYTHING about this stuff being COLD!

But before long, I almost didn't seem to mind it because there were just so many new smells and noises and things to explore. I took off running - well, leaping anyway - over the mounds of snow. Mom was in hot pursuit.

"Fluffy! Come back!" What's she so worried about? I mean there is a big fence around all of these yards. I hopped gleefully from here to there and everywhere, darting from Mom's grasp at every turn. "Fluffy!"

I bolted behind the air conditioner and squeezed behind the little fence that separates our yard from the neighbours. Mom ran around the fence to head me off so I spun around and ran back. Hey this is fun! "Fluffy!" I think I may have even heard the squirrels up in the trees cheering me on.

I ran past the sliding doors and turned the corner but it was a dead end and that is where Mom managed to corral me. I gave her a few good starts though - I would crouch down with my floppy ears perked up as high as they would go, making her think I was going to bolt, but I never did. I calmly hopped back to the sliding doors and slipped back into the house. Then I gave Mom a good ol' thump because my feet were soaking wet. I HATE being wet! Mom huffed and puffed and chuckled at my discontent while I snuggled with Binks and attempted to console myself by licking my feet. She tried to wrap me up in a towel and rub my feet dry but I wasn't having any of that, no sir! I bucked my way out of that towel, got back on the floor, rustled up another thump in annoyance and hid in my house to sulk.

It was actually kind of fun. I might go play in the snow again before winter is over, but secretly, I can't wait until the grass is green and the trees are all leafy and full of shade. At least then my feet won't be wet. And then Binks and I can snuggle amongst the shady trees and flickering rays of sunshine. And she can give me those ear licks I like so much.....*sigh*


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FrecklesandDeb said...

Your adventure in the snow sounded like so much fun (I was cheering for you as you escaped capture all over the yard!) We don't get much snow here -- just rain and cold. I'm with you, waiting for spring to bring the green, yummy dandelions. I don't much like the frozen kind!