Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's my birthday!

That's right, Hoppy birthday to me! Kindly leave all of your presents by my bowl of pellets, thank you very much.

I am four years old today, or at least, that's what Mom and Dad tell me. The story goes something like this. Three years ago today, Mom and Dad went to animal services looking for a boy bunny for Binky and they immediately fell in love with me. I was adopted that very day and brought home to live happily ever after. They were told I was one year old so Mom and Dad decided that, since they didn't know exactly when I was born, that my adoption day would also be my birthday.

Two day before that day, they officially adopted Binky. Mom and Dad had been fostering her for a month and were due to return her but decided they couldn't live without her (I know that feeling *sigh*). They were told that Binky was two years old. So the day Binky was adopted became her birthday, too. That's right, Binky turned 5 years old two days ago. I love that we get to spend our birthdays so close together!

And just to make things a little more crazy, Mom and Dad decided that the day in the middle would be Boo's birthday. Boo is my little brother. He's a hamster. So yes, you guessed it. Boo turned two yesterday.

So needless to say it's been a busy three days! For the past three nights we have all been cuddled and kissed way beyond what I consider to be acceptable levels, but hey, it's really not all that bad :) Can we help it that we are so cute that Mom and Dad can't help but love us to death? And we had treats, too! Yummy baby food! Oh, the blueberry/banana one was my favourite! That's a picture of me eating it! And one of Boo, too.

I don't remember living at the shelter, or what my life was like before that. But that's okay, because the only thing that matters is my life now, with Binky and Mom and Dad. I'm so glad I was adopted that day. I do remember being very sad, and then Mom walked in and opened my cage and took me out. She held me in her arms and gave me a kiss on the top of my head. It sure did feel good to feel love. I licked her arm. She liked that. I think that sealed the deal.

Sometimes I think of all the other bunnies and animals in shelters who are not lucky like me. Who never get to have birthday parties or baby food or hugs and kisses and love. That makes me sad. I wish there was a wonderful and loving home for each and every one of them. If I could have one wish, that's what it would be.


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FrecklesandDeb said...

Happy slightly belated birthday to all three of you! It's great that you have each other. I'm an only bunn, which is sometimes pretty cool because I get all of the attention. But, I don't have another bunn friend to commiserate with when Deb & the Big Guy are being weird!
Anyway, hope you each enjoyed your special days!